Episode 132: Wish You Had a Wookiee

March 18, 2012

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This week we discuss Update 6 launching, a new dev diary, upcoming warden fixes, the fashion maven and more!

ScreenShot00139Goldenstar’s Dum burglar is now level 56. The Dums successfully ran the Forgotten Treasury this week and have started beating up bosses in the Grand Stair. Goldenstar the minstrel visited Draigoch for the very first time and was successful! The kin also went back into Orthanc and we were successful at clearing the lightening and acid wings!

Merric ran Fangorng and Dragnakh Unleashed. He mastered Westfold Metalsmith. He now has a ful Draigoch set except for the helm but he now has an Orthanc helm so he doesn’t care. Bryandt was nice enough to make him a new pocket item this week.

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Hi, Guys … I’m not sure if you heard about this, and I don’t feel right being the one to pass you the info, but I will, because I think it’s something the community should know. Of course, I don’t know if you actually want to write about this — it may not be fitting for the blog — but I’ll leave that to you.

A little over a year ago, Nidor of Brandywine was diagnosed with cancer, and just a few days ago, he passed away (which has been confirmed by several members of the Brandywine community)

This is Bruce’s (Nidor’s) original thread: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?388542-Three-Words

We have a couple things planned: on 3/21, at 10 PM server time, there will be a memorial service in the Moors on Brandywine. More details can be found here: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?449401-Nidor-Memorial-21-3-Nidor-Rock

Also, before he passed, Bruce wanted his friends to eat ice cream for breakfast, to “remember that there are worse things out there.” We are also observing that on the 21st, which marks the 1 year diagnosis of his cancer. More information can be found here: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?446056-March-21st-Ice-Cream-for-Breakfast

Bruce was very well respected by the LotRO community, and I haven’t heard a bad thing said about him — which I suppose is rather rare for a PvPer! — I just thought I’d take the opportunity to allow the community to join us.

Duncan Feldane

Hi Goldenstar & Merric,

Just a reminder to all: uninstall Pando Media Booster and general bandwidth hog!
I think it was installed with Rise of Isengard. I remember reading that it uses resources, but forgot it.

Recently noticed my computer was painfully slow, uninstalled, and what an amazing difference!

—Duncan Feldane

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Recorded March 17, 2012

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16 Responses to “Episode 132: Wish You Had a Wookiee”

  1. Andy Says:

    Odd question but did the clocks change for your timezone?

    Tuned in at 2.30am uk time and seem to have missed the show entirely


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      The clocks did change in our neck of the woods. It was the same clock time but yeah technically it would have been an hour earlier than normal due to the time warp. Eastern time is now -4 GMT


  2. Roger Edwards Says:

    I was in the chat room when you recorded the podcast and Goldenstar kindly quoted me. Only thing is, that I typed a mistake.

    I ran 15 quests in Limlight Gorge and reached acquaintance with the Heroes of Limlight rep faction and not ally as I erroneously typed. My bad.

    The rep is quite generous with 1,500 points on some quest, but it’s NOT that generous.

    Sorry for the confusion.


  3. Daliltar Says:

    Does uninstalling those 2 things really make your computer faster?

    and will it not affect the game in any way?


    • Bryandt Says:

      It’s 1 thing: Pando Media Booster. And yes, it will speed up your computer. It will also save you bandwidth. What the program does is act as a P2P file sharing utility. So it’s constantly streaming files to other players to quicken their install times. If you have caps on your monthly bandwidth usage, this is a bad, bad, horrible program that has to go.

      Once you have the game installed, you can safely uninstall Pando without any ill effects on your gameplay.


  4. Avatar of Branick
    Branick Says:

    Another fantastic episode as usual. I just couldn’t wait til I got my tablet back so I sat at my PC and listened in my browser. Glad I did. :) Keep up the great work Merric and Goldenstar. :) -Branick


  5. Dan Says:

    What are the instructions for uninstalling the Pando Media Booster, for the less technologically-inclined?


    • Haldare Says:

      Easy as im no pc wizard! Just go to your Control Pannel find the said unwanted program and simply uninstall, I have just done it and all i can say is ‘wow’ nice one! This all makes sense to me know as all of a sudden my pc went all slow and sluggish for no apperent reason(we know why now huh!!)I went out and bought extra ram which defo made such a difference but now even more superfast.Enjoy :)


  6. Andy Says:

    Should be able to find it in control panel under add/remove program.

    It’s a piece of rubbish that should be removed by turbine in favour of something that actually works when you the user want it to not every single time the pc is online. Steam for one stops its downloads if you start any other steam game, online or not.

    There are plenty of other free torrent like ones about that work better and dont cripple your system. Makes life even worse if you have a download limit in place.


  7. HALLAGON(fromtheMark) Says:

    LOL about washing machine xD My Dishwasher broke down and been having to wait for weekend in order to install new one :D Hope you have fun with your new toy Goldy GL with Great River


    • HALLAGON(fromtheMark) Says:

      Also Amos Hen is located in Gondor, after they past the 2 statues with the hands they’re in the realm of Gondor. Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas run North-West following the orcs where Frodo and Sam went due east into Emyn Muil. Lukcily Gondor is even larger so its stil all to scale


  8. Idontgetit Says:

    OK, nuff holding back…. Sorry, but I completely don’t get your podcast. Its really amateur, no actual content there at all, no decent production value, and yet you have a following? I mean its just a couple of people talking about playing a game. OK, great. But that’s not going to win any Emmy awards. So why is this taken so serious by everyone? I don’t get it (and probably never will), but I think there’s some sort of delusion going on…


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Here’s the thing. You don’t have to get it. We won’t be for every LOTRO player and we certainly don’t have any sort of delusion believing that we should be.

      Here’s another thing. It’s completely free. We charge you an absolute total of $0.00. It’s a take it or leave it special. Seems to me you should leave it and look for more professional LOTRO podcasts with decent production value and content you care about.

      We wish you luck.


    • Avatar of Bor_Jason
      Bor_Jason Says:

      Wow I mean WOW!!! Merric and Goldenstar are a very nice married couple that happen to share a love for LOTRO. Which they have taken the time to share with others. Being that they don’t get paid and that their start up was self funded I believe that they have a very high quality production value. I for one love the fact that they as a husband wife team have a common hobby/passion which is so rare in this day and age. If you even half way look around at most game related podcasts it is just a few people sitting around talking about a game. Even paid persons like Xbox’s Major Nelson is still just 4 people sitting around talking games. Really I don’t see what your actual problem is but hey opinions are like sphincters every has two and most of them stink truly they probably all do. ~ Bor


  9. Avatar of Bandoras
    Bandoras Says:


    GS & M aren’t TRYING to win any awards. They aren’t trying to be “serious business.” This is a CASUAL Stroll to Mordor not a SRS RAIDING MARCH to Mordor. These are two people shooting the breeze about a game they love. They’re fun, approachable and easy to listen to. They feel approachable, friendly, like everyday people. That’s what makes us love them.

    Clearly, you DON’T get it.


  10. Stephenfry Says:

    Merricese? I think you mean A-Merric-An :P


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