Poll: Your Thoughts on the Premium Wallet

April 28, 2012

Weekly Poll

This poll was suggested by Belwynne of Landroval in an email to us! Bel is curious on the CSTM audience opinion on the premium wallet since it seems to vary so greatly.

We have a wide variety of choices, please select the choice closest to your opinion on the matter and feel free to expand upon it in the comments below!

What are your thoughts on the new premium wallet feature?

  • I love it! (36%, 417 Votes)
  • I like it. (23%, 267 Votes)
  • I have not or refuse to purchase it. (19%, 212 Votes)
  • I like it but loathe it at the same time. (11%, 131 Votes)
  • Meh. (6%, 71 Votes)
  • I am disappointed. (3%, 33 Votes)
  • I despise it. (2%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,145

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52 Responses to “Poll: Your Thoughts on the Premium Wallet”

  1. Youichi Says:

    I love it, I’ve gained over 70 vault slots.


  2. Avatar of
    Nakiami Says:

    It’s essentially shared storage where tokens automatically get placed into it on loot. It’s so convenient.


  3. Miriam Says:

    I loved it when it first went in and freed up so much bank space, and loved it even more when I found that Documents of Mount Ownership went in there. It’s so convenient and well worth the cost.


  4. GoTiK Says:

    Awesome!! Amazing!! But $10 WTF!? Too pricey!!!


  5. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    It’s nice to have, but it also seems like it’s something that should be included as part of the baseline product, not something you should have to shell out real money to get.


  6. GoTiK Says:

    Should have been called, the VIP wallet. If you are a VIP (pay every month) its free. If you go VIP you get it (like the extra bags), and if people go VIP for just 1 month to get it, there’s your $10 anyways!


  7. Avatar of Elinnea
    Elinnea Says:

    I bought the wallet when it was on sale, and though I didn’t exactly have buyer’s remorse, I was a little disappointed. I only have one really high-level character, so I didn’t benefit as much as some other people did. But I love the bag space it saves (my bags are always filling up) and I love that it lets me always have my barter items with me, instead of having to stop by a vault if I think I might be wanting to barter anything in Lothlórien or Mirkwood or Enedwaith or at the crafting guild. So now I’m glad I have it.


  8. Feathil Says:

    It is nice start they just have to make relics go in it somehow


  9. Drannos Says:

    Great functionality, and definitely cleared up some space for me, but it’s very much Turbine CREATING a problem, then selling a solution. LotRO is probably the absolute worst at the “token economy”. There’s tokens for EVERYTHING. And there are better mechanics for enabling and tracking progression through grinding (which is all it really is, anyway).

    They created the problem, and then, conveniently, sold us the solution!

    I would also have liked for this to be in the baseline product – but really, it would only make sense to reserve it for VIPs. The kind of thing where, once you pay once to be a VIP, you unlock it permanently. AND make it available for purchase for Premium/free players…


  10. Avatar of Azakael
    Azakael Says:

    I have a love hate relationship with it.
    I would have loved to see the Barter Token part of it being the free part, with the account sharing as the optional part, rather than vice versa. There are some of the barter items I wish would have been shared, such as the Carn Dum/ Urugarth barter tokens (E.G. Beak of Helcham) since the character that has them is well past the point where the item would be useful to him. Also the LI barters: Token of Nimrodel, Khazad Tablets and Rusty Tools should have been shared as well. I mean, it would take one step out of the equation: having to toss the newly bartered LI into the mail or shared storage.


  11. Indy Says:

    I love the wallet… I’m a packrat, and I keep collecting things… at the moment, I have over 800 silver branches from Lothlorien quests. I do think it’s expensive, and I didn’t buy it immediately but waited for a sale – thankfully there was a coupon code discount for any purchase not long after it came out, and I grabbed it then. Still not cheap, but as an account-wide purchase that’s so useful to me – being able to collect ‘unlimited’ barter items without any inventory hassle is a huge relief to me – I’m really happy with the purchase of it.


  12. Godwineson Says:

    Good to have, but way too expensive. Not in proportion to the ingame cost of storage.


  13. Gliredhel Says:

    Should have been free with the initial implementation of the wallet.


