LOTRO 5 Year Anniversary Gifts

April 12, 2012



LOTRO will be celebrating their 5th year as an MMORPG and are giving presents away to players as a thank you. The celebrations will run from April 16 – April 31st and the gifts you receive will be based on your account status as of April 15th.

Gifts will be granted to your account on April 17th. Here’s a run down of the presents:

All Players:

  • New Unique Fireworks
  • Special Anniversary Cloak

Premium & VIP Players:

For Premium and VIP players gifts will range based on the number of years your account has been active. This is based on account status as of April 15th so if you are not currently premium or VIP and want rewards listed below, you have until then to change your account status.

1-Year (April 30, 2011 or earlier)

  • A 1-year character portrait frame
  • Fireworks
  • An Anniversary Cloak

2-Years (April 30, 2010 or earlier)

  • A 2-year character portrait frame
  • 3 +10% Run Speed Boost (60 min)
  • 1 +5% Attack Damage (90 min)
  • 10 Battle Potion of Restoration
  • Fireworks
  • An Anniversary Cloak

3-Years (April 30, 2009 or earlier)

  • A 3-year character portrait frame
  • 3 Loot box keys
  • Fireworks
  • An Anniversary Cloak

4-Years (April 30, 2008 or earlier)

  • A 4-year character portrait frame
  • New Azure Festival Clothing
  • Fireworks
  • An Anniversary Cloak

5-Years (June 30, 2007 or earlier)

  • A 5- year character portrait frame
  • Festive Azure Steed
  • New Azure Festival Clothing to match your steed
  • Fireworks
  • An Anniversary Cloak

Pictures of the special character portrait frames are available to see on the LOTRO Announcement.

Sign Up

Not sure when you started playing? Head to https://myaccount.turbine.com and login. Your “Signup Date” is listed under your LOTRO Subscription.

I have not yet seen what the Azure Steed or the Azure Festival clothing looks like (trust me there will be a post when we do get it). I am assuming the picture in the post is a sneak preview of these items.


5th Anniversary CloakWe do know what the Anniversary Cloak looks like as Turbine handed out some at PAX East this year. Let me just say that it is beautiful! Cosmetic lovers will also want to know that it is not able to be dyed. Still, it is gorgeous!

Special thank you to our friend Michael and to Sapience for getting a cloak for Ketani and I! We are very happy!

For more details on how this event works and how the prizes are distributed, visit LOTRO’s official announcement. There’s an FAQ that should handle most of your questions.

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41 Responses to “LOTRO 5 Year Anniversary Gifts”

  1. Heather Says:

    Sounds like the anniversary festival this year is going to be really nice for both, the people who are able to participate, and those who are not. I can’t wait! [:


    • Telantarin Says:

      No, I just lokked at the signup-date in the webside and there ist June 2, 2011, which is the migration date to Turbine, not my initial signup!!!

      I was playing as VIP for over three years :(


  2. Glompf Says:

    Ooh, I really hope that we European Codemasters players gets rewarded for our services aswell. I mean so that Turbine doesn’t think that we transferred players actually started playing when we got transferred!


    • Joe Says:

      No need to worry, they say it’s covered on the Turbine page for it.

      “…We have all the information we need to ensure that even migrated players will receive the appropriate gifts based on their eligible account age and status.”


    • LD Says:

      Don’t worry, Turbine has our original EU subscription start dates :)


      • Glompf Says:

        Aah yes, I really hope that their accounting department has a flawless record of our accounts… *cough*


      • Andy Says:

        1st june 2011 according to turbine. Cogaccounts (codies) still has eu lotro sub and the beta listed there. Good to see codies might still be looking after our lotro subs in some sense.


    • am Says:

      I play LOTRO for 4 years, but my sign up date is at 2011 so I have no chance to get rewards


    • Telantarin Says:

      No, I just looked at the signup-date in the webside and there ist June 2, 2011, which is the migration date to Turbine, not my initial signup!!!

      I was playing as VIP for over three years


  3. royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

    Wish they would’ve advertised the game better when it first came out and I would’ve gotten it sooner. Didn’t know it existed until all the ads for f2p came out. Nice to get something though. I like the portraits a lot.

    Sign up date September 12, 2010


  4. Caelas Says:

    Looks very nice indeed! Looking forward to all the shinies and new Steed ;)

    Maybe a good idea for your next poll: how long have you been playing Lotro? Just started, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years?


  5. Mateusaran Says:

    Anyone know what the Elvish script on the back of the cloak means?


