LEAD Volume III Book 6: Mists of Anduin

March 20, 2012

LOTRO Epic Story

Welcome to LOTRO Epic A Day, where I guide you on an epic journey through Middle-Earth, one day at a time. Each Book of the Epic quest is separated into its own Day, with Side-Days for leveling up to the next book. Any plot spoilers are contained within the story overview in “Turning the Pages”. Gather up your belongings and hit the road, a new Day awaits!

Having lost their leader Théodred, the Rohirrim are now led by Grimbold. The approaching war with Isengard grows closer, but the path ahead takes us away from Nan Curunir and Dunland, as we approach Rohan from its eastern flank, by way of Lothlórien.

Chapter 1: Troubled Dreams

The Rohirrim grimly ponder the fate of their landBook 6 begins in Grimbold’s camp, by speaking with Grimbold. We have just returned from the battle at the Ford of Isen and must rest from the hard battle, while Grimbold sits with his fears that Rohan has reached the end. A bedroll has been prepared for us near the camp’s milestone. Use any of the bedrolls (they don’t have rings over them, though rings do show on the mini-map) at 87.7 S, 3.9 W.

We fight for the living, as well as those who have moved on ahead of usSleep takes us into an instance, deep within our own dreams, where our mind is troubled with death and those who have passed on. But even the dead bear hope, and the memory of Candaith gives us words of comfort. No matter whether our friends pass on or remain with us, or even if we ourselves are lost in the fight, our lives are lived for the higher purpose of the Free People, just like the Rohirrim live for Rohan, their people, and their Prince.

Our fear is manifested in our captor, Morflak, whom we rout easily before being “taken” to the shore of Lake Evendim, where we follow Candaith and are shown visions of the other Rangers. Our dream soon takes us to the banks of the river Anduin, where we have not journeyed before, but where a fellowship met in the distance to discuss their own journey and loss. We see an enormous sword in the river, Nona, and the lady Galadriel, before waking from our troubled slumber. Speak to Grimbold after waking, though he is full of anger at hearing the strange visions we have seen.

Chapter 2: The Ghost in the Gap

Grimbold warns us of the danger of Elf-magic and ill omens. He does direct us to the Ghost, our friend Nona the girl from Enedwaith. Travel to Forthbrond, where Wilthrith doesn’t give much thought to the Dunlending, but has a possible location she might be at. We’re also given a chore to take care of during our search. Defeat 4 wargs in the location on the map. After finishing off the beasts, follow the trail of gold to find Nona, who has defeated many of Saruman’s armies with her shiny trap.

Chapter 3: Daughter of Suvulch

Nona agrees to depart from her mission of vengeance to visit Galadriel with us, heeding our visions. We first return to Lhanuch, so she can give a proper goodbye to her father. Accepting the quest takes us there immediately, though Suvulch is by the Pool of the King to the northwest of the village. While the pair says their farewells, find a souvenir nearby for Nona to remember her father by. Pass the small garnet to Suvulch, and listen quietly as he awkwardly wishes his daughter well.

Chapter 4: Swift Hooves

Speaking with Suvulch takes us to Lothlórien, without having to experience the long trip once more. The short chapter ends by reuniting with Haldir, though meeting with Galadriel might not be as simple as our journey was.

Chapter 5: Old Friends and New Tidings

The women of our dreams meet to discuss mysterious visionsHaldir agrees to take us to Lady Galadriel, but Nona must follow blindfolded. She is our friend, yet still a stranger to the Galadhrim. There is no choice but to accept the terms and follow Haldir. Once i n the garden, Nona is free to look around and is not too impressed by the sight. Hurry forward and speak with Galadriel. She is not behind the visions we had, though an old friend may know more.

A Wizard returns, wearing new robes though bearing the old commandStepping from the darkness of the garden, and returned from the unknown darkness of the realms beyond, Gandalf appears. There is no time to discuss his death and return however, as the Quest carries precedence over all else. We must hope that the Fellowship has not met its end, and Gandalf sends us to the banks of the Great River, to find what meaning is hidden in our dreams. Gandalf is needed elsewhere, so the task is left to our own strength. Finish the conversation and leave the garden by speaking with Nona, and be ready to emerge at the north of the Great River. Speak with Alfrohir to be directed down the road leading alongside the river bank, as well as to receive a majestic swan for your yard.

Chapter 6: Downriver Dangers

Alfrohir directs us further south to Haldirith, the camp of Elves in Thinglad. The outpost is used to watch the road for southern threats, and we can speak with Fimloth to be welcomed to the Great River region, where danger lurks. Orcs have been seen near the river, though the Elves have not spotted the travellers we seek. Follow the river to continue the search. going from one waypoint to the next along the bank, until finally arriving at a slain Elven scout. After returning to Fimloth and showing her the arrow taken from the scout, we are asked to slay 8 Orcs in Thinglad to help protect the remaining scouts. Several orc-camps can be found nearby, including  Ûngund (19.8 S, 63.4 W) and another small camp at 22.5 S, 63.0 W. Fimloth thanks us when we have finished, and mentions that Nona has remained quiet towards her, but wishes to speak to us. Nona is worried that there may be trouble up ahead, as our path will take us through Rohirrim territory and they haven’t exactly been friends with the Dunlendings.

