Poll: Landscape Skirmish Soldiers

March 17, 2012

Weekly Poll

With update 6, we’ve had the opportunity to take our skirmish soldiers out on the landscape. Options to buy the tokens that releases the skirmish soldiers by bartering with the skirmish vendors or buying in the LOTRO Store. We are curious if you have or plan to utilize this new feature and what you think!

How often will you buy a skirmish soldier landscape token?

  • Never (62%, 512 Votes)
  • Sometimes, for a hard quest (33%, 274 Votes)
  • Other (Leave a Comment) (3%, 26 Votes)
  • As often as I have marks! (2%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 825

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53 Responses to “Poll: Landscape Skirmish Soldiers”

  1. Aeled Says:

    I might try it someday, but I’ll probably wait till I win the token in a lottery. :)


  2. Palladius Says:

    I stand by my boycott of the Skirmish Soldier on the landscape…the name doesn’t even make sense. Stupid idea Turbine….stupid idea


  3. andras Says:

    Only for a hard quest when I really can’t find any real people to help me.


  4. Saelyth Says:

    stupid idea. Never


  5. Fireblind Says:

    Used him a few times so far, mostly when elites are on the horizon!


  6. LelqTian Says:

    I’ll never buy a token. IF I come across one, like from a lottery, a reward from a future epic or something, I can give it a try (in a tough quest), but otherwise I consider this a waste of TP or currency.


  7. Crell Says:

    I may pick up an hour or two per character prior to Riders of Rohan, IF I have extra marks and medallions at the time.


  8. fooslashbar Says:

    a friend has bought time for his 75′er and loves it. i can certainly see the appeal, but i’m definitely not happy about the cost. certainly won’t spend TP on them, but seriously considering buying 5 hrs worth on my under-45 toons while the mark/med cost is low. but i haven’t seen any reports of folks who’ve actually filled up a toon’s time at the lower cost, then verified that the time bought is still available at the higher level, so i consider this approach theoretical and untested.


  9. Robbie Says:

    Never, the soldiers have the annoying habit to aggro everything. My main is a burglar, so i only kill what i really have to and ignore any other mobs. Also dont need the help on my burglar, with an 100% crit from stealth and ensured Devastate after aim, any mob goes down within seconds. /showoff mode off


  10. Atzumo Says:

    I have a lvl 41 hunter, so I bought 5 tokens on the skirm camp. I guess I’ll buy some on my others low level alts, since it’s easy to get the medallions back in my main. Nut that’s about it, I won’t be buying them on characters that are over lvl 45 since they become more expensive, and I don’t think I’ll be using those 5 hours for a couple of years


  11. Ellrion Says:

    i MIGHT use Turbine points to buy one if i’ve got a surplus of points one day due to my VIP status (currently i do not)… but even then its only going to be for the sort of thing where i’ve already died attempting a quest a few times, looked up a help guide online somewhere, can’t get a group in game and i’m so frustrated and desperate i gave up and used the skirmish soldier.

    basically i’m going to try every possible conceivable option at my disposal FIRST… and then, failing all else… i might think about it.

    but i would never pay the barter price for marks/medallions… i use those like crazy and i don’t skirmish often enough to make it back.


  12. Elahedor Says:

    I don’t expect I’ll ever use it – the cost is prohibative. But I’m not going to rule it out.


  13. Robamb2002 Says:

    Id rather keep the acorn of a kin guardian and call a real friend to help me! I guess I might use it if im in a really hard solo instance, otherwise ill call on a kinmate… Thats what we are grouped for!


  14. Rinvan Says:

    I will never use a soldier on the landscape. One of my kinmates who plays a champ was using a soldier to solo some of the elites in limelight gorge.


  15. Bryandt Says:

    I hesitate to say that I’ll never buy these tokens, because I don’t know what content will be like in the future. I could see doing so if I’m having an especially hard time on one of my alts.

    Otherwise, nuh uh. Not doing it.


  16. Jags Says:

    I was so bummed they didn’t make this more like companions in SWTOR. Leveling a heal specced RK would have really benefitted from a skirmish assistant…


  17. SevenCiders Says:

    I can’t imagine ever buying them at the current cost… but we’ll see.


  18. Tim Says:

    While near Stangard I noticed a quest that requires a small fellowship. While my skirmish soldier is far from quality, meaning he’ll most likely parish within seconds of entering combat, I’m wondering if well trained skirmish soldiers would help much in these small fellowship quests. Your thoughts?


    • Bryandt Says:

      There’s already people using them to fill gaps in fellowships for Limlight Gorge quests. So I’d say they’d help, but I still would hate to rely on them.


  19. Tony Says:

    The implementation is disappointing, but I guess it’s not unexpected — making this like it is in SWTOR would require fundamental design changes across the game. I don’t really get why they make anyone upset, though… they don’t hurt much.

    Just not something I want to bother with, too many other things to barter for.


  20. Dael Says:

    Never! I will stand by my boycott of this poorly communicated and implemented feature.


  21. Nusnogard Says:

    I seriously doubt I will buy any, but if I did buy it, it would ONLY be with skirmish marks. I would get far more joy out of using my TP on outfits and emotes and other fluff. Buying a friend for a quest sounds kind of lame. If I get desperate for help, I can venture into GLFF.


    • Ellrion Says:

      i feel the same way but in reverse. my skirmish marks and medallions are far too important to me and hard to come by. but i get free TP every month, so i could see myself blowing 100 of those without feeling crippled like i would by the loss of so many marks.


  22. smeacho Says:

    bar none silliest waste of time idea that turbine has ever come up with.


  23. Psallo Says:

    I really don’t anticipate ever buying a token, but I won’t say “Never”.


