LOTRO Store: Annuminas Cosmetics Limited Time

April 13, 2012



Starting today you can find the Annuminas gear in cosmetic form in the LOTRO Store. There are three sets (light, medium, heavy armour) but because they are cosmetic, you can select and wear whatever you like. All items are able to be dyed.

  • Ceremonial Seven Stars Outfit
  • Ceremonial Nenuial’s Outfit
  • Ceremonial West-Tower Outfit

Pieces are 295 Turbine Points each or 1495 for a complete set.

Gear available until April 26, 2012.

This gear is available in game to earn with skirmish marks/medallions so you do not have to buy these items unless you just want the convenience of purchasing and instantly having them.

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13 Responses to “LOTRO Store: Annuminas Cosmetics Limited Time”

  1. Dirhallith Says:

    Kind of disappointing to find this doesn’t quite live up to the advertised “All New Annuminas Cosmetic Gear”.

    Maybe it was too much to hope, but the word “new” in there really implied for me that it would really be NEW cosmetic stuff.


  2. Guero Says:

    New to me since I’m really new to the game. :) So…I’m having a hard time deciding if I like it enough to spend money on it. I do want my characters to look cool…but I’m having second thoughts…will I buy it now and then later find something that looks even cooler? Indecision…! hahaha


    • Brainslug Says:

      You want to look good in middle-earth? Then go here: http://cosmeticlotro.wordpress.com/

      There are soooo many items with awesome looks out there to create a really unique outfit. All you have to do, is keep an eye out.

      Try on items you find on the AH or get from questing. Found something, then put it into your wardrobe (on sale too :D) and you’re set.

      As for the armour: It’s way too greenish for me and 295 TP for something you can get ingame is pretty expensive.


  3. Crell Says:

    Its not NEW appearances at all. You can buy them with Marks/Medallions (in cosmetic or non-cosmetic versions) at the skirmish camp :)


    • Crell Says:

      (Though, you might have to trek out to the original L50 barters at Annuminas if you want them dyable, but its still marks and medallions.. not sure if that fix got made or not.)


      • Avatar of Ketani
        Ketani Says:

        Last I checked, the cosmetic versions on the skirmish cosmetics vendor is dyeable. It’s a waste of points since these are relatively easy to obtain in-game.


  4. khorgrim Says:

    Lots of good looking items in game, no need to spend TP/Real money on them. Especially if you can pick up the originals in game for marks.

    Dunland has some great items that I’ve been using for costumes across my characters. Look good and dye well.


  5. Tony Says:

    I kind of wish the store had some sort of “* also available in-game” tag on on items that aren’t just completely store only. Sometimes that’s not very clear.


    • Sen Says:

      I don’t see that as being something Turbine would do — I mean, let’s be honest. Doing that would lower sales of those items, which isn’t exactly the best result a company would want, would it?

      Also, I haven’t tried yet but maybe the “Store-Exclusive” filter/category might work in showing just the ones available in the store? (Then again you’d have to wade through other stuff too, but it was a thought. :) )


  6. Haydnseek Says:

    Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of this armor set’s aesthetics. It just lacks flow, cohesion, and a sense of balance, unlike the crafted light and medium armor sets at tier six, for example, which are visually striking with bold lines that look good on both genders. The Annuminas sets just seem like a bunch of unrelated patterns thrown together, and the default neon green color base doesn’t help any. It’s good they are now dyable, and I might have to revisit the set in all black to see if that changes anything for the better.


    • Haydnseek Says:

      And I am remiss in forgetting the crafted tier six heavy armor set as well, which my captain alt wears cosmetically, dyed crimson and white to majestic effect.


  7. Andy Says:

    Unless they’ve been bound ask ingame and someone might be nice enough to let you put it in your wardrobe.

    Not keen on this set in general, either put off by the original colouring of it or the fact that they went down the route of ugly helmet = hooded cloak.



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