Project Altoholism: Post-Isengard Update

April 30, 2012


It’s been a while since I’ve discussed my altoholism and everything that goes a long with it.  So, I thought I would write a little update as to what is going on with it so that those who were following the project would know what’s going on.

orthanc-raidWith the release of The Rise of Isengard and all that went along with it I found myself in a unique position to level up my main character (my Guardian) for the first time in a long time.  Now while I wasn’t the fastest leveler in the world I did eventually get to 75 and from there I had two things occur that changed the way I played the game.  First, a couple of kinmates who I’ve known for quite a while who wanted to organize a weekly run for 3-man/6-man instances for fun and to gear up our characters; which I more than happily accepted!  Secondly, we had a several individuals in the kinship who started to organize end-game raiding runs.  These two opportunities combined into a unique opportunity for me to once again start dipping my toes into an MMO’s end-game content on a fairly regular basis; which is something I haven’t done in quite a long time.  So with much enthusiasm I headed into the end-game content full-force.

lore-master-gandalfUnfortunately the amount of focus it takes for me to build up a character in LOTRO combined with my other out-of-game projects meant that something had to go on the chopping block; and so my alts fell to the wayside.  (Although before the dungeon-running and raids got into full-swing I did manage to get my Champion up to 75 and other various characters up to level 51-53.)  Eventually the focus on my main character became so prevalent that even my passion for leveling alts quickly dwindled.  And when I finally got back to them I made a huge mistake in prioritizing their leveling schedule by their crafting abilities rather than by what actually sounded fun to me.  You can probably see why I began favoring playing my Guardian even more after that point since to me leveling an alt began to represent obligation rather than entertainment.

ScreenShot00209Recently though, I’ve been speaking with Elb, Ketani, Goldenstar, and several others about the classes that they play and I have started to feel the tug of my alts.  I can hear them calling me back and frankly I believe I’m back to the point where leveling a character once again sounds like a lot of fun to me.  Now, this doesn’t mean that I will stop running dungeons or raiding completely, but I will mean that I will probably cut back on some of that in order to spend some quality time on my alts.

I am also finding that I haven’t quite decided which character I’m going to pick up first; as I’m currently torn between my Captain and my Warden.   I’m also not sure what level I’ll take them to once I do decide; because 65 and 75 are both good breaking points in leveling.  What I do know is that I will be moving forward with the project once again and that I will now be choosing characters based on what sounds like fun instead of what I feel obligated to do.

So expect more updates on the project coming soon and long live altoholism!

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29 Responses to “Project Altoholism: Post-Isengard Update”

  1. scott Says:

    Altoholism in full force on my account. I have 4 75s with 4 pieces of Dragon gear on each(dont run Tower of Orthanic in my kin right now, not enough 75s) and two toons that have completed the Great River area (except for slayer deeds and dailies) Next up a level 67 Warden. My kin is great with older raids right now as we try to get others to 75, We have completed Foundry tier 1 and RoF tier 1. Also just recently downed Watcher for the first time as a kin, even if we overpowered it a little, you still have to have a strategy. Completed all wings of Helegrod one night including the dragon to get the deed done and we have downed the Balrog in the Rift on at least 6 occasions.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      Wow, that’s awesome! Keep it up!


    • Lucanthanas Says:

      I’m jealous now. :)

      I’m yet to finish one wing of Helegrod. :(
      My kin doesn’t raid at all (not enough members online, usualy) and nobody runs it as a PUG. :/

      I did get to finish, the Rift, the Watcher and BG for the first time in PUGs (after reaching lvl 75).


  2. Sen Says:

    I have a huge problem as to what character to play. I restarted on another server and made entirely new characters when I came back to LotRO, and now I have one of each class, most at around level 20.

    I am frozen in indecision with regards to which class(es) to focus on. I love, love, love the captain class — it was my favorite class when I first started playing. But I also like the warden, enjoy the RK, and like the way the guardian feels. *clutches hair in frustration*

    I was thinking of making the captain my main and having two ‘main alts’ (the warden and RK), but a part of me is hesitant to play so many characters. Not just because of the burnout factor, but also because people are right when they say that spreading yourself too thin over multiple classes will be detrimental to being able to play any one class really well.

    But, see, I absolutely adore crafting, so I want to get most professions and guilds (except for the Explorer, where I make use of all 3 craft skills, I focus only on 2 out of 3 for each profession so there’s less waste and overlap). From what I can tell, this necessitates leveling up the character in order to get high-end rep recipes and such.

