LEAD Side Day The Great River: Level 75

March 27, 2012

LOTRO Epic Story

Welcome to LOTRO Epic A Day, where I guide you on an epic journey through Middle-Earth, one day at a time. Each Book of the Epic quest is separated into its own Day, with Side-Days for leveling up to the next book. Gather up your belongings and hit the road, a new Day awaits!

The Great River is reached by traveling south through the Vineyards of Lothlórien, or by completing the first 5 books of Volume III Book 6 (which takes you here immediately). This region, which encompasses the banks of the river Anduin, has level 75 quests and enemies, and as such offers plenty of room for ixp and higher-level equipment, extra leveling if needed after Nan Curunir, and an entire region to hunt for level 75 Legendary Items (adding a large region of enemies to loot in addition to those within Isengard).

There are also tier 7 Westfold crafting resources to be found, from banded coffers, skarn deposits, and birch branches throughout the region. Skarn and birch, like other ore/wood can be found throughout the area, while Banded Coffers are located in ruins and settlements, including Haldirith, Hîs-urdan, and around the Field of Celebrant.

The Great River Quest Hubs

Quests in the Great River provide some experience beyond the Dunland regions, though by the time you reach this area you’ll likely be more interested in gathering new items, gaining ixp, and simply exploring the region. Quests continue from one small hub to the next, so finish all the quests in each hub/camp or even single npc location before moving to the next (each location also offers a quest guiding you to the next hub after finishing the previous quests). Begin by speaking with Noriel (19.0 S, 63.0 W) to obtain the first quests  in the region.Note: locations include the quest-region they fall within for the Quest Deeds.

There is a haunting beauty found in the ruins of the ElvesHaldirith – Thinglad: The Elves have established a camp (21.5 S, 63.4 W) to scout the road leading south along the Anduin, watching for potential threats from the direction of Rohan. Find and complete Noriel’s quests at the northern boundary of the Great River first to begin questing here, and continue the series through Haldirith as well as the small Rohirrim camp at 20.4 S, 63.8 W. In Haldirith, besides the typical vendors and Stable-Master there is also a level 75 task board, offering reputation with the Riders of Stangard as well as IXP.

RenfaerThinglad: This scout (23.7 S, 62.8 W) offers several quests after finishing the series in Haldirith (the final quest there will lead you to this Elven scout). His penultimate quest offers Riders of Stangard rep, and the final quest takes us to the next small camp.

Wynmar – Thinglad: Wynmar sets up a new camp further down the river (23.8 S, 59.8 W); we are sent here after finishing Renfaer’s quests. Finish Wynmar’s quests for more Riders of Stangard rep and to continue the small quest series involving helping the Horse-lord get closer to Noriel, the Elf he develops a fondness for during their first meeting. Continue through the series, which eventually takes us to Stangard.

Stangard features a unique Rohirric milestone to mark our journey like never before.Stangard – Eorlsmead: Stangard is a large Rohirrim outpost centrally located in the Great River region (25.9 S, 63.5 W). Though the outpost is outside the borders of Rohan, it is still well-equipped with fortifications and Riders. It also serves as a central base in the Great River, featuring relic and forge-masters, Rider of Stangard reward vendor, instance-upgrader (to upgrade equipment with the Roots of Fangorn rewards), normal vendors, crafting services, and a Stable-master. There is also skirmish hall (skirmish vendors) in the building at 26.4 S, 63.2 W.

At the crafting hub there are vaults in the building at 26.5 S, 63.5 W, and a legendary item vendor outside, offering level 75 third-age LIs in exchange for 20 silver tokens and 2 golden tokens.

The relic and forge-masters and the auction house are found in two separate buildings in the northeast (25.5 S, 63.1 W).  The task board is found in the tavern at 25. S, 63. W, along with a Bard. This board has the same tasks as Haldirith – they can be taken and completed at either – and offers Riders of Stangard rep, though two tasks actually give Heroes of Limlight Gorge rep – Thick Branches and Knotted Heartwood.

There are also several quests – speak with a Gate Guard at the eastern or western gate to begin the quests here, which offer IXP, tokens of the Anduin, Riders of Stangard rep, and the occasional item reward. The series takes us through several chores to help feed and protect the people of Stangard, an outpost that has serious problems. When it ends, we’re lead to the Cuthstan in the Wailing Hills. Also, don’t forget to talk to Wulfwine at 25.4 S, 63.8 N to be directed towards the Limlight Gorge.

The Fetid Caves – Eorlsmead: Not a typical quest hub, the Fetid Caves (28.0 S, 61.3 W) features a couple quests to obtain by using objects in the area. Use the Pile of Remains and the Hound-corpse to obtain two quests here.

