Episode 137: Black Arrow Roundtable

Photo by Clarysta from "That's What C Said" blogThe Black Arrow Roundtable was conducted by Ivaneus of Through the Palantir and is being redistributed with permission to the CSTM listening audience!

We had always had planned to do our own version of Creep class roundtables but when we heard that Ivaneus was going to host his own we sighed with relief as we are ettenmoor idiots. Ivaneus is the exactly perfect person to conduct these Monster Play themed roundtables!

This episode is detailed and will give a plethora of information to current and new Black Arrow monster players alike.

Thank you to Ivaneus for allowing us to share this with our audience and be sure to check out Through the Palantir blog and podcast!

Photo Credit: Clarysta of “That’s What C Said” blog

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11 Responses to “Episode 137: Black Arrow Roundtable”

  1. Pickles Says:

    Cool! Just what I needed. Thanks guys!


  2. Durrendel Says:

    I don’t do PvP, i miss the regular podcast…


    • Goldenstar Says:

      We needed this vacation & feel zero remorse. We could have given nothing for two weeks. Instead we do our best to provide content while we were out.


      • Adam Says:

        Hope you guys had a lovely time, it must be horendous keeping up with the work this place generates, and most of us appreciate the effort. Whatever you give some always want more, but don’t sweat it!


  3. Rabbitses Says:

    Hurray for roundtables! Looking forward to the return of the regular show this coming week!


  4. scott Says:

    Wish they would open up PvP to us former VIPs who are now Premium. Charge me a one time TP for access or something like that.


    • royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

      That would be much better. I miss pvmp as a freep. Have to go out on my warg now. Still fun, warg like the freep better.


      • Adam Says:

        I always wondered if the skirmish soldier was testing some tech for a time based Ettens emtry for Premium/F2Pers, where you could buy a few hours for a determined number of TP. I’m surprised they havent to be honest, not that Im saying itd be the best way to do it personally, just it seems like just the sort of thing they could do.


  5. scott Says:

    I never go out on a creep, I just don’t get into it that much. I’m just saying that I was VIP for about 3 years, dropped to Premium and over the course of the last year or so (having 9 toons and building up TP) I have bought every skirmish and every map, and the premium wallet, so I would spend TP on PVP access if it wasn’t too costly. But, I guess if they allowed me access, what is there left to separate the VIP from the Premium guy as far as exclusive content. I even bought RoI with TP and not cash, so I have been on the cheap for the past year or so.


  6. Dan Says:

    I’ve been trying to PVP as a new creep, but it is nearly impossible because I have no skills and no hope of surviving a fight. I’m glad to see more info on PvMP on CSTM — because for new players it is nearly overwhelming and the current expert players are mostly concerned with their own battles and there isn’t much opportunity to learn the ropes.

    I hope y’all enjoyed your vacation! much deserved!


    • Thurinphir Says:

      A couple of useful sites:
      The Black Appendage of Sauron,
      The Art of Warg
      there’s also a small amount on the LOTRO Wiki and in
      Community Created Guides (in the LOTRO forums).
      I haven’t found too much advise on the actual forums though

      hope I helped!


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