Poll: Have you deleted a high level character?

March 3, 2012

Weekly Poll

This poll is just curiosity as I have never ever deleted one of my higher level characters. Any character I’ve ever deleted in my lifetime of MMOs have been level 10 or under. I know of some who have no problems blowing a long standing character away so I thought it might make an interesting poll.

Notice I ask “high level”, that doesn’t necessarily mean a level 75. If the highest level you’ve ever reach is 40, I’d say deleting a level 38 would be considered deleting a high level character for you. So it is relative and you are welcome to expand on your decision in the comments below!

Have you ever deleted a high level character?

  • No, I'd never do that! (79%, 774 Votes)
  • Yes and I am glad I did! (11%, 111 Votes)
  • Yes and I regret the decision (7%, 64 Votes)
  • Other (Leave a comment) (3%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 983

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54 Responses to “Poll: Have you deleted a high level character?”

  1. mephet Says:

    No, but I could imagine situations where I would not be opposed to the idea.


  2. Maedhric Says:

    I haven’t, but after playing my level 47 warden on Bullroarer, I am considering just starting a new one from level 1.


  3. LotroAddict1979 Says:

    I have deleted several and paid to have them undeleted and i am not kidding when i say around 10 times. I have a real problem and am a perfectionist if they don’t turn out a certain way or i don’t like the race i picked, of i started some on a diff server when you couldnt’t transfer to certains ones. I have done this is a 2-3 lvls 50,s several 65′s and 4 lvl 75′s crazy I know that game has gotten more money out of me than my 200.00 lifetime sub :-/


  4. Chris Says:

    I am an altoholic, so I’ve had several characters leveled up and eventually deleted, simply because I do not have the time to devote to them anymore and I wanted to relinquish the money their resources and gear were worth.


  5. Chris Says:

    The decision to delete each character was difficult at the time, but now I am glad I’ve done it, since the time and resources gained were well spent on other characters that I am now more invested in.


  6. Jobo Says:

    Ive never done that in Lotro. In other games I did it a few times on alts and always regrettted it. So Ive learned my lesson. Im an altoholic but maybe not as hardcore as some people. I cant do that simply because its such a time investment. Ive always regretted it in the past, so Ill never do it again. Even if I dont play them anymore they make fine mules, and Im a horder of all commodities. Also, the alts I have now are all unlocked, created when I was vip. Played lotro since 2009, and since F2P never spent any TP I earned as vip. Just recently unlocked everything (zones, creeps, raids, skirms) with all the saved I saved over the last 1.5yrs. Even if that wernt the case I still would not delete an alt. Rather buy a new char slot if I needed one than to delete an character.


  7. Scott M Says:

    I deleted my level 65 (level capped at the time) Plane of Time (endgame) geared magician when I decided to quit EverQuest. A few months later I did regret the decision, and I petitioned to have the character restored. Sony did so. I would not recommend deleting a high level character. There’s too much time invested, and in some cases, too much emotionally invested. You can argue whether or not that is a good or bad thing, but the fact remains. If you are tired of a high level toon, play an alt, or if you want to quit the game, quit the game. If you decide to come back, the toon will be there.


  8. Miriam Says:

    As an RPer and altoholic, I can say that deleting a high-level character would be akin to killing off a friend. The time (years, in some cases) I have invested in creating these characters’ personalities, quirks and styles is much more valuable than the few gold I’d get from selling their gear.


  9. Avatar of Bandoras
    Bandoras Says:

    I deleted my highest Alt at one point. He was 45 at the time. I don’t regret it one bit. RP-reasons, I presumed him killed in Carn Dum after betraying the party to save his skin. I then re-made him and RPed through him re-earning his place among the Free-People. Well worth it.


  10. Avatar of Ethelros
    Ethelros Says:

    Yes, a number of times.

    I’ve had a level 55 Hobbit Hunter
    level 51 Hobbit Burglar
    level 40 Man Warden
    All of which I ended up deleting. I most regret the Warden really, as I had spent a lot of time grinding his blue spec class deeds.

    I tend to delete characters a lot.