Two massive Rohirrim stand watch over the Wailing HillsThe Cuthstan – Wailing Hills: A small Rohirrim camp can be found at the base of two enormous statues overlooking the Great River (25.6 S, 65.6 W). Besides the quest series here (these begin with Ithamar and Lanbert), there are also vendors, relic and forge-masters, and a Task Board. The nearest Stable-master is to the west, in Limlight Gorge, though Stangard is also nearby to the east. Find Magla in an orc-camp to the south west (27.0 S, 66.2 W) and release him for rep and silver tokens. Also make sure to carefully check the Mor-hai camp (23.9 S, 68.1 W) where we free a captured Rider outside before entering the orc-cave – use the note inside this cave to gain an additional quest.

Secluded Clearing – Wailing Hills: A small patch of earth is free of trees in the forest northeast of the Wailing Hills (). You can find Landroval here, a great Eagle who offers quests – fittingly the quest deed for the Wailing Hills has the “Friend of the Eagles“ title as a reward.

Fristhstan’s Camp – Wailing Hills: This quest is initially found to be ransacked by the nearby orcs, but continuing through the Cuthstan quest series leads eventually to Frithstan at his camp (24.7 S, 65.5 W). After finishing quests for him the camp is fixed up a bit, and additional Rohirrim can be found here (though there are no services to speak of, just additional quests). Frithstan will also offer two repeatable quests after finishing several of his series. Complete these daily for Riders of Stangard rep, IXP, and silver tokens.

Parth Celebrant: The Rohirrim have a small stable and camp (26.6 S, 58.3 W) east of Stangard. Find Cerdic here for the Epic Quest, along with vendors, a task board, Relic and Forge masters, and a Stable-Master. Brifard begins the quest series here, so accept the Delayed Supplies quest to begin the Parth Celebrant quests and quest deed.

Aculf’s Camp – Rushgore: At the edge of the Rushgore swamp (29.2 S, 55.2 W), the Rohirrim defend Rohan by preventing an advance from the swamp or the Brown Lands in the east. There is also a small campsite within Rushgore swamp (28.8 S, 53.4 W) that includes vendors and several quests – speak to Amal to begin them.

Not all of the area surrounding the Anduin is lush and green, but the Rohirrim make doEtheburg – Brown Lands: The Rohirrim have a larger outpost in the Brown Lands, keeping watch for any advancing Easterlings. Besides the usual vendors, relic and forge-masters, task board, and Stable-master, there are also crafting facilities here. Speak to Céola to begin the quest chain here for IXP, silver tokens, and Riders of Stangard rep. Also, find a collar quest-item on one of the Brown Lands cats to turn in to Twiga, and a medallion on a Blue Caste Sorcerer to turn in to the guard, both located at Etheburg.


There is much danger within the Gorge. Travel with a fellowship to avoid defeat.Limlight Gatehouse – Limlight Gorge: The Rohirrim of the Limlight Gatehouse (25.4 S, 67.0 W) stands guard over the Gorge, keeping watch over this very dangerous area. Quests here begin with Agelbrit and are mainly small fellowship quests, so take a few friends to complete them to earn IXP, tokens, and Heroes of Limlight Gorge reputation. There is also a Stable-master, for easy access to the fellowship area to the west and the Cuthstan statues to the east. Make sure to collect quests in the Old Sawmill and the Ent Grove as well as the Prospector’s Shack. Once you’ve finished all of the quest chains in the Limlight Gorge, three repeatable quests open, two from the Agelbrit at the Gatehouse and another from an Ent in the Ent Grove. These three quests can be completed daily for Heroes of Limlight rep, IXP, and silver and gold tokens.

Old Sawmill – Limlight Gorge: The Old Sawmill is located past a dangerous group of patrolling Trolls and Hurons (29.0 S, 69.7 W). Travel here with a fellowship, as all of the quests are for groups, and completing them rewards Heroes of Limlight rep, IXP, and silver as well as gold tokens. Armund’s quests also lead to the Ent Grove and the Prospector’s Shack (27.0 S, 69.9 W).

The Ent Grove/Limlight Glade – Limlight Gorge: A group of Ents and Elves can be found at the southwestern edge of Limlight Gorge (29.4 S, 72.1 W). Like other hubs in Limlight Gorge, the quests here are meant for fellowships and offer Limlight rep as well as silver and gold tokens. The first quest that leads here is given by Armund on the upper level of Old Sawmill, so make sure to visit the dwarf first before coming here. Also, visiting the cave at 28.7 S, 72.2 W is important if you wish to participate in the new 6-fellowship instance Roots of Fangorn – you have to get the deed for encountering the cave before beginning the instance.

