LOTROShots: Big Sword

April 8, 2012


Wow that is a big sword!

By cleartrampoline

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7 Responses to “LOTROShots: Big Sword”

  1. Avatar of Makhiel
    Makhiel Says:

    I do not want to be “that guy” but isn’t this Epic Story spoiler, the kind of which screenshot submitters (such as myself) are supposed to avoid? Looks great though.


  2. Lindael Says:

    Well, it doesn’t really spoil anything. If you haven’t been there you can’t even know it’s part of the epic story.


    • Avatar of Makhiel
      Makhiel Says:

      Yeah I just wanted to know what’s the status quo. It doesn’t spoil the story itself (not much anyway) but it still shows you something that you cannot see outside of the Epic Story.


  3. Lilliandil Says:

    Don’t see what it spoils. It’s just a big sword. It’s a lovely picture though, the effects in the background make it look epic. :)


  4. Limm Says:

    I didn’t mean to spoil anything for anyone, I guess I forgot about that rule :( if I’ve posted a screenshot that is a spoiler I will happily remove it from the group! Although side note, if you hadn’t done the epic book this is from then you wouldn’t know this was from the epic… so then it wouldn’t be a spoiler? Again, sorry if I’ve spoiled anything for anyone!


  5. Avatar of Goldenstar
    Goldenstar Says:

    As someone who has yet to do the epic story for the new book, this spoils absolutely nothing for me plus I thought it was cool. No worries you spoiled nothing Limm and I picked it cuz I thought it was neat looking.


  6. Tony Says:

    It’s hard because sometimes the coolest shots are from the epics… Personally I just avoid the latest couple of books and seem to have been safe from complaint! :)

    Good shot.


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