Character Transfers Unavailable

March 28, 2012


TransferWe received an email from Tosca of Riddermark this morning about character transfers being closed. She had attempted to move her hunter from Arkenstone to Riddermark but received an email back from Turbine that transfers were suspended across all worlds.

I hadn’t heard of this option being closed and at o’dark thirty this morning I checked LOTRO’s site for any information. At that time, I saw no indication that this service was unavailable. Neither FAQs nor the Forum sticky had any information about an issue with character transfers.

Tosca did write back this afternoon with a link to this forum post she found in the account support section and it appears that character transfers are indeed not available at this time. I also noticed the FAQ has been updated since I looked at it this morning linking to this same thread.

Due to a technical issue, LOTRO Character Transfers have been disabled until further notice. Requests can still be submitted and will be processed in the order they were received once the issue has been resolved.

The good news is that they’re not shutting down server transfers like they did previously to control population.This simply is a technical problem that needs to be worked out. It sounds like they are still accepting the requests to move but cannot fulfill any requests at this time. Might be important information for anyone looking to transfer or who has a transfer pending.

Source: LOTRO Forums
Special thanks to Tosca of Riddermark

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12 Responses to “Character Transfers Unavailable”

  1. Avatar of Tyler Michael Jonsson
    Tyler Michael Jonsson Says:

    Good thing I processed my move to Landroval when I did!


  2. Kickman Says:

    They really need to start communicating stuff like this alot better than they are.


  3. scott Says:

    I have questions about several changes that have taken place with Update 6 that are not mentioned in any notes/dev diaries etc. If anyone can find answers please let me and others know. First, level 50 Helegrod teal gear at the Last Homely House requires Helegrod barter drops again and not marks/medallions like it was pre update 5. they are also bind on aquire and not bind to account. Moria Hat/Shoulders barter items from the Watcher instance are bind on aquire not bound to account? Why these changes. OD and other barterable items that are higher level are all bind to account. GA tokens are bind to account. All of the bind to account items will go to your premium wallet if you have it, but not these two “lower gear” items. Why?


    • Andy Says:

      Stopping or pausing transfers and not announcing it is a wee bit shady if they’re still taking transfer fees off people. If they’re not taking money then its just more poor communication.

      People can be surprisingly cooperative if you’re upfront and honest about having issues. On the basis that your issues don’t include anything major like being a homicidal nutjob.


  4. Rinvan Says:

    I think the problems with Helegrod are a known bug issue. Moria raid tokens/medallion of Moria have never been bind on account to my knowledge. (if the instances even still use that currency, I have not run anything in Moria in forever)


  5. Ike Says:

    Honestly I hope the transfer for the busiest server stay down for good.

    The server lag just kept getting worse and worse with all those “refuges” from ghost town servers moving to the more active ones.

    Dear turbine: We don’t really need 29 server just for the sake of having that many. Please consider merging some of them.


  6. Tosca Says:

    Update. My transfer ticket was closed. :(

    Tosca – Parents of Middle Earth – Riddermark

    Thank you for submitting a LOTRO World Character/ Monster Transfer request. We apologize that it has not yet been completed. We regret to inform you that at this time we are unable to transfer any LOTRO characters between any servers due to a recently discovered technical limitation, which we believe may have occurred during a recent update. The underlying cause of the technical problem is being researched, and once we have the cause we will begin work on a solution. We apologize, but as we do not yet know the underlying problem, we are unable to provide an estimated time at which we will be able to offer LOTRO World Transfers again. Any news we do have will be posted in the Paid Services Sticky here:

    As we are not currently able to perform any LOTRO World Transfers, we are closing your ticket. This email is confirmation that you have not been charged for the transfer, and it has not been completed.


  7. Kemendin Says:

    Ack… just when I decide to transfer a character… much sadness ensues. Hope this gets fixed soonish.


  8. DarthRandall Says:

    Well that’s just great. Arkenstone is totally unplayable since all the curious freebies (who will ninja nodes for a couple hours and then uninstall the client) have cluttered up the bandwidth, making the experience miserable for VIPs and premiums (couldn’t even log on earlier…”server is full”…full of level 1s who quit after the tutorial. Unacceptable. I had to roll on another server and basically start over, and since I can’t do any character transfers, I’ve had to abandon 300 gold on Arkenstone. Not happy about that.


  9. ben Says:

    really dam i was hoping to move my best charatcer on riddermark i hope it ends i wanna move to dwarrodelf my best friend moved there

    goldenfirestormo PSN name



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