The Great River Deeds

When The Great River was released in Update 6, virtue traits were increased to 14. If you need additional trait levels, the deeds in this region can help.

Epic Quest Deeds

  • The Vanished Rider – Complete the 6 quests during Volume III Book 6, Chapter 11
    Reward: “Anduin Wanderer” title, continuation of the Epic Quest

Slayer Deeds

  • Beast Slayer – Defeat 120 Wild Beasts (Bears, hounds, goats, deer, wolves)
    Reward: IXP rune, 5 TP
  • Beast Slayer (Advanced) – Defeat 255 beats
    Reward: +1 Tolerance, IXP rune, 10 TP
  • Orc Slayer – Defeat 120 orcs
    Reward: IXP rune, 5 TP
  • Orc Slayer (Advanced) – Defeat 255 Orcs
    Reward: +1 Loyalty, IXP rune, 10 TP
  • Spider-Slayer – Defeat 80 spiders – while there are giant spiders in the fellowship-oriented Limlight Gorge, there are also smaller spiders in the Wailing Hills area
    Reward: IXP rune, 5 TP
  • Spider-slayer (Advanced) – Defeat 175 spiders
    Reward: +1 Fidelity, IXP rune, 10 TP
  • Shade-slayer – Defeat 120 shades in Great River (shades are found in the Parth Celebrant area, especially by the Field of Celebrant and also a few around the ruins of Ost Celebrant
    Reward: IXP rune, 5 TP
  • Shade-slayer (Advanced) – Defeat 255 shades
    Reward: +1 Honesty, IXP rune, 10 TP
  • Brigand-slayer – Defeat 120 brigands in Great River (found mainly in the Celebrant region)
    Reward: IXP rune, 5 TP
  • Brigand-slayer (Advanced) – Defeat 255 Brigands
    Reward: +1 Wisdom, 10 TP, IXP rune
  • Easterling-slayer – Defeat 120 Easterlings in Great River (Khundolar warriors in Rushgore and Man-type enemies in the Brown Lands)
    Reward: IXP rune, 5 TP
  • Easterling-slayer (Advanced) – Defeat 255 Easterlings
    Reward: +1 Valour, IXP rune, 10 TP
  • Titan Slayer – Defeat 30 huge enemies in Great River (any of the enemies in Limlight Gorge count, though they require a few other players to defeat)
    Reward: IXP rune, 5 TP
  • Titan Slayer (Advanced) – Defeat 60 huge enemies in Limlight Gorge
    Reward: +1 Patience, IXP rune, 10 TP

Quest Deeds

  • Quests of Great River – Complete all 7 Quest Deeds in the Great River
    Reward: +1 Justice, IXP rune, 10 TP, “Hero of the Anduin” title
  • Quests of Thinglad – Complete 20 quests within Thinglad
    Reward: +1 Fidelity, IXP rune, 10 TP, “Sentinel of Thinglad” title
  • Quests of Eorlsmead – Complete 20 quests within Eorlsmead
    Reward: +1 Discipline, IXP rune, 10 TP, “Hero of Eorlsmead” title
  • Quests of the Wailing Hills – Complete 20 quests within the Wailing Hills
    Reward: +1 Honesty, IXP rune, 10 TP, IXP rune, “Friend of the Eagles” title
  • Quests of Parth Celebrant – Complete 20 quests within Parth Celebrant
    Reward: +1 Confidence, IXP rune, 10 TP, “Avenger of Oaths Broken” title
  • Quests of the Rushgore – Complete 20 quests within Rushgore
    Reward: +1 Patience, 10 TP, IXP rune, “Defender of the Rushgore“ title
  • Quests of Brown Lands – Complete 19 quests within the Brown Lands
    Reward: +1 Fortitude, 10 TP, IXP rune, “Defender of the Brown Lands” title
  • Quests of Limlight Gorge – Complete 20 quests within Limlight Gorge
    Reward: +1 Determination, 10 TP, IXP rune, “Warrior of the Limlight Gorge” title

Exploration Deeds

Thinglad Explorer – Discover 5 locations:

  • Foul-Maw’s Den (24.4 S, 60.8 W) – Defeat Foul-Maw to obtain his hide, a quest item with a Golden Token reward
  • Haldirith (21.5 S, 63.4 W)
  • The Old Burrows (23.0 S, 63.8 W)
  • Ûngund (19.8 S, 63.4 W)
  • Hîs-urdan (23.7 S, 62.1 W)