    Maybe I’m overthinking things, like I always do! :D


  3. Flosiin Says:

    Hehe- I’m at a similar point. Got bored questing my five lvl 75′s in Dunland/Great River. So I was torn between my Lore-master and Rune Keeper. Decided on the Lore-master and taking advantage of the XP bonus this Anniversary. So far he’s up to lvl 49.5 and grinding out virtues before going into Moria.
    I’ve tried the Warden but can’t remember the Gambits


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      Yeah, there was only so much of the Great River I could handle before I just tired of the idea of the grind; which is why I find myself drawn to some of the older questing areas.


      • scott Says:

        Merric, Yeah the Great River is a grind, because you are probably already 75 when you arrive, which means no leveling, just a couple of new factions to get rep with. Honestly for me the LimLight Gorge faction grind is so bad, that I quit doing it. I hope for update 7 this summer or whenever, they introduce some solo LimLight rep stuff so you don’t have to group to get it done. I might go back and do one a day or something if that was this case. Until then, forget it Turbine, I refuse to play your game, back to my Alts.


        • Dragonwitch Says:

          I found that bartering for a few reputation acceleration scrolls in the skirmish camp really helped reduce this grind. Also, the mobs can be defeated with maybe 3 or 4 people (some even solo them). Finally, collecting thick branches and heartwood to redeem at the task board is another bonus – just run around the area killing extra trees for an hour and you can stockpile a fairly large number of them. Hope this helps! :)


          • Flosiin Says:

            Ah- cool. Like that idea with the branches. Wonder if a captain can solo one if the signature trees (75k). I was able to do it on my mini. I have a hard time getting groups for LG.

          • Cath Says:

            Flosiin – A Cappy can solo it, so don’t worry :)

  4. Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    I always want to maximize my character(s), so I always found it rather hard to play more than one character. For example in the period when I was playing World of Warcraft I had a lot of spare time so I was able to play around 8+ hours per day, I only played one character (which at the moment when I stopped playing had over one year of /played time) and still I never had enough time to do everything that I wanted to do.

    Now, as far as I saw, LOTRO is much more casual, so probably if i would still have so much spare time I would be able to play more than one character, but with the semi-casual way I’m playing at the moment (something like 3-4 hours per day during week days and 6-8 hours per day during weekends) I really don’t have time to play more than one character.

    Not to mention the associated costs (in turbine points) to maximize one character (for example I hardly decide to buy the store exclusive mounts for one character, I don’t want to imagine how it would be to want/have to buy them for more characters :P).


    • Bogdan Epureanu Says:

      As a general idea, on my current character I invested something like 30,000+ turbine points (all stat tomes [even those with low effect for my class - like agility for captain], six milestones, travelling discount, maximized storage, all store exclusive mounts & emotes and a few other things I can’t remember now). :P


  5. Isaiah Says:

    I only get chance to play one or two nights a week usually, and am also a self-confessed altoholic who isn’t especially interested in racing through the content, so despite having played since August 2010 my highest character is still only Level 42! With six characters on the go, plus 2 monsters, I have had to impose a new-alt ban on myself until I get at least one character to 50! :)


  6. royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

    Double XP has gotten a lot of people playing alts, including myself. Once you get past Moria it is pretty quick to 75.


  7. Tony Says:

    I really like the Great River, but it’s like any other area — if you continue with another character in it instantly after another character it’s going to be a drag. I don’t know how people do it.

    I have alts, but they’re really never near each other. When I tire of one, I go to another who is in a totally different level range and zone. I’m not sure what I’ll do when they all inevitably hit the level cap.


  8. Limm Says:

    I’ve been kind of in the same place, Merric, putting a ton of time into my main & doing lots of endgame raiding (she has 3 pieces of the ToO set, the Draigoch cloak, and 3 pieces of the Draigoch set!!), which is something I’ve never really done before, it’s been pretty fun! Although, like many people I suspect, I did play a bit on a couple of alts this past week, that XP boost was too good to pass up. :)


  9. Black Llama Says:

    I started out with a RK (my friends requested that I make a character of that class) and quickly worked him up to level 45. Then I made the mistake of creating my alt (my Warden). I hate to say that my RK has been neglected like a red headed step-child ever since. My “alt” has turned into my main, and I’m at level 50 with my Warden now after creating the character about a month ago….

