Killing Uber Delving Fire Boss Guide/Story

The day starts with a lack of Freeps on in the Ettenmoors and so I decided we would not rest until we killed the 990,000 Delving Boss.  When I told my fellow monsters that that was our goal my group quickly grew into a full raid under my command.  We immediately went to take two outposts so that we could make our way into the depths below the Moors.  We quickly made our way into the fire area of the Delving.  We had 4 defilers (one in each sub-group) and 4 Warlords (one in each sub-group).  We made our way down to the island next to the boss island both of which are surrounded by lava.  You say what does it matter if there is lava there?  Well it matters because of all the searing ufrons that can launch you into the boiling hot lava of doom and despair.

Since these ufrons can launch you into the lava you need to make sure you are on the island to the left of the boss (when looking at boss).  The reason you want to be here is because it has a wall to keep the group from being launched into the lava.  This wall on this island is absolutely vital to taking down this boss.  Once you lead your whole raid to this wall and have them with backs to the wall you can proceed to pull 2 groups of 3 ufrons up the ramp to where your group is.  Make sure that it is a ranged puller otherwise your puller will be launched to his doom in the lava.

Once you defeat these ufrons you now should have a ufron free spot on the island that you can move through to get to the center of the boss island.  When our group moved down all seemed well but then we realized we needed more people if we were going to defeat this evil foe.  I decided to have one of the fellowships from our raid get another group of monsters together.  They quickly got a group of around 16 players.  18+16=34 players are now under my lead trying to take down these searing ufrons.  While we did burn through the ufrons and started the fight with the main boss, we did not succeed because we were all somewhat low ranking Creeps.  We needed more players…but where would we find them?

The Freeps?  No we can’t use them…they can’t be trusted…can they?  The Freeps had entered the Delving once they realized that we had the goal of taking down the Delving Boss.  They watched our previous fight and were just standing around not helping us.  One of the members in my group decided to log onto a Freep and relay orders from me to the Freeps.  We now had 17+16+7=40 players under my command for the next round of the fight.  This time we will do it.  This time we must win this fight and become the first players post Isenguard to defeat this boss.  (First group to kill him at lvl 78)

Our next attempt we had a similar strategy.  We burned through the searing ufrons (pun intended) much faster this time and were ready to fight the fire boss in Delving.  We were ready to fight the hardest boss in LotRO and were ecstatic.  You could feel the excitement of the group, they were ready to finish this boss to free the delving of this non-Sauron following fool.  We were going to claim the Delving for Sauron and spread his wrath throughout Middle Earth.  The Freeps were doing our bidding and we loved it.  However it was a weird feeling working alongside them but this boss had become too powerful and Sauron could not handle it.  We had to unite with them to take out the evil competition.

We proceeded to take on the main boss since we had killed all the searing ufrons.  The boss quickly spawns mini-volcano devises in 3 corners of the island.  You need most of the group on these because they heal the boss and you can’t do enough damage to him without first taking out the mini-volcanos.  The searing ufrons also start to respawn and so you need the rest of the group keeping the ufrons in the middle of the island.  If the ufrons escape to the volcano group then the entire volcano group can get knocked into the lava of doom and despair.    You also need to make sure that a tank has agro on the boss.  Healers need to be healing everyone to death because there is a ton of damage going on in the boss and ufron fighting groups.

Once you defeat the volcanos you can now have that group move on to fighting the boss.  The other group needs to stay fighting the searing ufrons in the middle of the island.  If you keep this up and have enough healers and DPS in your group then you will be able to down the boss.  It only took my group three hours to do everything mentioned in this article.  We had finally defeated the boss we had wanted to slay ever since we set eyes on him.  He had been an unattainable goal before this day.

We were the first group to kill him post Isenguard and I consider that a huge achievement.  I went in just 9 days from being a completely new player to monster play to becoming the leader of a 40 man group composed of Freeps and Creeps to take down the Uber Delving Fire Boss.  Both voice and typed chat was absolutely ecstatic about this win, this victory over the Delving Boss.  We claimed the Delving as our own and this day inspired me to start writing for CSTM.  I have been waiting a long time to write and release this article and am glad it is finally out for reading.  This is by far my favorite moment in LotRO and we can’t wait to fight him again someday soon.

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  1. susan Says:

    epic! well done


  2. Pjotr Says:


    A great achievement, I especially like that creeps and freeps worked together on this.


  3. Starhush Says:

    Awwww. I really wish I had stayed after the second attempt. Then I could have received some small portion of the glory………


  4. Dravisingir Says:

    Congrats! Good job on the achievement.


  5. Fronto Says:

    What an epic achievement – congratulations to everyone involved!


  6. Figro Says:

    So after the boss defeat did you have the ‘audacity’ *get it?* to immediately throw your Freepish partners in crime to the lava of doom and dispair? Sauron would have been most pleased, and would have ‘commended’ you highly.


  7. Tony Says:

    Congrats. Truly awesome.


  8. Osdor Says:

    Grats! Well done.

    But Freeps & Creeps working together? So wrong on so many levels! What’s next, cats & dogs plotting to take over the world? :P


  9. Varia of Riddremark Says:



  10. mmicnova Says:

    congrats to everyone involved! freeps+creeps united just goes to show you, again, what an awesome community LotRo has!


  11. Unknown Says:

    Power to Imladris! Way to go, guys!


  12. Gothnon Says:

    Nice post- great stuff. It’s truelly sad however with the whole box n key fiasco that killing hundreds of slugs or ufrons will get you something ‘special’ but killing Gaergoth now doesn’t. No more delving stones- I guess the delving has no point anymore.


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