Fashion Maven this Weekend

March 17, 2012


summergreen01The Fashion Maven is out and about this weekend. The Fashion Maven is a GM that will randomly award players titles for their fashions.  The GM is invisible and will be on all worlds and can appear at any time through Sunday night.

Titles of “The Fashionable”, “The Unfashionable” or “The Eye-Sore” are available from the Fashion Maven. The typical place we’ve heard of players being seen is higher population cities such as Bree or Galtrev.

The announcement post suggests you wear green in honor of Bullroarer Took Day to catch the Fashion Maven’s eye!

For some assistance perfecting your look, why not visit some of LOTRO’s premiere cosmetic blogs for outfit inspiration!

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5 Responses to “Fashion Maven this Weekend”

  1. mephet Says:

    Lotro Stylist is no longer posting? Huh? How did I miss that bit of news?


  2. royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

    Thanks for posting this, had no idea the Maven was out this weekend.


  3. Auranor Says:

    Argh, I guess “Sunday night” means “Sunday night according to US timezones”? I was trying to put together a green outfit hoping to catch the Maven’s eye, but I’ll most likely be fast asleep when/if she visits my server. *sighs*


  4. royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

    Only person in Galtrev wearing green for the past 7 hours or so. No luck yet


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