Chapter 7: Enemies of Old

A large Rohirrim outpost is our next destination – we must visit Stangard next to learn more about the trouble in the Great River, but Nona asks us to not stay among the horse-lords for too long. When arriving at Stangard, meet Afic at the gate, only to have Nona insulted and barred from entry. Talk to Nona to retrieve Wadu’s sword, to be examined by Horn, a young Rider with a keen eye for weaponry. He sees that the sword is very old, and welcomes Nona into the village. He wants to show us statues outside of town, so return to Nona, who has no interest in the Rohirrim settlement or their history and declines to accompany us.

Chapter 8: Stone of Friendship

The great friendships of old are remembered through enduring stonework, long after the short lives of Men have passed byNona will seek out the answer to our dream in the wilderness while we travel to Horn, and before we leave she warns us to keep a careful eye on the Rider, holding no trust towards any of the Rohirrim.

Horn can be found at the base of the two massive statues that watch over the Wailing Hills. He uses this location to fill us in on the details of Stangard, an outpost manned by criminal-yet-loyal Rohirrim, but we are interrupted by approaching figures. Hide behind the large stone (use the large stone that lights up) and defeat the orcs that pass by before returning to Horn. He begins to tell us of threats in this region – Easterlings have been known to cross the river by way of shallow paths – but is stopped once more by another orc.

Horn finishes the story behind the statue and the friendship between Rohan and Gondor. The Rohirric blade carried by Dunlendings (first Wadu and now Nona) might be strange, but there is significance in its bearing – friendships can be formed between those who might otherwise be adversaries. After this discussion, we can return to Stangard and speak Horn once more. Horn believes we have been sent to fight against the descendants of that Easterling tribe, who have been seen on the far shore of the Anduin. Nona too is an ally in this dark time, and Horn welcomes all who might fight alongside Rohan to defend her from the enemies, be they Orc or evil Men.

Chapter 9: Ancient Battlefield

The Easterlings were previously defeated because of the large numbers who stood against them, but there are no such armies now. A strategy must be devised to defeat the new threat, and Horn suggest examining the battlefield of Parth Celebrant, where the Easterlings were routed so long ago. Speak to Cerdic so that we can be guided to the unsearched regions of Parth Celebrant – Horn asks us to do so gently, as the scout has been away from his family for a long time and isn’t as focused on the task as he might be.

Cerdic goes off on a tangent about his wife and daughters, but does take the time to mark sites on our map to examine. Interact with each marked location and then return to Cerdic. The items themselves (a bent sword and helmet) aren’t much help for our current task, but do provide insight into what we leave behind. There’s no way to know who these items came from, Rohan or Gondor, but simply leave reminders of battle and death. After trailing off again, Cerdic remembers new information that’s arrived from a scout in the Rushgore. Strange occurrences are happening in that swamp, so visit Edbrit at Aculf’s Camp to the south-east to find out what’s going on.

Chapter 10: The Falling Shadow

Supper's ready! Who brought the carving knife?

Edbrit has seen a shadowy shape fall into the Rushgore. Before we can investigate we must clear away some of the beasts and bugs brought out by the mysterious event, to prevent them from reaching the Rohirrim and becoming a threat. Edbrit has become too old to properly defend the location, so we will fight in his place.

Return when the threat has been alleviated, and Edbrit agrees to search the Brown Lands with us for the fallen shadow. Travel to the southern region of the Brown Lands to find a strange sight: Nona stands over a slain Fell-beast, the fallen mount of a Nazgûl. Edbrit is shaken by the sight of the beast, and Nona is not much better. She worries that our dream has brought us to a dire place, and that it is our duty to keep the being that rode the dead beast from doing any more evil.

Chapter 11: The Vanished Rider

Nona is sure that we are here to stop the rider of the beast. We know what this must be – a Nazgûl – and the thought chills us to our bones. Our worry is visible to Nona, but she is certain in the path ahead and separates to allow us both to search the land for the missing rider. A deed opens in our log, complete it (by completing 6 new deeds) to continue. In this case, the map actually shows us where to go for these quests. Complete the following quests to continue:

The Sniffling Snuffler: Magla can be found in the Wailing Hills (23.6 S, 64.7 W) being sad over his fate – he wanted to farm, but his father advised him to follow his brother’s footsteps instead. While looking over the goats as his new profession, he has heard a snuffling noise that disturbed the goat and terrified himself. Examine both pens of Wild Goats, but the thing is gone. Magla is still frightened, and says he’s not cut out for this. Leave him to fret over the goats, and continue the search.

A Shape on the Shore: Limthir has seen a shadowy figure along the shore of the Anduin (23.5 S, 60.7 W). The figure was lost into the darkness, but he knows its name – Nazgûl. The Elf asks us to tell Fimloth of the danger, so head to Haldirith and warn her of the threat. This Elf thanks us, but believes Lothlórien is completely safe while Lady Galadriel is there.

