Weekly Store Sale Starting March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012



The following items are on sale from March 9-15, 2012.

Free Sample


Fall Injury Immunity works in a couple different ways. If you have recently fallen and hurt yourself, you can apply this item to remove the injury and continue running. It will also place a buff protecting you from falling damage (this is different from falling to your death!) for 1 hour.

Pick it up for free with coupon code IHTWQ6 this week!  It is only the single stack not the 5 stack that this coupon works on.

Store Location: Buffs & Boosts > Travel > Injuries

Weekly Sale


A Skirmish is a randomized re-playable instance that earns your character Skirmish Marks, which can be bartered for hundreds of items including crafting items, legendary items, armour, weapons, cosmetics, upgrades for your soldier, and more!
In addition to the free Skirmishes you can play, try adventuring into these premium Skirmishes:

  • Attack At Dawn
    Confront an attacking force and protect Esteldin! (Level 30+)
  • Stand at Amon Sul
    Help defend Weathertop! (Level 25+)
  • Thievery and Mischief
    Drive brigands from snowy Bree! (Level 30+)
  • Defence of the Prancing Pony
    Prevent brigands from burning down the Inn! (Level 35+)
  • Ford of Bruinen
    Repel waves of Sauron’s forces in the Trollshaws! (Level 40+)
  • Survival
    Barrow-downs: Fight the Barrow-wights, Barrow-crawlers, Barghest & more! (Level 45+)
  • Icy Crevasse
    Defend Forochel from the enemies of Angmar! (Level 40+)

Skirmishes also contain Deeds, allowing you to earn new titles, free Turbine Points, or other rewards.

Buy a discounted Skirmish Bundle in the LOTRO Store and save!

Store Location: Account → Quests & Content → Skirmishes
Levels: Varies

CSTM RECOMMENDATION by Pineleaf: Obviously my general response for skirmishes is Thumbs up, but you could guess that I am a bit biased in favor of skirmishes.

Ah, but which skirmishes? I would rank them in the order given below (the first being the first to buy).

1. Ford of Bruinen (Level 40)
This is definitely a winner. You are in an epic battle during a storm along the sides of the sons of Elrond. Well, some consider the latter to be a mixed blessing. This skirmish is also a wonderful source of completing some Trollshaws deeds: giants, trolls, and worms.
2. Thievery and Mischief (Level 30)
A clean and simple skirmish, though some find the layout to be too simple. You can set your pace as in Tuckborough but you don’t have to worry about the mass of mobs that you face in Tuck. This is also a good skirmish for leveling, as there are no defenders to rob your experience. This is not a good skirmish for completing deeds, though.
3. Defence of the Prancing Pony (Level 35)
This is a relatively fast skirmish. It has the same mobs as Thievery and Mischief as it continues the same storyline.
4. Survival: Barrow Downs (Level 45)
If you have a regular group, then this skirmish can be a good change of pace. It works differently than other skirmishes as the idea is to just survive as long as possible. Its greatest disadvantage is that there is no solo or duo mode. If you are in a group, though, it can be a lucrative source of skirmish marks.
5. Stand at Amon Sul (Level 25)
If you have to pass on a skirmish, this is the one. You have the ultimate kill stealer as a companion (Candaith), it’s hard to see who is approaching, and you spend a significant amount of the skirmish time relighting bonfires. I can only think of three reasons to get this skirmish: Enmity of the Dead I,Enmity of the Dead II, and Enmity of the Dead III. If you are looking for an easy skirmish, though, then move this up to the top.


Halls Of Night
Step into a dream state and be whisked into the Halls Of Night! The Hillmen of Angmar have discovered an ancient barrow hidden away for centuries. The leaders of Aughaire have called for adventurers willing to brave the tomb rumored to be filled with wealth and riches. The markings surrounding its entrance bear an ominous warning. Be prepared to face twisted creatures and slumbering warriors at the foot of a powerful sorcerer.

Inn Of The Forsaken
The Forsaken Inn is the last inn on the road to Eriador which runs into the distant Misty Mountains, and was possibly visited by Bilbo and his companions on their journey to Rivendell. It is in total disrepair, yet is considered a welcome sight in these lawless lands. Almost nothing is known about the Inn- if you can brave the wails and cries coming from the basement, you’re sure to uncover the dark secrets of this Lone-lands settlement.

Instance Cluster: Isengard
Gather your companions and battle in five dangerous areas deep within Isengard! The Isengard Instance Cluster includes Fangorn’s Edge (3-man), Pits of Isengard (3-man), Dargnakh Unleashed (3-man), The Foundry (6-man) and The Tower of Orthanc (12-man).

Store Location: Account → Quests & Content → Raids & Instances
Levels: Varies

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These are fun instances and if you think you may have a chance to hop into a group or even a raid now and then, these are not bad choices! I still haven’t run all of the Isengard instances myself but the ones I have run have been enjoyable. If you enjoy running dungeons with friends, I suggest you pick this up!

+25% Mark Acquisition (60 Minutes)

Earn +25% Skirmish Marks for 60 minutes! Skirmish Marks have many in-game uses!
- Can be redeemed for a very wide variety of items including armor, jewelry, weapons, crafting shards, single-use recipes, reputation items, cosmetic items, decorations, relics, and both minor and major class quest items
- Can also be spent on improving your character and personal skirmish soldier while in skirmishes
- 5 & 25-stacks available

Store Location: Buffs & Boosts → Advancement → Skirmishes
Levels: 20+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION by Pineleaf: When you consider how many skirmishes I have completed, I’m not in the front of the line to get mark boosts. One of the members of my regular Wednesday group does use these consistently, so I know that some players find them useful. It all comes down to: are you willing to spend points to earn more marks? Remember that these only affect the marks earned within the skirmish (capturing control points, fending off counterattacks, saving defenders, and completing encounters). They do not help with other sources (barter, quest rewards, and deed rewards). These can also be purchased for destiny points if you are a VIP member.

tomesLegacy Tier Upgrade

Upgrade the Tier of any Legacy on a Legendary Item with this scroll!

