Steed of the Champion Available Until May 3rd

April 19, 2012


Turbine has announced the window the new store exclusive Steed of the Champion will be available. This steed will be available for purchase from the LOTRO Store from April 19 – May 3, 2012.

Steed of the Champion

This valiant light gray steed wears a saddle cloth and neck guard of overlapping leather to create an armoured mount perfect for Champions.

HISTORY: Steed of the Champion – Champions are the masters of many weapons, which means their mounts must be able to bear the weight of their arms. This sturdy grey steed is equipped and especially trained for battle, strong enough to bear both arms and armour—both his rider’s and his own. Bedecked with leather and bronze plates with belts of gold, the Champion’s Steed exemplifies the mount of a warrior.

Store Location: Travel & Housing → Mounts → Store Exclusive
Levels: 5+

This mount is as fast and same morale as the previous store exclusive class mounts and other store exclusive mounts and with the same price tag. The purchase is per character so make sure you are buying it for the character you wish to ride this steed (you know like your Champion perhaps).

If it is just the stats you are looking for there are in-game alternatives. The Elf Ambassador and World Renown horses for example have equal stats but a different look, of course. If it’s the look of the horse you are enamored with, this is your only option.

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5 Responses to “Steed of the Champion Available Until May 3rd”

  1. Calder Says:

    Until Turbine releases a statement advising whether we will be able to use our pre-Rohan horses as ‘skins’ for the new Rohan warhorses, I certainly wouldn’t consider spending a dime on a non-Rohan horse now, if you already have a 68% speed mount.


  2. Baluin Says:

    I would buy a Warden horse in a moment. And probably for all 5 of my wardens… I’m just glad I don’t have more…



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