  11. Blackwolfe Says:

    Highest one I deleted was a level 29 captain


  12. dumidum Says:

    No, but then again, I don’t have one!


  13. Chewienl Says:

    Deleted 3 wardens of 54,46 and 48 because i kept forgetting the bloody gambits :p


  14. Cadd Says:

    I haven’t, and cannot see me do, deleted a high level character in LOTRO. I have however deleted a fairly far progressed character in GW (max level is very fast there, but I had progressed far into the story). The character was specifically made for achieving the Legendary Survivor title (Undying, but harder) and I failed.


  15. Figro Says:

    I deleted a high 30′s hunter – my one and only character on Brandywine – when I moved to Landroval and started anew. I voted Other, because I was not glad I did it nor was I sad necessarily – it was just something that needed doing. I was never going to play that character again, not having the time nor inclination. So I found some decent folk there to give all his stuff to, then sent him to the Halls of Mandos. In that sense I supose I’m glad it worked out thusly, but it was tough to give up the couple months I had invested in that character, so I supose my feelings are mixed. It was my first every character in Lotro and first ever MMO experience, so all my nascent trials and tribulations were embodied in that character; it was hard to see him go but good to be getting onto a better gaming experience.


  16. Adonn Says:

    I was going through some real life issues a few years ago and at the time thought the game was to blame so I deleted 4 of my 5 level 65 characters. Left my minstrel because my kin asked me to at least leave one character I took 7 months away and came back to realize lotro was never to blame. Luckily payed Codemasters to reinstate my deleted characters. Now I warn everyone never delete or you’ll regret it. I did now I’m glad to be back!


  17. Saelarien of Snowbourn Says:

    deleted? No…
    Permanently retired what was at the time my highest level character? That I have certainly done.. Funnily enough to create another character of the same class.. who is now my main…


    • Josh Says:

      Isn’t that funny? My first char was a Hunter on Brandywine… got him to 32 and got stuck since I was F2P. I got a new computer, and started a new Hunter on Withywindle… leveled him to 75 and never looked back.


  18. Rinvan Says:

    I did recently clear out several long forgotten alts in various games, most were under level 20. My 37 captain & 32 burg are in danger after I moved my main to Landroval. (not sure if I will move one of them)


  19. Avatar of Ranna Dylin
    Ranna Dylin Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever deleted a character, even a low level, never played one. Once they’re there I just can’t bear totally eliminating them. I have, however, started fresh a time or two – when I first came to Landroval for Ales and Tales, Lennidhren had to begin Lore-mastery from the beginning while Linett carried on at level cap on Nimrodel. Then recently, rather than move Linett to Landroval and have two LMs on the same server, I started a new Landy Linett as a Captain. I certainly don’t regret either!


  20. rooshzat Says:

    I haven’t deleted a high level character in lotro, with ability to buy more character slots I likely will not in lotro. I do have a few mid level I don’t play and have re-rolled that class but couldn’t bring myself to delete the, I just got more character slots :D

    I have deleted a high character in wow that I never played to make room for a different class. I never referred it. I did not like the class, and I knew I would never play her.


  21. Avatar of Mike Wight
    Mike Wight Says:

    I rerolled Locney as a Warden on what was essentially a whim! Old Loc was a 75 Burg! New Loc’s a 28 Warden! Hehehe!


  22. Avatar of The Fallen Numenorean
    The Fallen Numenorean Says:

    Yes And I don’t Regret it one bit


  23. Avatar of Pineleaf
    Pineleaf Says:

    My most memorable case of deleting a character was in WoW. I had a level-60 hunter and they just released their first expansion (which I believe raised the level cap from 60 to 70). I entered the new zone excitedly, quested there for about an hour, and hated the zone so much that I deleted the character.

    In LOTRO, while I have had several main characters that later were deleted, I can’t recall if any of them were deleted while they were still one of my highest-level characters.