Reward: +1 Innocence, IXP rune, 5 TP, “Explorer of Thinglad” title

Eorlsmead Explorer – Discover 5 locations:

  • The Abandoned Farm (29.5 S, 60.1 W)
  • The Fetid Caves (28.0 S, 61.3 W)
  • Stangard (25.9 S, 63.5 W)
  • Eorlsmead Tower (28.0 S, 59.9 W)
  • The Teeming Nests (26.5 S, 60.1 W) – Defeat the Ancient Rock-worm to obtain its fang, a quest item with a silver token and Rider Rep reward

Reward: +1 Honour, IXP rune, 5 TP, “Explorer of Eorlsmead” title

Wailing Hills Explorer – Discover 7 locations:

  • The Cuthstan (25.6 S, 65.6 W)
  • Frithstan’s Camp (24.7 S, 65.5 W)
  • Nink-hai Camp (27.4 S, 66.7 W)
  • Mor-hai Camp (23.9 S, 68.1 W)
  • The Secluded Clearing (22.2 S, 64.9 W)
  • Venom-Bite Cave (22.2 S, 66.5 W)
  • Aster Hill (22.9 S, 65.7 W)

Reward: +1 Mercy, IXP Rune, 5 TP, “Explorer of the Wailing Hills” title

Parth Celebrant Explorer – Discover 5 locations

  • Idmar’s Camp (28.5 S, 56.8 W)
  • The Field of Celebrant (28.5 S, 57.9 W)
  • Hordfierd (30.4 S, 57.9 W)
  • Ost Celebrant (30.3 S, 56.0 W)
  • The Murderous Pit (26.6 S, 57.3 W)

Reward: +1 Idealism, IXP  rune, 5 TP, “Explorer of Parth Celebrant” title

Rushgore Explorer – Discover 6 locations

  • Aculf’s Camp (29.2 S, 55.2 W)
  • Atburg (30.9 S, 53.8 W)
  • Wyrmdenn (28.0 W, 54.6 W)
  • The Creeping Mud ()
  • Tik Botokh (30.0 S, 53.2 W)
  • The Clutch- ground (29.5 S, 52.8 W)

Reward:+1 Tolerance, IXP rune, 5 TP, “Explorer of the Rushgore” title

Brown Lands Explorer – Discover 5 locations

  • Etheburg (31.3 S, 52.1 W)
  • Helstor (28.9 S, 50.5 W)
  • Lashkarg (33.2 S, 51.9 W)
  • The Desolation of the Gardens (32.8 S, 47.9 W)
  • The Stone-hole (32.0 S, 47.8 W)

Reward: +1 Compassion, IXP rune, 5 TP, “Explorer of the Brown Lands” title

Limlight Gorge Explorer – Discover 7 locations (though the area and enemies are fellowship-oriented, the locations can be found on your own if you are careful):

  • Limlight Gatehouse (25.4 S, 67.0 W)
  • Limlight Falls (28.5 S, 72.3 W)
  • The Ent-grove (29.4 S, 72.1 W)
  • The Fallen Watchtower (28.1 S, 68.6 W)
  • The Pothole (27.3 S, 71.3 W)
  • The Prospector’s Shack (27.0 S, 69.9 )
  • The Old Sawmill (29.0 S, 69.7 W)

Reward: +1 Honesty, IXP Rune, 5 TP, “Explorer of the Limlight Gorge” title

Ancient Ruins of the Limlight – Discover and interact with 6 ruins in Limlight Gorge – slightly more difficult than Explorer because of the time needed to use the items, but still manageable. Take a group if it’s proving too challenging.

  • Ancient Elf-ruins (28.1 S, 68.9 W)
  • Mysterious Elf-ruins (27.0 S, 69.0 W)
  • Tumbled Elf-ruins (25.9 S, 69.1 W)
  • Hallowed Elf-ruins (27.4 S, 70.4 W)
  • Engraved Elf-ruins (27.1 S, 71.2 W)  – on a ledge in the top of the Pothole
  • Crumbling Elf-ruins (25.4 S, 71.0 W)

Reward: +10 TP

After completing this deed, speak with Erymeldir in Limlight Glade (29.4 S, 72.1 W) to begin the Fallen Stones and Forgotten Tales quest – you won’t actually be directed to do this. Finish that quest to begin the Spirits of the Limlight deed – these two deeds and the quest can all be completed solo if you wish. The quest rewards a golden token, IXP, and Limlight rep.