  24. Dirstel Says:

    I said ‘never’ but that’s not a definitive “NEVER!!!” that’s just a ‘meh, can’t see me ever wanting that’ type of never. I mean, sure I could buy soldier time, OR, hey look, shiny!


  25. Tony Says:

    I don’t think i’ll ever buy it, but I might if I am given a free token.


  26. Varia of Riddermark Says:

    I actually like the IDEA of this, and will likely buy some time at some point to play with it. However, I am not a big fan of pet classes, so I probably won’t use it often.

    I think they would have made more money making store-purchasable skirmish soldier models, like Lossoth, Algraig, Lothlorien, Tamed Snarling Southerner…


  27. Pointy Says:

    I don’t like this feature. The whole point of them was supposed to be for skirmishes only. Now you can call them anywhere if you want to pay for it/ Makes no sense to me and now I have another icon on my UI that I don’t want or need. :)


    • Garan Says:

      While I agree with most of what you stated, I don’t see the extra icon on your UI as being an issue as it can be easily removed with a single click. You can eliminate the Icon by clicking the “x” to close the Skirmish soldier window – you can always get the window back by right clicking your portrait and selecting the Toggle UIs -> Landscape Soldier Vitals option.


  28. Halibrand Says:

    I voted “Other”. I’ve never had an issue soloing the fellowship quests. If I encountered one I couldn’t handle but needed to do, I’d just ask a friend for help, or make a new friend.

    I would, however, enjoy running around with a Dwarf Herald and a Dwarf Bannerguard sometime, just for the fun of the small swarm. Now, if only I could finally make my Dwarf Captain to join them….


  29. Carolas Says:

    I cannot say I’d never use a token, but I have never spent TP on consumables and do not earn enough Medallions (or marks) to spend 75 (1500) on something that only lasts for an hour of gameplay. I suppose a token might turn up in the lottery one day, currently its the only way I might use this.

    Its a shame really as the idea looked fun. The implementation is disappointing on every level.


  30. royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

    Bought one with skirm marks, but won’t use it until I have to. They aren’t meant to be used all the time, just for tough fights. I like how when you dismiss them, the timer stops.


  31. Bellebrian of Vilya Says:

    Never would I spend TP on a soldier token. As for skirm points, I use my soldier to earn them so I can spend them on good stuff.


  32. Fipiara Says:

    The only time I’ll use it would be if I have a lower level character I know I will level to cap – I’ll pick up and apply 5 hours of use at the lower cost and use it later on if needed.


  33. Rabbitses Says:

    I went ahead and grabbed a token. I’m a burglar and use a sage and being a burglar can sometimes be slow. I found that when confronting a camp full of enemies it is rather fun to pop the soldier and run around fighting a lot more enemies at once than I normally would.


  34. Equinoxx Says:

    All you people saying you’re boycotting, are you serious? What sense does that make? We already have two pet classes in the game plus 1/2 if you include RK. No reason why all classes can’t have a “pet”. As with all things it’s going to take some fine tuning. One of these days people from all MMOs just need to recognize there’s entirely too much complaining, and maybe even take holiday from it.


  35. Master_Yeti Says:

    I would not purchase one in the normal run of things as there are members of my kin and others around that I can call on for help but I have been known to play in some unsociable hours so for a particular quest where I have tried and failed a couple of times to complete it and there is no-one free to help I would buy one just to keep my game moving.
    I would not however spend my skirmish marks on it. I would rather get it from the store and keep my points for better things.

    I can also see this being a big boon for the classes who are weaker at lower levels.


  36. Gina Says:

    I quit the game because of this nastiness. Having a great time in EQ2 with their mercs.


  37. Merya Littlefoot Says:

    Meh, I don’t think I’ll ever use one.


  38. Marolytrien Says:

    Not the brightest idea of Turbine but this is getting frequent. :-(


  39. Watson Says:

    I will use them for difficult quests or to fill in a small fellowship. Id wished they’d allow these to be a traited thing rather than a half-arsed implementation of DDO henchmen (which are far cheaper!!!). Hopefully they will make them more useful in the future.


  40. Niscadae Says:

    Honestly I totally forgot they added this feature. So far I haven’t had the need for extra ‘help’ that the skirmish soldier would give. Not that I’m running the Limlight Gorge quests solo or anything, that’s what kin is for.


  41. Isilwren Says:

    Never. I’ve never needed one before and if I can’t finish a quest on my own there are always others to fill in the gap or kinmates to help.


  42. Kaelin Says:

    Never! I am entirely too hardcore to stoop to letting that druggie “help” me. XD


  43. Andy Says:

    Was doing the 2nd half of volume 1 part where you need to go to lower level places to kill mordiriths knights and at the north downs one met someone who was about to start the fight themselves.

    They declined a group and got their archer soldier out, the archer then proceded to shoot absolutely everything in range despite the fact all the mobs were grey and the “controlling” player wasnt in combat.

    That moment of ai idiocy probably cost them 4 mins or more of token time. So From observation I stand by my thinking that they’d be more of a liability than anything else unless you treat it like a buff food.


  44. Calaham Says:

    My main is a hunter – fully geared. I see no reason to buy this because of the mere fact that it takes 2 or 3 shots to kill a normal and 6 to 8 shots to kill a sig. Point being, my next victim will be dead before he comes relatively close to me.


  45. Limm Says:

    I answered other. I haven’t seen a reason to yet since I’m pretty well set up on my main squishy (my RK), but I sure as heck would have used one if it had been available when I was leveling her through the southern parts of Dunland, I could have used some help down there!


  46. Avatar of nurseferatu
    nurseferatu Says:

    I have certainly had times when having the option would have been great as I was soloing with my hunter. I appreciate having the option if I need it, would be happier if it was cheaper – but that applies to most things in my life :)


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