Anniversary Gifts and Barter Items for Creeps!

April 19, 2012

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Adding a lot of fun stuff to Creep side here is an in-depth look at the 5th Year Anniversary for Creeps.

for years 1-3 from left to right

First off depending on how long you have been playing LOTRO (not Creep side) you have a different portrait for each year. Pictures of all 5 portraits can be found on the Mistress of Mordor blog.

Players also get sigils of dedication depending on how long they have been playing LotRO.  With these sigils they can buy special anniversary Creep skins.

  • 1 Sigil- 0 to 2 years
  • 2 Sigils- 3 to 4 years
  • 3 Sigils- 5 years

One of the creep skins (left in following pictures) only costs 1 sigil.  The other creep skin costs 2 sigils (right).  This means that a 5 year LOTRO player can get both skins, a 3-4 year player can get either skin and a 0-2 year player can get the basic skin. Note that each class each has two sets of new skins.

Left costs 1 sigil; Right costs 2 sigils

Skins for Reavers

Black Arrow Skins

Warleader skins

Weaver Skins

Warg Skins

Defiler Skin for 1 sigil (I couldn't get 2 sigil skin on defiler for some reason)

You can see the other Defiler skin on the Mistress of Mordor blog posting.

As you can see there are some really cool skins for Creeps now and this has really made PvP much more enjoyable.  I have had a lot more fun just from a simple aesthetic change to the skin of my Creep.  I am more then thankful to Turbine for making these awesome skins and giving them to long time LOTRO players for free.

Also included in the update are Anniversary tokens to get special boxes that have some basic consumables that can be purchased normally with commendations.  These tokens can be found in enemy NPC’s, so go kill some hobbits!

I loved the things that Turbine thought of for this Anniversary and I am looking forward to see what comes next with this new focus on PvMP.

So what is your favorite skin?  What do you want Turbine to do next for Creeps?

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14 Responses to “Anniversary Gifts and Barter Items for Creeps!”

  1. Pickles Says:

    This was a pleasant surprise, but if a skin for the wrong class is bartered for, nothing can be done to rectify the situation.


    • Avatar of Andang
      Andang Says:

      @Pickles- Thankfully it will not let you buy the wrong skin for you class…you only have to decide which skin that you want.


      • Dirhallith Says:

        In the case of Defilers/Reavers and Blackarrows/Warleaders people can (and have) bartered for the incorrect skin. The same can be done with the lootbox skins :(


        • Avatar of Andang
          Andang Says:

          @Dirhallith- I am sorry for anyone that had gotten the incorrect skin yet the wrong skins were reded out (even though they are still selectable) when I bought my skins for all of my classes.


          • Thorcar Says:

            If it happens, put in a ticket to get reimbursed. GMs will direct you to the reimbursement policy but that policy states you can be reimbursed for “Item chosen that is unable to be equipped by class”. People are arguing based on this point and are being reimbursed on sigils.

            Turbine really needs to have different NPCs for each class and not have it done by race. Freeps do not go to dwarf, elf, hobbit, and man trainers, they go to class trainers.

      • Ryssadis Says:

        The first skin I bartered for was incorrect. I bought the one-sigil reaver skin on one of my defilers. I filed a ticket for a GM and two hours later they auto-closed the ticket. So at least at release it was easy enough to barter for the wrong skin. I’m not sure if they popped in a little more coding during the hotfix to prevent that along with the key fix or not.
        But either way, make sure you select your class in the drop down menu before bartering so you are double-sure not to accidentally pick the wrong skin, otherwise you will be stuck with that paper trait in your bags and they won’t remedy it.


  2. royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

    I really like year 2 warg. Only been playing for 1 year though. Only thing that sucks is that everybody looks the same now.


    • Avatar of Andang
      Andang Says:

      I agree that the 2 sigil warg skin is really cool but I have to go with the 2 sigil warleader skin because it makes me feel powerful and that is always a good feeling to have.


      • Felaros Says:

        I also like the 2 sigil warleader skin.

        I am not too fond of the 1 sigil warleader or 2 sigil warg, even if that is the one I currently have equipped, because I find them a bit creepy.


        • Avatar of Andang
          Andang Says:

          I agree they are creepy…but I think that might be the point. Yet you are not the only one that has an issue with those creepy skins.


  3. The Dude Says:

    Two related questions. To get these gifts, do you have to have a monster character during the festival to get them, or will it show up when you create a new character later? And if you do have a monster play character, do you have to log in during the festival to get the gifts?


    • Avatar of Andang
      Andang Says:

      I believe you do have to create them during the festival and so yes I believe you do have to get them during the festival.


      • Grishgash Says:

        Just to let people know, It is now after festival time, and I still got a barter token for a new creep character I created :)


  4. Parvirus Says:

    I have a worg. I didn’t know that the sigils for from anniversaries. Is there any way i can refund it and get the skin taken back? I saw the other one i could’ve gotten and i liked it more. :/


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