Spirits of the Limlight – Speak (interact) with 6 spirits in the Limlight Gorge

  • Spirit of Reverence (28.0 S, 68.7 W)
  • Spirit of Remembrance (27.1 S, 67.6 W)
  • Spirit of Amity (26.3 S, 68.0 W)
  • Spirit of Melody (26.3 S, 69.1 W)
  • Spirit of Enlightenment (26.5 S, 70.6 W)
  • Spirit of Destiny (27.6 S, 71.8 W)

Reward: 10 TP, “Chronicler of Twilight” title

Reputation Deeds

  • Known to the Riders of Stangard – Earn Acquaintance standing with the Riders
    Reward: 5 TP: “Warrior of Stangard” title
  • Friend to the Riders of Stangard – Earn Friend standing with the Riders
    Reward: Travel Discount, 10 TP, “Rider of Stangard” title
  • Ally to the Riders of Stangard – Earn Ally standing with the Riders
    Reward: Vendor Discount, 10 TP, “Defender of Stangard” title

Instance Deeds

  • Discovery: Roots of Fangorn – Discover the Roots of Fangorn 6-size fellowship instance (28.7 S, 72.2 W)
    Reward: Access to the Roots of Fangorn instance, 5 TP

Complete the rest of the deeds within the Roots of Fangorn 6-size instance

  • Saviour of the Roots of Fangorn – complete each of the Roots of Fangorn deeds as well as the challenge quest (prevent roots from being corrupted by poison)
    Reward: IXP rune, 15 TP, “Waldengard” title
  • Roots of Fangorn: Defeat Gurthûl
    Defeat Gurthûl – Reward: 15 TP
  • Roots of Fangorn: Slaves of the Spider Queen
    Defeat Frûshkul – Reward: 15 TP

The Great River Reputation

There are two factions along the banks of the Anduin to gain reputation with – The Riders of Stangard and the Heroes of Limlight Gorge. Tasks in the region can be completed for Riders of Stangard rep, though two actually give Limlight rep – Knotted Heartwood and Thick Branches, which drop off the hurons in Limlight gorge (take friends to kill these massive enemies).

Silver and Gold Tokens of the Anduin can be earned by completing the numerous quests in the area. Extra silver tokens are also an optional choice for most of the quests, and repeatable quests for additional tokens open up at the end of quest chains at Frithstan’s camp, the Limlight Gatehouse, and the Ent Grove. These can be traded to the faction vendors in Stangard (25.5 S, 63.3 W) for rewards including better equipment, new Legendary weapon and class item titles, LI advancement items, two rep mounts, return to Stangard skills, cosmetic items, and pots. Make sure to check out the equipment barterers here, as some of the rewards are quite nice (especially if you’re also running the Roots of Fangorn 6-size fellowship instance and earning the barter items that are awarded there).

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  1. Osdor Says:

    If, like me, you are leveling a crafting alt and need Riders of Stangard rep for recipes, you can start handing in Task Items in Great River from level 72 upwards.


    • Avatar of alphaman
      alphaman Says:

      That’s good to know! To make it clear to everyone, the tasks are available at current max level, though how far above that (for future use) I’m not sure at this point. Usually there’s about an 8 level span available for quests/xp/tasks.


  2. Feathil Says:

    Would be nice if you could add a list of repeatable quests


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      alphaman Says:

      I think I may have missed 4 (2 in the Rushgore, 2 in the Brown Lands). The others are at Frithstan’s camp (2), the Limlight Gatehouse (2), and the Ent Grove(1). I’ll update once I get them all, with a specific list of which/what rewards.


      • Bryandt Says:

        I’m fairly certain that there’s only 1 in Rushgore. At least, I haven’t found any more after looking around.


        • Avatar of Ethelros
          Ethelros Says:

          There are two if I recall.

          One is where you attack the brigand camp with the Rohirrim, which is found at the main hub in the Rushgore.

          The other is the ‘Queen of Queens’ quest found by interacting with a mud pile in the grodbog nest(The Creeping Mud it’s called).


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    I really liked how you added in a list of the deeds…I don’t remember seeing that for the other zones in the LEAD series.


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      Yeah, I’ve started doing that since Isengard was released (so, for the 3 regions there and this new one), since the other areas are well covered by sites like http://www.burgzerg.com/ which don’t seem to always be updated for the new stuff. For the older stuff (up through Enedwaith), burgzerg is pretty great for deeds (better, really, since it has a tool to find specific virtues).


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    The second Rohir at Frithstan’s camp appears to be bugged. The shining gold ring is there, but there is nothing to click on, and the NPC can only be seen from a fairly specific distance away.


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