Character Transfers Open

April 16, 2012


TransferA couple weeks ago, we posted about how the Character Transfer service was closed due to a technical issue. The issue appears to be cleared up.

Tosca of Riddermark was again the person who let us know that all was well again from an email she received from Turbine asking if she still wanted to transfer her character.

The original post announcing the character transfer issue has not been updated, however it is not stickied and is now on page two.

The Paid Premium Services sticky has no wording of any issue and the FAQ about World Character Transfer which previously said the service was unavailable has had that message removed.

It at least appears that the Character Transfer is once again open. Transfers between US and European servers are not available but that is the norm for this service.

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10 Responses to “Character Transfers Open”

  1. Opdum/Bregle Says:

    Awesome, once I get enough TP, CotSF gets a new 75 Burglar!


    • Cosmetic Lotro Says:

      Be aware that you cannot transfer anything contained in your shared wallet, so marks, medallions, shards etc cannot be transfered, and shared storage space, wardrobe, house and house chests will have to be purchased again on the new server. You can only transfer what’s in your vault and your bags.


      • Opdum/Bregle Says:

        That’s cool, I have enough shared space on Landy that it’s not an issue, and Bregle doesn’t have much barter wallet stuff.


  2. Silesian Says:

    I wish they make transfer from US to EU available.


  3. Faragrim Says:

    Tosca rocks! You should add her to the editorial staff! Oh wait, then she’d play less and we wouldn’t see her as often … Never mind, go about your business, nothing to see here folks. Seriously though, she’s a great player and mentor to our kinnies, and we’re glad she’s recognized as such. :)


    • Tosca Says:

      Just for the record, that would be Parents of Middle Earth on Riddermark. ;) Thanks for the props, Boss.

      And thanks, Cosmetic Lotro, for the reminder about Marks/Medallions not transferring. I had forgotten that – I will have to spend all Aldonza’s marks/medallions on something useful before I finish my request to move her.


  4. GuniGugu Says:

    Wait? I´m forced to rebuy the shared storage again? Why so, it´s the same account, just a diffrent server.

    If that´s the case, not moving any toon then.. not going to spend 1000tp for each toon (sstorage) and the add. transfer cost per toon.

    [quote]Cosmetic Lotro said:
    and shared storage space, wardrobe, house and house chests will have to be purchased again on the new server. [/quote]


  5. Indy Says:

    When you buy shared storage spaces, all servers get the expanded storage. The *items* in shared storage presumably don’t transfer. Same for wardrobe space, the increased amount of slots you buy apply to all servers.

    If you have characters on multiple servers, this makes buying shared storage much more useful than vault space upgrades. I’ve bought extra shared storage, have never yet paid for an individual vault upgrade with TP.


  6. Beryline Says:

    So you don’t want to do the barter wallet upgrade before transferring a character? Otherwise those things you had in your own bags and bank become server-linked?


  7. Daggoris Says:

    Hey guys! First time posting here and just wanted to say thanks so much for the update! I have been considering switching to Landroval for a bit now but the price is pretty steep. Can anyone in the community recommend Landroval as a server? I’ve heard good things about. Thanks!!


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