    • Crell Says:

      My understanding is its supposed to be ‘five’. ..possibly ‘five years’


      • Gliredhel Says:

        Yeah, Crell has it. The three glyphs represent the sounds of L, B and N respectively, and the acute accents (tehtar) above the latter two give a short “e” sound before them.

        five ◈ leben S. [lˈɛbɛn] (lheben N.) adj. num. card. five


  6. Magnus Says:

    You can log into your old Codemasters account and check there:


  7. Magnus Says:

    Looks like I joined 20th June 2007 :)


  8. Mirfain Says:

    Signup Date
    March 5, 2007

    I got the email for my beta invite in February, but unfortunately I [still] rarely check my emails. =P


  9. Skrymair Says:

    Curious as to whether these are cumulative lists… I’m 4 years; will I be seeing run speed boosts and loot box keys in my inventory as well? Or only the stuff listed under 4 years?


    • Skrymair Says:

      Never mind… a further read sorted that out. Not clearly worded, but I think I get it.

      “Each eligible player will receive the gifts for their highest year and all subsequent years.”


  10. Matthew Jobe Says:

    Do we know what (if anything) a person gets if they have played for less than a full calendar year?


  11. Thurinphir Says:

    oh, one of those…I thought character portrait was refering to housing :}


  12. Avatar of Moryel Silverarrow
    Moryel Silverarrow Says:

    Will we be able to barter for the clothes and horse if our accounts aren’t old enough to be given them?


  13. Beldwyl Says:

    This is really nice. Looks like Turbine was really working to make this special. It’s great. Looking forward to opening my mail on the 16th and to the new fireworks!

    Beldwyl/Bellcari/Belwynne Landroval


  14. Pointy Says:

    I started playing in July 2007 because I had to wait for some money to get the game. I won’t get a steed. *pouts* And I hope Turbine DOES actually realise I played that early because the account page says June 2011. :P

    The prezzies look nice though – I just wish I could get the horsie. I like horsies. :)


  15. Zanza Says:

    the most important question: rewards for ALL characters or only the one you login first?


  16. Andy Says:

    If it’s based on the account status then it should hopefully be account wide.


  17. Zanza Says:

    i hope so. but its very strange that they didnt say anything about this on their FAQ…


  18. Kazren Says:

    I already posted in the forums, but I have to say that I felt insulted by the anniversary gift announcements. They’re not rewarding people who play regularly, who participate in skirmishes and kinships, crafting and who spend money in the LOTRO store. No, simply by when they signed up. So I, and many like me, who didn’t discover MMOs and LOTRO( my only MMO) until after last April are penalized and get no anniversary gifts.

    It made me so angry when I read it, I decided to call Turbine and tell them just how I felt, but only after I calmed down.

    I think whoever designed this way of giving away anniversary gifts should have polled members about what criteria they felt would be fair. This certainly isn’t fair and I’m still angry about it.

    Turbine and LOTRO are really antagonizing loyal players by taking this stand and choosing the criteria of how long the player has been enrolled in the game. Some of us were not fortunate enough to have discover LOTRO years ago, so now we are penalized. That just stinks.


    • Pointy Says:

      You have a good point based on the fact that since you discovered the game you’ve put regular money into it and spent a lot of time on it. I can understand the annoyance because there will be people who’ve had an account for a long time and may have been inactive for a while but activate it again to get goodies (and yes I agree that’s unfair).

      However there’s also the other side. There are people who have been playing since the game launched in april 2007. Some of those have bought lifetime subs and never paid a subscription fee, but others will have paid their subs every month since launch. Those people will have put a LOT of money and time into the game. They’re the people who had to grind like crazy for rep items to turn in rather than gaining it from tasks. They’re the people who had to wait until level 50 before they could start gaining rep in places like Bree because there were no scaleable instances and you couldn’t even go into the dungeon until you were at the (then) level cap (it took me months to get a cheese to drop in there and it makes me a little sad when I see a level 20 running around with ‘The Unwise’ title that I spent so long trying for).

      During the course of its life, people who’ve been playing since the start of the game have seen so many aspects become easier, especially in the last 18 months or so since the introduction of f2p and the store. Anyone remember having to run everywhere until you got to level 35? ;)

      While I agree that the way they’re tiering the gifts may seem unfair to you who have only been playing a year or so but have been loyal in that time, I think their intent was to reward the players who’ve put several years’ worth of money and time into the game as well. Imagine how the founders and people who’ve been playing since launch would feel if everyone got all the shiniest gifts? It’s not their fault you didn’t find the game until last year. I’m not saying it’s yours either, but you can’t really blame Turbine.


      • Hatter_of_Bree Says:

        About the rewards, its ok to give long time players better rewards.

        Still, i would have felt a lot better had i know that when i will reach my 5 year time in LotRO, i would too get the horse the many people will get today, instead of newer ever having a chance…


  19. nellomoth Says:

    I activated my account when it was on beta 2007 but only started to play f2p on sept 2010 , I hope I get 5 years rewards :p



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