  14. Luinori Says:

    I like it and have got much use out of it, but I’m still bothered that they made VIPs pay for it. I think they lost a bit of goodwill with that mistake.


  15. Landonil of Riddermark Says:

    After reading the comments im inclined to purchase it. I had no use for it but I just hit lvl 65 on my main and am reaching 20 on my alt. Might jump on it next month after I get the 500TP for being VIP.


  16. Avatar of Brax
    Brax Says:

    Waiting for it to go on sale.


  17. Kevin Says:

    Was a great buy. Used a lot of my TP at the time but cleared up a lot of vault and bag space.
    I had tossed left over festival tokens before to keep them from taking up space for a year but no more.
    Wish I had it sooner.


  18. royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

    Love it. Saves a ton of space. Leveling up alts you can get a ton of points for free. Was able to get River, Wallet Upgrade, and Shared Storage in less than 2 weeks just leveling alts. They are very generous with the points.


  19. Pencliff Says:

    I do like the idea, token build up was beginning to annoy me, but the price is pretty high. I don’t think it has to be free, I wouldn’t mind if it was cheaper though. I still have yet to buy it but will definitely have to, to free up space in my vault


  20. susan Says:

    let me get this right, they strangle your accts with bound items then you praise them for giving you the ‘perk’ of buying storage. brilliant.


  21. Anawiel Says:

    If they had only made it to contain the housing items as well, it would have been perfect


  22. Darak Says:

    I love it.
    For me it was an insta-buy as soon as it was released and I never regretted it (then again, I am a VIP, so no real problem about TPs).
    I just wished they made a premium wardrobe just like it.


  23. Gregg Says:

    I think its a great idea, but am disappointed at the cost. It should be available to VIP without the extra fee.


  24. Sierra Says:

    Best thing that’s ever happened to my inventory.


  25. Ellrion Says:

    i love it, but i agree that it was too expensive. i actually didn’t mind paying TP for it in general, but it should have been about half the cost overall.


  26. Eva Says:

    Very good, practical features – should however be free for VIP’s.


  27. Avatar of shipwreck
    shipwreck Says:

    Meh. I just bought one because I won some TP, but it’s not changing my life.


  28. Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    Simply love IT – is like extra storage which you have with you all the time.


  29. Melfina the Blue Says:

    You forgot “I don’t have it because I didn’t know it existed till this poll.”


  30. Bryandt Says:

    I like it. It’s freed up a lot of space. That being said, I’d love it if more stuff that went into it was account bound.


    • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

      I’d love it to become account bound. But I’d want to see truely account bound, not just ‘account-bound-to-server’. Everything that winds up in the wallet as account bound is currently stuck due to inadequate tooling. The currencies once they’re account bound are stuck at the server if you ever decide to transfer.


  31. Curuni Says:

    I am disappointed that more things are not share-able between alts— I really enjoy the ‘big sister/brother’ effect when leveling new chars! Though I guess I am just spoiled by the relative lack of grinding in this game (at least, as a VIP subscriber with TPs who’s not afraid to use ‘em!). : >


  32. Tony Says:

    I love it, though the price frustrates me. Oh well.


  33. Haydnseek Says:

    Overall I like it but there are a couple gripes that keep me from loving it. I appreciate the fact that it consolidates barter tokens that are now account wide, and that freed up some space for me, but honestly the item type that is taking up the most space in my storage right now is heritage runes. Those are now usable account-wide as well, so why not consolidate them in the wallet? Granted, they are not technically ‘barter’ items, but it is an account-wide item type that only makes sense to be consolidated in some inventory system outside the vault. Destiny points are account-wide non-barter items that go in the wallet, so why not heritage runes? I do not have a level-cap toon yet so this may be part of my problem here. I am currently hoarding all my runes for when my alts do reach level cap to use on my level 75 LIs. In fact I am so bloated with them right now I am considering rolling a third bank alt just to store heritage runes.

    The other item I wish would have been moved to the wallet was faction rep items. These were once actual barter items that had to be exchanged at an NPC for faction rep. Although that is no longer the case, it would still be great to get them out of the vaults of us who save them for leveling alts. Next to heritage runes my biggest vault item is stored faction rep items, which take up a huge chunk of the space on one of my bank alts.

