Episode 130: Spectacular Death

March 7, 2012

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Orthanc SteamworksThis week we talk about Update 6, Bullroarer, Premium Wallet, dev diaries, new store payment options and more!

Goldenstar this week now has both a master westfold jeweler and scholar. The Dums have finished volume 1 and attempted the Forgotten Treasury. Goldenstar has done some level 75 dungeons this week!! The 3-man Dargnakh Unleashed with Merric and Bryandt’s burglar. The Council of the Secret Fire was nice enough to allow Goldenstar to attempt to heal them while they entered Orthanc Steamworks.

In addition to the Dargnakh Unleashed and Orthanc, Merric ran the Foundry.

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I just wanted to thank you guys for everything you do. I’ve truly come to appreciate it recently since my computer broke(no chance to be fixed) and you guys are my only link to LOTRO, it isn’t so bad but my poor kin and tribe (LMB of Landy and Pouncing pwnys) have no idea what happened, hopefully I’ll have enough by RoR for a new computer. Again, thank you, your podcast and app mean a lot!

Samdan(LMB) and Pounceclaw


Dear Goldenstar and Merric,

Today marks the 2ND anniversary of my LOTRO account, however I still have never gotten a character to a mere level 45! I have just started a new RK yesterday and gotten to 25 today, hopefully that means might get far wish me luck!

Your great fan,

Elthatlion Similmuare, Kinsman of the Sons of Numenor, on Landroval.

Galactic Cactus

Hello Merric or Goldenstar or whoever I’m contacting,

Now I’m sure you must get these e-mails a lot, but I was wondering if you could give my YouTube Channel’s LOTRO Let’s Play a look. It’s not that great, but we are just starting as a Let’s Play group. If you do, for some odd reason, really like them, we would not be totally set against you sharing it with everyone you know! Haha, I make jokes, anyway thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read this e-mail. I hope your week is filled with rare drops and lottery wins (maybe a horse for Merric, because, as of late, he doesn’t seem too lucky).


Joseph of the GalactiCacti Team

P.S. – Here is a link to our LOTRO Playlist. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8824DD44ABFD5602

P.P.S. – Please give everyone on the CSTM Team a hearty hello for us.


I have been playing lotro for a little over 3 weeks now and love the game. I lestened to all your round tables and follow your podcast. It has all been very helpful, thanks. I play a warden named Mesron on rhe vilya server. He is a member of The Captains of Middle Earth. I am level 49, finished the class quests that you get at 39 and 45, and have been adventuring in Moria since level 45. I love the warden. The gambit system is great and after awhile, it becomes second nature to you.

Soldanella of Eldar.

Merric’s game crashing problem was probably due to error in titanbar/hugebag “wallet” bug that was fixed this weekend. Just update your addons and enjoy playing again with your favorite plugins :)


Hey, never sent an e-mail to you guys before but I found some stuff on the LOTRO site that I found rather interesting.

I’m not sure if anyone else has seen them and just hasn’t felt the need to comment, but I thought I’d get the word out either way. :)

Here’s the link: http://www.lotro.com/lotro-media/concept-art/1781-update-6-wallpapers

Rather pretty if I say so myself.


HI Goldenstar and Merric. I’m hoping you can answer a quick quesiton. I’ve really enjoyed Pineleaf’s Spear and Skirmish blog and skirmish guides. I can’t seem to find any recent skirmish information from him. His blog link has disappeared from your blogroll. Is Pineleaf still reporting for CSTM? More skirmish stuff would be AWESOME.

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Recorded March 3, 2012

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12 Responses to “Episode 130: Spectacular Death”

  1. Heiko Says:

    The new payment options for the store sound great! I’m from the Netherlands and iDeal is a much used online payment system overhere. So being able to use it for Lotro is just great. I hope I will be able to buy the new Rohan expansion as well using this.


