Episode 139: Merric Listens

April 29, 2012

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In this episode we talk more Anniversary Festival as a bunch of stuff was released this week in regards to this event. A hint of Update 7 is mentioned. We also discuss VIP subscription options, the Mithril Edition sale, new points bundles and more!

This week Goldenstar complains about Moria epic story skirmishes and then beats Dumidum up with a huge bat.

Merric did a bit of festival on his warden and has taken his Warden out to Eregion to try out the new changes.

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Riddles in the Dark

Riddles in the Dark is a bi-weekly podcast series by Dr. Corey Olsen (The Tolkien Professor) and David Kale. Discussion will focus on the themes, characters, and events of Middle-earth and lay the groundwork for intelligent speculation about how the book may be translated to film. Each episode will culminate in the hosts making a specific prediction about the upcoming films, to be proven or disproven when the films are finally released.

More information on RITD can be found at http://www.mythgard.org/exclusives/riddles-in-the-dark/

A. Immaterial, spiritual conflict from a distance
B. Epic, Battle-of-Helm’s-Deep-style battle between two large armies
C. Avengers-style small-band-of-superheroes vs. evil hordes battle
D. No conflict at all – the heroes will arrive to find the Necromancer has already fled.

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My name is Larry Longstreth and along with Lord of the Rings producer Mark Ordesky, I created an animated series called “Four Tanks and a Healer” that takes place INSIDE an MMORPG. Think WoW meets Family Guy. Anyway, we put the two pilot episodes online and the results were AWESOME. Now, we’re trying to use Kickstarter to get it made into a full season. I seriously think you guys will love it. Please help us spread the word. The one thing we’re missing is the power to get it out there across the internet where gamers will see it. Once enough of them do, we’re confident it will take off!

Here’s the link! Check it out for yourself and thanks!





My parents gave me the green light to read something by Tolkien at my sister’s wedding. Do you know of a passage on friendship or love?

Thanks in advance!’




Hello, i have a subject u could write something about in LOTRO i dont know if u have seen all the “hiding rabbits” in this game but i have a youtube video that shows some of them + showing how to get to the hidden burrow and whats inside! So would be kindly apreciated if u could write about this and u have my permission to use my video as well. Hope u enjoy them as much as i do

And i would also like to thank u for all ur fine articles i read the news once as soon as it is out, keep up the good work!

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Recorded April 28, 2012

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7 Responses to “Episode 139: Merric Listens”

  1. Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    The first episode we (me and my sister) listened completely and we simply love it – you guys are really funny; keep up the good work! :)


  2. Avatar of Harperella
    Harperella Says:

    Note: The Weatherstock Band registration is temporarily broken. It accidentally got merged in with the 2011 Weatherstock thread. Use this link until its fixed:


  3. Thorcar Says:

    In the beer fight, try having two people do the initial hit on the victim and then two more a fraction later. You can smack a person already in the air.


  4. Andy Says:

    About the poetry for a wedding I’ve a feeling the best bet would probably be found in the silmarillion. My copy’s on loan but fairly sure there was a poem or two about things more suited to a wedding theme.


  5. Shaun Says:

    Apparently the devs at Turbine like rabbits! You’ve seen the Monty Python killer rabbit homage? http://lotrolorenuggets.blogspot.com/2012/01/cracked-eggs-killer-coney.html



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