    These were the two items I assumed would be included in the new wallet when I paid for it and was deeply disappointed when I discovered they were not included. For these reasons I merely like the new wallet and do not love it.


  34. Andy Says:

    I like it. If it was cheaper but per character I’d hate it but as it is a one off purchase I think it’s not actually that bad. Far better value than the per character mounts.

    I never quite got why items labled as barter werent allowed into the barter wallet in the first place, especially the ones that bound on pickup.

    For an altoholic it freed up a large amount of vaultspace, which has now been filled with other stuff, I’d suggest those thinking of getting it to hold off until most of their characters are into the evendim and beyond phase of the game as before that there’s not much that will go into it. I’ve found a few things to have been “lost” only to turn up in the wallet after having double checked banks and even vendor buyback tab.

    Only improvement I can think of is for you to be able to cash in the blue pills to a numerical total and upgrade the xp on the LI’s in a more dungeon defenders style where you designate a set amount at a time. Would possibly save just as much space for some people given the immense variety in the blue pill selection out there.

    Until the rep items got changed to no longer needing a certain location or level my bankspace was getting filled with those. Now I just transfer to an alt that hasn’t the rep and use them up.


  35. Cedrowald of Vilya Says:

    I honestly love it…BUT…BUT…it shoudl not cost actual money. Fine if its one of those things that VIPs get inclusive and everyone else buys like the unlimited currency unlock but it just galls me that I plunked down some dross for it. Now that doesn’t change the fact that I did and I’d do it again because its damn useful and so much better than carrying all those randomn pieces around anymore (that and not having to use shared storage slots to move account bounditems between characters).


  36. Morg Says:

    I’m disappointed in the barter wallet and I’ll tell you why, it’s because this opens the flood gates to make wallets for other things later on and charge another 1000tp. I have a feeling this premium wallet is just the start.


  37. Avatar of Carica
    Carica Says:

    I love it. It opens up SO much inventory space for other more important things.


  38. Dirhallith Says:

    Totally worth spending the TP I’d been saving for GR region to spend on. Opens up a load of inventory and vault space, and not having to pass things back and forth (like the orthanc sigils) to my alts is awesome.


  39. Dirstel Says:

    It is a FIX. The original product they shipped was broken or did not do its full, intended job. I bought it on sale for 600 tp ish. It’s a wonderful feature, but I shouldn’t have had to pay for the fix, anymore than the Wardens shouldn’t pay for their fixes, or the Minis for their fixes after the last update, or everyone for the fixes to the Great River region.


  40. DancesInTrees Says:

    It’s awesome.
    I still don’t think we should have had to pay for it, but given that we did it’s been worth every TP and more.


  41. Ciramorn Says:

    in terms of the storage it frees up + sharing some items between characters, it’s awesome. however- it’s what the wallet should have been in the first place, and should therefore have been free. if it’d been free for vips that’d be different, but i really don’t agree with how it was implemented- especially given how long it took them.


  42. sean Says:

    It’s a bug fix that you have to pay for: how can anyone choose anything other than ‘despise it’?

    But hey, that was the straw that broke this donkey’s back with regard to Turbine’s version of F2P, so I’m a bit biased…


  43. Lindael Says:

    I love the wallet but it was too expensive!


  44. Wilifro (Snowborn) Says:

    I’m with those who think Turbine are asking for money to fix a design issue of their own causing. And that doing this is wrong.

    Discussion here and elsewhere when LOTRO went free-to-play several times made the point that Turbine should not ask for cash to fix problems they are responsible for. But here we are.

    The FTP play model changed the way the profit incentive works out for Turbine. It’s just too easy for them to farm players rather rather than supply them with a service. So they do. :-(


  45. Samaire Says:

    I voted “I’m disappointed”. It might just be that I misunderstood the whole concept, but I was hoping everything would became shareable. That all toons would be able to use each other’s money, festival tokens, etc. Only some things are shareable some aren’t.


  46. Pointy Says:

    I did buy it and I do like it. BUT this is how the barter wallet should have worked from the start. It should have contained ALL BoA tokens like the festival ones and the reward ones from Lorien etc. It should not have been a product you have to purchase.


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