  24. Lapis Says:

    Actually I didn’t delete them but I abandoned all of my toons when I moved from Nimrodel to Brandywine. It was quite a pain to leave my 56 Lm and 47 burg but I couldn’t be happier I moved and I’m now almost 75 with both my new shiny LM and my cappy :)


  25. Avatar of Tyler Michael Jonsson
    Tyler Michael Jonsson Says:

    I’d never be able to delete a high level character in a game like LotRO which allows you to very easily modify your build (traits, legacies, feats, etc)

    The only times I’ve deleted characters in games is when I tried out a build that ended up not working out, and there was no mechanic for modifying that characters (Diablo 2 for example)


  26. Avatar of Joseph Bradford
    Joseph Bradford Says:

    I’ve never deleted one, mainly because I only have one high level character. my second highest is 43…which you could say is high level. The highest level toon I’ve deleted was 24.


  27. Wylder Says:

    I’ve deleted more high level characters than I can begin to remember… and not just in LotRO (in every game I play/have played).

    I tend to get hooked on a name, so rather than start a new char to experience class changes or new content I delete my existing character and restart.

    On Brandywine, Draegor, my Guard, is probably on his 7th incarnation. He’s been deleted at 65+ , a couple times at 50+ , a few in the 40s.

    Wylder (also Brandywine) : I’ve lost count. He’s been a champ, a burg, a captain (one time, I think), a hunter (multiple) and most recently (5th go round as a Warden). Been deleted at 30+ almost everytime, sometimes 40+ or 50+.

    I’ve very much a journey rather than a destination kind of player. And LotRO is perfect for that. I’m always running across something I missed or haven’t seen no matter how many times I re-start.


  28. Arsenette Says:

    When I finished playing FFXI the first time I wanted to make sure no one else had my character (in case of future hacking since that game had a bad tendency to get hacked by people trying to steal your stuff). That was my raiding tank and all her alts. Outside of nostalgia I’m happy I deleted the character. It was time to move on.

    That said I’ve never deleted a character (high or low) that I’ve made in an ongoing game. Even when I left EQ2 I didn’t delete them even though I’ll never return.


  29. Bryandt Says:

    I am become Bryandt, destroyer of alts.


  30. counsel Says:

    A better & more-telling poll would be how many players are alcoholics…;P. I had no idea there were so many..


  31. susan Says:

    I can’t understand why one would delete any char…IMO that is what a new char slot is for, but each to their own. I do know peeps that deleted due to a online relationship failure or other personal reason and just seeing that char brought up bad memories. I kinda feel bad if I dont play a char after a while, like I’m a bad mother. lol

    (and this constant capcha stuff is getting on my last nerve)


  32. Tony Says:

    There’s enough slots that I just never felt the need for it. It helps that I’ve bought expansions and stuff along the way that made my default slot amount high enough to basically have one character of each class on any given server. That’s all I need and so there’s been no reason to really delete anything I’ve seriously invested time into.


  33. Eric Says:

    I had a level 48 captain, i couldnt beat a boss so in my rage, deleted uninstalled the game and i dont regret 1 second of it


  34. Dirstel Says:

    Delete a character? Never! Could I imagine doing so in the future? I don’t think so. I have old saves from old games all around the shop and I doubt I will delete them. I might just start again with some of them, but I’ll probly keep the old ones.
    Gosh, imagine deleting a 75! The thought almost makes me physically ill….


  35. Suzhran (Landroval) Says:

    I’ve deleted a couple of mid 40s toons, and that was ok to do. I did miss their crafting abilities but since then I’ve re-established them on new toons


  36. Fridden Says:

    Other: No but I’m thinking about it. I have a lvl almost 70 hunter just don’t enjoy the class anymore only thing that is keeping me from deleting him is that he is also my scholar.


  37. Andy Says:

    I’ve a hunter thats 71 and mothballed rather than deleted basically down to the fact they’re woodcraft guilded and my one processor of leather from hides.

    Last time I logged them on was to do a batch of 400+ hides for my tailor and make a lorien cowbell so they actually had to leave esteldin for the first time since about november.

    Happily the cowbell critted as those recipes require all the stupid tree singing quests. In fact I’ll have to visit the hunter again for a westfold level one this week.


  38. Varia of Riddermark Says:

    I have, but not here. Many times.