The Black Breath: Ifing, a Stangard Rider, lies shaken and hurt just north of Stangard (25.1 S, 62.9 W). He has encountered a strange shape that hissed at him, which is all he saw before everything went black. Search for this figure north-west of here and examine the enormous booted footprint before returning to Ifing. The man has been traumatized by the experience, but is lucky the Nazgûl wasn’t the death of him.

An Uneasy Feeling: Cerdic (26.6 S, 58.3 W) has also experienced strange feelings, and though his encounters drained away his courage at the time he has fortunately been strong enough to mark spots nearby where these strange encounters took place. Explore the ruins of Ost Celebrant and the broken bridge nearby (which would lead to Rohan if fixed) for 3 marked locations; use each and return to Cedric to let him know that we too have felt the ominous threat in these places. To let him have some small peace, we do not tell him what is really out there.

A Bubbling in the Blood: Edbrit (28.8 S, 53.3 W) was waylaid by gredbyg when returning to Rushgore after examining the dead beast. They’ve become more aggressive recently, so collect blood samples to see if it helps Edbrit discover the cause of their ferocity. Return the now-cooled blood to Edbrit, who questions what evil might be behind this.

An Inspiring Presence: Speak to Gamal outside of Etheburg in the Brown Lands (31.9 S, 52.0 W) to learn that the Khundolar Easterlings have been speaking of a new ally. Gamal urges us to defeat several Easterlings in this area, including 2 Message-shouters, to help dispel the inspiration the Easterling’s new ally has brought. Message-shouters can be found within Lashkarg, the fenced-off camp southeast of Etheburg (33.2 S, 51.9 W). Return to Gamal after defeating these enemies, and he tells us that the name for this ally – Khoratón, as the Easterlings call him – is closest to the words for “Black Cloak”, whatever that might mean to them (though we know more than Gamal in this matter, and have a bad feeling about who this enemy is).

After finishing all 6 quests return to Nona. We have learned about the creature plaguing the Great River region, but not where it has gone.

Chapter 12: Mists of Anduin

Our path is shrouded in mystery, and the source of our dreams is still unkownThe Nazgûl has led us on a chase through the Great River, but what is it looking for, and where is it now? Nona reluctantly returns to the Rohirrim outpost of Stangard, so that we might ask Horn if he knows of some unsearched location. Speak to Nona again to begin an instance, where we travel back with her and speak with her on the way.

Follow Nona through the mist-filled Rushgore, and she begins a violent story about the Horse-lords. An Easterling ambush silences her and drives us off the main road, up into the rocks. The air grows cold, and Nona realizes we have found our foe. Fearfully she asks us what we do next, and before we know it the Nazgûl is upon us. The enemy has been wounded from his fall, and while still a threat it is quickly driven away by a light from Nona’s sword. More Easterlings arrive, and we chase after their retreating captain.

Our friend has stood with us in the face of great horror; we must find a way to save her

Nona’s screams bring our attention back to the Nazgûl. Find a torch nearby and take it on the way back; drive off the Nazgûl and approach Nona. She has been heavily wounded, though from which Easterling blade or fatal Nazgûl blade we know not. We bring her back to Stangard for healing, and Horn seeks out help for us from the leader of the outpost. Nona mumbles incoherently while we wait for Horn to return, who says that healing services will be offered, if she will hand over her brother’s sword. This is not an option though – she will not let them take it, and we cannot offer to sacrifice her only memento of her lost brother.

Nona’s stubbornness and love for her brother drives us to find another solution – travel to Lothlórien to seek Galadriel’s aid as quickly as possible. Speak to Horn atop the tree-flets and then to Galadriel. Nona’s wound was deep but not lingering, and she should live. We have faced the Nazgûl and lived, as well as kept it from chasing after the fellowship, but our path is not free of danger just yet. Rest for now, tomorrow brings new threats as we approach the realm of the Horse-lords

Turning the Pages

Our journey has taken us back through the Golden Wood and along the banks of the Great River Anduin. This river is an important waterway to both the Elves of Lothlórien and the Horse-lords of Rohan and also serves as a means of travel to the questing Fellowship, but the usefulness of the region makes it an easy target for the enemy. A Nazgûl is sent to the region, supposedly to attack the Fellowship, but its exact motives are not known by the end of the book.

Although the Black Rider was a threat to the Fellowship’s important quest, it was kept here by a number of strange occurrences; first we had a dream from some unkown source and were sent to investigate the threat in the region, secondly the foe’s mount was shot out of the sky, and thirdly we were able to stand up to it with Nona’s help and drove it off into the night. Our courage has done much to help alleviate the threat near the Great River, but we still know very little about what has happened. Will we discover the truth behind this strange mystery before being sent on another mission by Gandalf – the threat of Saruman still lingers over Rohan, after all. These coinciding threats are signs of the rising danger emerging upon the lands of the Rohirrim. We may have arrived at the gates of Rohan, but the enemy is not far behind.

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