Episode 134: I Told Him He Was Number One

April 1, 2012

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Dum Conga LineThis week we talk about the upcoming festivals, character transfers being closed, weekly store sales, free dye coupon codes and more!

This week in Dum time we weren’t all quite ready to continue on the epic story so we went back into Grand Stair and learned we could do a dum bum drumming conga line! I also attended a play by Mar Vanwa Tyalieva Kinship.

Play SetThis week Merric did the new 6-man Roots of Fangorn.

During the show we are talking about how Merric and Opa Hobbit haven’t quite yet finished. Well as of writing the show notes, the play set is now done! This structure is Baby Hobbit’s birthday present. Our little angel turns 3 years old on Monday!

Town Crier

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Raise Your Glass

Rabbitses of Windfola

Heya! This is RABBITSES STARKFOOT THE BOLD of Faramir’s Army on the Windfola Server! I’m just emailing because I would like to know where I can get one of those awesome shirts that Merric is wearing in the picture on his birthday post. I thought I heard you had a store on the site? I cant find it. WOE IS RABBITSES!



Hugh L.

I have a question about the landscape soldier. If you dismiss your skirmish soldier does the time keep counting down. For example: if I use the landscape soldier for 1 hour and I had a total of 3 hours, after I dismiss him do I still have 2 hours left?

Megalus of Crickhollow

About an hour ago from the point of starting this message, I had an epiphany while thinking about gaming. Most people will probably roll their eyes when they hear this, but it is a valid point. How is it that a player can report another player for offensive and/or abusive behavior only to come across a rude NPC somewhere down the line and be just fine with an NPC insulting them but not with another player insulting them in the same way. It stands to reason that if a developer is allowed to program an NPC in the Ettenmores to verbally abuse and even go so far as to threaten a player, then how is it that Turbine can punish a player for verbally abusing another player. I understand that if a player goes so far as to threaten physical harm to another player the situation shouldn’t be glossed over, but to program an NPC to ruthlessly de-humanize you every time you right-click on them even if your character isn’t human is hypocritical at the very least. If Saruman was programmed to walk up to your character, spit in its face and call you dirty rotten filth, the player-base would be estatic, but if another player would do the same thing using their character they would get reported. I’m personally sick of hearing those 4 or 5 phrases from the orc NPCs and wish that Turbine would ban the accounts of those quest givers at Dar-Gazag. I just wanted to give you some food for thought.

~MEGALUS, Lvl 56 Runekeeper of Crickhollow

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Recorded March 24, 2012

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4 Responses to “Episode 134: I Told Him He Was Number One”

  1. mmicnova Says:

    happy birthday to baby hobbit! (it’s already monday in europe:D)


  2. Rinvan Says:

    That is too bad that you had to take down your store, I am glad I got A CSTM zip sweater last year.


  3. Bryandt Says:

    I knew I should have ordered my mouse mat. :(


  4. Andy Says:

    A Casual Stroll to M*****. If challenged suggest it might be to hide your intentions towards those money grabbing sods that would deny the use of a word. It’s not your fault if other people read it as mordor.

    The origin of the word mordor wasn’t his so they shouldnt be able to copyright it. Taken in context of your podcast the name gives the idea of mordor being a place you would take a casual stroll to, quite the opposite of tolkiens vision. Any words that existed before the 1950′s should be fair game.

    No reason not to use images of elves, dwarves, wizards, dragons, little people, volcanoes, dragons, tea, coffee, cake, beer etc etc as those were all around before Tolkien wove them into one world. In fact there’s probably not that much that is exclusively tolkiens if you were to sit down and dig through the books.

    Wonder if they’ve ever considered going after JK for using the dark lord to refer to he who must not be named.


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