Store Location: Goods & Services → Legendary Items → Scrolls
Levels: 50+

A Legacy Tier Upgrade will upgrade one legacy on your legendary item one tier. These items are per character and will only benefit your character on one legacy on one legendary item.

This is what in-game is called a Scroll of Empowerment. There are different varieties in game based on the level of your Legendary Item but they are all named similar. For example a level 75 legendary item simply needs a Scroll of Greater Empowerment. These items are available in game from skirmish camps and barter tokens if you prefer to get it via an in-game method.

Relic Removal Scroll

Safely unslot all Setting, Gem, and Rune relics currently slotted on the legendary item, and place the relics back in your relic pool. Crafted relics will not be unslotted.

Store Location: Goods & Services → Legendary Items → Scrolls
Levels: 50+

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: These little puppies are store only items and can be pretty darn handy too if you have a sweet relic you’d like to keep from a deconstruction.

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19 Responses to “Weekly Store Sale Starting March 9, 2012”

  1. Avatar of Palladius
    Palladius Says:

    Really? Fall immunity for 1 hour given freely? I have many, many ideas for that.


  2. Andy Says:

    I find running in an uphill direction when sliding down seems to prevent the cripple effect most of the time, just need to pick the initial drop in point to avoid actual cliffs.

    Still trying to work out how the game decides on the cripple duration as some from a lesser height last longer than those from a greater one. Most memorable cripple is a moria taxi that paths over a small rock while going downhill.


    • Larry Says:

      Easy trick that works for falling most of the time: get to edge and just tap,pause,tap again if needed,pause. If you tap just enough and let the character slide and dont move at all during the slide, just let the slide complete it will keep you from getting broken bones most of the time


  3. Richard Says:

    If I buy the Isengard expansion, are the Isengard instances included or do those still need to be purchased separately?


    • Avatar of Palladius
      Palladius Says:

      The Isengard expansion unlocks the non-epic quests of the regions included, Draigoch and the instance set I believe was only available with pre-purchase.


    • Avatar of Elinnea
      Elinnea Says:

      There are currently two items in the in-game store. The “Expansion Quests: Isengard” includes only the quests and deeds of the regions. The “Expansion: Rise of Isengard” also bundles in the set of Isengard instances, Draigoch, and the skirmish trait cap raise to 35. I wish the names were a little more different from each other.


    • Lapis Says:

      If you buy the EXPANSION you get it all, quests, instances and raid.
      If you but the quest pack you only get the quests.


    • Richard Says:

      Awesome, thanks for the head’s up. I plan on buying the expansion when I get to that level range, but I was going to snag this sale on the instances if they weren’t already included. But if they are, then nothing to see here for me ;)


  4. Pineleaf Says:

    I obviously need to send you some updated reviews. The skirmish list certainly needs to include Attach at Dawn and Icy Crevasse.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I almost bugged you for them but I was in a rush this morning. :) if you send them, that’d be great!


      • GoTiK Says:

        “Note that the two new skirmishes (Attack at Dawn and The Icy Crevasse) are not included in this sale.”

        So they ARE included in the sale, right?


  5. Netheric Says:

    As a premium player, I’m looking to buy a few of the skirmishes on sale. I play as a solo player only (no groups/no kin). Would that change which skirmishes you recommend? Do you know if the skirmish packs are on sale too?


  6. Brainslug Says:

    Since skirmishes offer some decent reward when ran with a lvl 75ish raid, they are now almost a ‘must buy’ once you hit level cap and keep on playing lotro.

    Peronally I’ed rank the skirmishes in a different order regarding skirmish raids (lvl 75): Here’s my top 7)

    1)Defence of the prancing pony
    Small area, without much running around. Torchbearers are very slow and easy prey for the hunters in the skraid.

    2) Thievery and Mischief:
    Again: Fast and sweet

    3) Stand at Amon sul:
    Not much to do here, if you’re in charge of keeping the fires lit. Last fight can get a bit hard, since the Ranger can die pretty fast

    4) Ford of Bruinen:
    If you manage to keep the two hot-headed elves from getting themselves killed, it’s not really hard.

    5) Survival barrow downs:
    No chest, no weekly challenge, no reason to run it.

    6) Icy Crevasse:
    Possibly one of the hardest skrimishes out there. No skraid bothers with it for that reason, since there’s tons of stuff way faster and easier than this one.


    • Brainslug Says:

      7) Attack at Dawn:
      Never ran it, but there’s a tricky bossfights with this one, making it a pretty unpopular skirmish for a raid.


      • Pineleaf Says:

        Actually, Attack at Dawn is a fairly popular skirmish raid in my Alliance. While the skirmish is tricky in solo, I have ever noticed any problems in a group (especially a raid).

        Survival has no special loot but it does award a nice load of marks. It also has a good number of associated deeds (too bad skirmish deeds don’t award TP).


  7. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    Back in December(?), they had skirmish bundles on sale, where you could buy several skirmishes together for one discounted price. I picked up a couple of the bundles right after I went F2P.

    Does anyone who monitors the store know how often they put these bundles on a discount?


  8. Fridden Says:

    I actually have a stack of 10 of the injury immunity in my shared vault will be nice to have one more. They’re really good for my scholar in Moria don’t have to worry about broken legs I collect the mats much faster.


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