    The only thing that bugs me is I wonder if my RK would be near 75 by now if I had focused all of my time on him instead. So I have vowed, no new characters until I get both of them to 75 :D


  10. Anthony Says:

    Well, my ‘Altoholism’ is progressing fine, two days ago my Cappy hit 75, so that’s now my 4th 75 character on Imladris (which is where I started with F2P).
    At least basic gearing up is much easier after having a couple of 75′s, since one tends to have a good amount of resources on hand. So within 24 hours of hitting 75, my Cappy had 4/6 Dragon gear (Helm and Shoulders are the lower Isen raid gear, need to clear Lightning and F&F, tho funny enough, I’ve got Shadow done). My main LI weapon and buff stick are maxed out 2nd Age 75′s and jewellery is slowing being replaced (but most of that will happen when I hit the Great River).
    What is currently really painful, are Deeds. My virtues are rather low, since I didn’t really work on them while levelling up (much faster doing at 75). So right now I’m in the Misty Mountains, killing a mass of trolls and giants.
    Even so, I have my doubts that any more will be 75, anytime soon and as the level cap keeps going up, it’s very unlikely that will change. Even so, I’ve really enjoyed my Cappy, so different from my others Champ (main), RK (main kin healer) and Hunter (minor side project, will never do end game raids).


  11. Barosa Says:

    I have been an alt-o-holic for just about the entire time I have been gaming online (it almost borders on OCD with how well organized I end up being when it comes to alts hehe).

    A little back story on my personal alt-o-holism. Then the game first came out I simultaneously leveled up 5 characters to level 50 (since we only had 5 slots way back in “the oldin’ days”). These were my main (Hobbit Minstrel) followed by a Man Captain, Man Loremaster, Hobbit Burglar and Hobbit Hunter. In my planning I also ended up giving each a different crafting profession so that a had all the crafting skills covered (little did I know that this would really pay off when MoM came out and they released the crafting guilds).

    Once MoM was released I then created a Man Warden (which I promptly leveled first up to 60 before any other character) and a Dwarf Champion. While I played my Warden I put my other characters to work maxing out rep with the new crafting guilds. As I hit 60 on one character I would then transition over to the next and by the time Mirkwood was released I had all 7 characters up to level 60 with maxed out crafting skills (and corresponding guild rep).

    From Mirkwood to RoI I decided to level my chars from 60 to 65 via skirmishes and once they hit 65 (or if I ran out of rest xp) I would then go back thru the lower level content and work on old quests I had skipped as well as maxing out rep with any factions I was not kindred with yet and grinding out uncompleted deeds. It was at this time I was finally able to finish the first epic book series (even though I am in a great kinship and due to my different approach to playing the game I primarily solo so the changes they made were great for someone like me).

    By the time RoI was released I had 5 of my characters up to lvl 65 (Minstrel, Loremaster, Captain, Hunter and Warden), 2 were sitting at level 60 (Burglar and Champion) and I had created two more alts (Dwarf RK and Dwarf Guardian) so that I ended up with one of every class… even though they have not really been played much (even though both are currently lvl 22 from doing various festival quests and such).

    The plan when RoI came out was to then finish up all the quests, deeds and the second epic book series in Moria, then move on to Lothlorien followed by Mirkwood and finally on to Enedwaith and into Dunland. So far I have gotten both my Minstrel and Loremaster to 75 and they have actually completed all deeds, quests and epic books up to the release of the Update 6 (The Great River). They are also kindred with every faction up to that point (except the Eldgang) and have maxed out their crafting skills and guild rep.

    Currently I am doing the same thing on my Hobbit Hunter (he just hit 72 over the weekend, completely loved the double kill xp bonus WOOT!) even with the interruptions from festivals (yeah I love those too hehe).

    While playing these first few characters in Dunland I ended up gathering and sending extra crafting mats to my other characters (even the lowbies) and just about every character is now maxed out in their respective craft skills as well even though none have set foot in Dunland.

    In the end, I think the only content that I have actually not really experienced (and honestly don’t miss due to everything else I’m working on) is many of the fellowship instances (although I have gone through some of the lower level ones to just mess around) and the raids (which I really have no interest in after being heavily into raiding in past games). Overall, severe alt-o-holism (like what I consider mine LOL) is most definitely not for everyone but for those of us that enjoy it… it is extremely gratifying.

    Here is a basic breakdown of my alt roster;

    75 Hobbit Minstrel (Jeweller, maxed skill and with guild)
    75 Man Loremaster (Tailor, maxed skill and with guild)
    72 Hobbit Hunter (Woodworker, maxed skill and with guild)
    65 Man Captain (Metalsmith, maxed skill with guild)
    65 Man Warden (Scholar, maxed skill with guild)
    60 Hobbit Burglar (Weaponsmith, maxed skill with guild)
    60 Dwarf Champion (Jeweller, maxed skill with guild)
    22 Dwarf Runekeeper (Tailor, currently working up to max with skill & guild)
    22 Dwarf Guardian (Tailor, currently working up to max with skill & guild)

    (note: I decided that since 6 of my 9 characters wear either light or medium armor that I should have more chars in the Tailors Guild which is why I am slowly working on skilling up my two lowbies).