    While I may have a little backstory for my characters, I am not really much of a RPer. As such, deleting a character or not is really a question of

    1. Am I still having fun with this?
    2. By the time I get back to this character, will I pretty much have to start over anyways?


  39. Davoin Foereaver Says:

    I deleted a mid 40′s warden in order to free up slots for a captain. I regretted this when a few months later I was able to get extra character slots! The good news is that a year ago or so they introduced an undelete service so I got to undelete my Warden and she is now happily enjoying middle earth again :)


  40. Beorneoth (Nimrodel) Says:

    I have qualms about deleting a level 11 character, much less one that is high!


  41. Norman728 Says:

    Highe-Level Character What’s That? I haven’t even broken 30


  42. Hasperien Says:

    No. But I really think I will delete my warden (lvl 75). After changes in RoI, warden just cannot match guardian (I know that, have guard also) and it is almost useless. Only thing which stopped me from deleting him is my tailor guild max reputation on him.


  43. scott Says:

    I have a level 65 burg that my son use to play when we shared an account. I kept him for his supreme master jeweler crafting, but my son now has his own level 75 burg on his own account and i’m working on my own jeweler, so I may delete him soon. I’m working on my own burg and dont want to just start learning with a 65 burg. That’s an unusual case of deleting a high level toon however, becuase I didnt level him.


  44. Lindael Says:

    I’m getting very sentimentally attached to the characters I created so it’s very hard to me to delete them. Only once I deleted my lvl 16 lore master, Aglaran, because he looked really gay to me! A few minutes after he returned as Aglareth, an elf maiden LM! :p
    After all, the LI loremasters have, with that little buterfly thing on top, is terrible for male characters.


    • Zilliz of Windfola Says:

      I only delete short characters. I deleted hobbit burgs at low levels (15ish). I also deleted a dwarf champ at level 30. Re-rolled the toons in the man race and now they are both 75.


    • Belarieth Says:

      Just have to say using “gay” as a pejorative is a pretty stupid thing to do.

      Not to mention the whole anti-butterfly thing. :)


      • Gopher Says:

        “Just have to say using “gay” as a pejorative is a pretty stupid thing to do.”

        Belarieth this may be a cultural thing. In the UK “gay” is a widely used slang term roughly meaning “bad”. For example: “I dropped my phone in the sink and now it won’t turn on” someone might reply with: “Oh no, that’s really gay” which is a perfectly normal and acceptable response for us Brits.

        Anyway, to answer the question, my highest level is level 54. I don’t know exactly how much I’ve played him, but it’s well over 100 hours game time invested in him. I’d never, ever consider undoing all of that time I had invested in that character by deleting him.


  45. Bart Says:

    I will never delete any of my alts. I have one alt for each gaming class, the exception being the Guardian and Loremaster. I capped my Minstrel and then decided to cap my Warden, in order to help my kinship.

    Most of my secondary alts have capped crafting professions, which is another reason for keeping them. Since I’m not an “all out” raider, now I plan on capping my Burglar and then my Captain.


  46. Felaros Says:

    I have never deleted any character in any online game I have ever played, and I probably never will.


  47. Ian Says:

    I’ve deleted my lvl 65 warden after about two years of her existence about a year ago, i was fed up lacklustre patches to try to address the fundamental problem of a class without a solid role in raids.


  48. Heiko Says:

    The highest character I’ve ever deleted was nearly level 20 (at that point I already had a lvl 60 main, so I don’t think this is considered high level). I tried really hard to get the undying title but lost it close to 20… If you are going for the title and try really hard to get it, it is awful to loose it…

    So I deleted the character and recreated it to get the title. No regrets, I got the title the second try.


  49. gravelhighway Says:

    I’ve played since beta but only deleted one character.

    My RK was at level 65 and an SM kindred jeweler. It killed me to delete her, but after all the changes added together it just was no longer fun to play.


  50. Pete Says:

    No, I’ve only deleted characters that I intended to delete from the start after farming TP. The first toon I ever made is only lvl 15 cause he’s on a server I don’t play anymore. I wouldn’t think of deleting it much less my lvl 75 that I have raised…err leveled for over a year and a half!


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