  2. Thurinphir Says:

    The Forgotten Treasury should remain forgotten, tried to PUG it on my minstrel (when I was on-level). due to an unexperienced healer at the/a (not sure) boss fight (me), we wiped 5 times before all quitting.
    after trudging through the ‘trash’ mobs, we had to take some time for the levers. (lore-master beside me kept dying when he/she got it wrong)
    the way the fight went… we get the boss (or first boss) down to 500-3k health when the last DPS dies, everyone dies, I die followed by a boss reset and another fail

    being a group who know each other, they (Dum group) may have better ‘luck’


  3. Andy Says:

    I healed a 4man forgotten treasury few weeks ago as red traited mini, being half 2 in the morning there was more than a usual lack of healers. Went pretty well all things considered. The wheels bit took a while as we had to run about a bit and by the time we got to the trolls I’d come to terms with my lack of warspeech and we got them down 3rd time.

    Split the pair, warden on one troll guard on the other with me between the 2 to have range for heals and then it was down to the hunter to dps mostly. As much as I dont like healing I was pretty chuffed to have managed to do it having not healed since a barrows run ages ago.


  4. Rorggrim Says:

    You’re welcome for my awesome healing in The Foundry. But you mispronounced “Rorgg” as “Wilkie.” :D


  5. Avatar of Ethelros
    Ethelros Says:

    I’m so happy you got my name right. :P

    As far as the Barter Wallet thingy goes, I hold the *shruggles* viewpoint. Would I have wanted it to be free? Of course. But I’m not going to get upset over it, just not a particularly big deal to me. I think the crux of the debate is over whether you consider it Premium content or a basic feature that we pay to fix.

    And this is just personal opinion, but I love the Update 6 changes. There are a number of things that players have asked for that we’re getting. Most notably is the old dismount animation, which is returned and actually improved! How it works on BR is that when you dismount while stationary, your horse will do a sort of bow emote and your PC steps off neatly.

    Love the podcast, guys. Keep up the good ‘work’.

    P.S. I don’t know when the Wallpapers came up, but I found them before Sapience released the Great River map.


  6. Indy Says:

    While it would be nice to get kudzhul tablets account bound, they should be usable for other characters even now. I haven’t actually *tried* this, you understand, but it looks like you can trade the tablets for whatever LI you want for your alt, just go to his class trader and then transfer the LI.

    So that’s a minor inconvenience in needing to log on to the character with the tablets and take him to the traders, but there’s a group of them in Bree. I imagine that Turbine decided the programmer/tester time was better spent on other things since the items traded for aren’t bound.


  7. Bryandt Says:

    Thanks for the mention. :) For the most part, I found the Skirmish Soldier on landscape to be rather “meh” worthy. That being said, I can see a few places where it may be desirable to have one out, such as deed grinding or particularly hard quests such as killing the elite mob in the Dunbog.


  8. Rinvan Says:

    I always liked the forgotten treasury, got to love a dungeon with a zelda-like puzzle. I am sure those duo troll bosses have destroyed plenty of pugs.


  9. PB Says:

    GL trying to do any sort of planning with those trolls in FT. it’s very easy to do that instance over-level (which I’m guessing lots of people giving you their experiences to you are doing it at), but actually doing it on-level trying to deal with the intended mechanics is pretty nightmarish. I’ve done that instance dozens of times and I still can’t fully work out how the aggro mechanism on the trolls work – not only is there the fundamental trickiness caused by the reflect damage mechanism, but no matter what you do, they always end up coming together at some point in the fight and doing their big AOE and I think that’s also associated with a complete aggro wipe. It’s a really tough instance without an overlevel tank to just stand there and take it.

    As for the skirmish soldier, I LOVE the way they’ve done the system. Just allowing free roaming would completely trivialise the landscape; unlike SWTOR this game is not built around the assumption that you’ll always have a companion with you. Landscape questing is already easy/boring enough without completely trivialising it with unlimited soldiers. The way they’ve done it will make people think twice about whether they need it or not, which is good imo.


  10. davidt Says:

    I was starting to wonder if Merric forgot to press record:)


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      It wasn’t merric. As I reported on twitter, facebook, google plus and our My Middle Earth group, the problem this week was we had run out of podcast host space and it just took a day or two to complete that upgrade.


  11. Thurinphir Says:

    noticed when I was looking for First Age Relics on the AH that Shire Sweet-Leaf Pipeweed still shows up under Class Items->Lore-Master not sure if it is intended or not


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