    Anyway, I guess if you are not fast asleep now from my longwinded post then you may have actually enjoyed reading this.

    Safe travels to all!

    Barosa Balladweaver
    Hobbit Minstrel
    Officer in Kings Beyond the Wall Kinship (Landroval Server)


    • Barosa Says:


      It is actually very difficult for me to pick one or even two or three classes as my favorite. By playing all of them I actually like the nuances of them all.

      I also tend to forget to upgrade my characters gear regularly (since I’m so busy keeping track of all those other things) so I end up looking at a characters gear and scratching my head as to why he is using something that is 10 or so levels lower than his current level LOL.


      • Tony Says:

        I’m in a similar situation. I have my main, but I’ve liked other classes arguably as much in theory. It’s just a time thing, honestly.

        It makes me think about how this game could be if it wasn’t focused on classes and was instead focused on skill builds. I think of all the neat things you could do if there were reasonable ways of combining aspects of various classes more.


        • Barosa Says:

          I have always been a fan of those sorts of systems that really do away with broad-based leveling and classes. I was first introduced to this way of playing back in my tabletop dice and paper RPGs days. The West End Games d6 system for Star Wars really opened my eyes to how much fun and how unique characters could be when you didn’t have “Classes” or “Levels”… you just got points to spend on increasing skills and while you could spend the points on skills you didn’t normally use it was most practical to spend them on those that you used most (and when you wanted to branch out and evolve your character down a different path you just started spending points to do so). The best example of this in an online game I’ve seen is EVE Online and from what I’m seeing of The Secret World, they are leaning towards that playstyle as well (even though I won’t be playing that since I am not a huge fan of EA and how they are handling online gaming).


  12. Jesse Says:

    I have played since december 2010, and my best and first character is only lvl47. I have about 15 alts. Here’s some:
    Lvl 47 champion
    lvl 28 warden
    Lvl 20 mini
    Lvl 29 hunter
    lvl 22 burg


  13. Lucanthanas Says:

    Thanks to the aniversary festival, my alts have all been out to play.

    However, because of the sorry state for Wardens and Rune-Keepers after RoI came out and the thrill of the new zones on my main, many fell quite a bit behind him (I’m trying to keep them 9 levels apart).

    I now have:

    lvl 10 champion (2 for lvl 12) – In Thorin’s Hall
    lvl 19 captain (2 for lvl 21) – In Bree
    lvl 26 burglar (4 for lvl 30) – In Lone Lands
    lvl 31 lore master (8 for lvl 39) – In Garth Agarwen (Lone Lands)
    lvl 44 minstrel (4 for lvl 48) – In Angmar
    lvl 50 warden (7 for lvl 57) – In Forochel
    lvl 63 rune-keeper (3 for lvl 66) – In Mirkwood
    lvl 75 hunter (main) – Grinding for Kindred with the Heroes of LL Gorge and running instances (still only did 2 wings of OT :( )


  14. Isilwren Says:

    I have 5 75s. Three have their Driagoch sets. The mini/RK don’t but I’ve decided to work towards the purple Orthanc set for them instead.

    Now that most of the 75s are where they are I have been running them through Orthanc when I can through through the instance join. Mostly I’ve been focusing on my Warden and Burg who have been stuck in Moria. I’d like to get them to 75 before Fall gets here.

    The last two alts (in thier 20s) have become Skirmmish and epic quest only alts. I do work on their virtues but I aim more or less to follow the story content than I do the grind.


  15. susan Says:

    Started on a hunter, she is 46 but then put her aside pretty much permanently in favor of a guard lvl68 (kinda stopped playing a few mths ago, just hanging out with friends now), a champ at 31, captain at 55, burglar 26 and warden 25, minnies 26 and a plethora of lvls 18-21 of RKs, Loremasters and hunters.

    absolutely love the burglar, wished I had started off on her, but cant abide doing any more deeds. All had up to westfold guild rep (cept the under 25s)

    will probably continue with the burglar and finish the game on my guardian for shoots and giggles. However all classes were enjoyable and brought fresh life to the game.


  16. Andersonh1 Says:

    I had never intended to seriously level more than 2 characters, but in the end I’ve sampled every class, and stuck with eight of them (the exception being the champion).

    Hunter, level 75
    Minstrel, level 75
    Lore-Master, level 56
    Burglar, level 50
    Rune Keeper, level 49
    Guardian, level 49
    Captain, level 26
    Warden, level 17

    The middle four are characters I intend to eventually max out. The captain and warden may or may not ever hit the level cap. At the very least, I’m leveling them casually. There’s only so many times I want to replay the same areas! The Moria update is coming at exactly the right time for me.


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