Turbine’s One Fan to Rule Them All Video Contest

April 11, 2012

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logo_lotro5Turbine has posted on their Facebook Page today a new video contest celebrating their 5th anniversary where the winner could win a trip to Boston and meet the Turbine team!

A facebook account is required to enter and the contest is open to residents of the US, UK and Germany. See the official rules for more details.

There is some artwork and music you have to download an include in your video but the theme is to show that you are the biggest LOTRO fan.

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of The Lord of the Rings Online™, we are asking our fans, “Who is the Biggest LOTRO Fan?” We want you to show us your LOTRO spirit by creating a video that proves you are the one fan to rule them all!

Daily Winners

Winners will be selected daily from entries to win 500 Turbine Points each day the contest is active.

Grand Prize

At the end of the contest, a single winner will be awarded the grand prize which includes a trip to Boston, a lifetime membership to LOTRO and 1000 Turbine Points.

Head over to their facebook page to start downloading the artwork and music required and submit your entry by May 4, 2012.

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9 Responses to “Turbine’s One Fan to Rule Them All Video Contest”

  1. mmicnova Says:

    and to all the players non US, UK or Germany, well, have a potato!


  2. Brainslug Says:

    I can buy TP from all over the world, but I have to live in the US to get a chance of winning TP?

    That’s really weak :/


  3. Cath Says:

    Another potato winner here. I wonder about the legal considerations behind the country choice they have made.


  4. Ereg Says:

    Global Service rules.


  5. Andy Says:

    The biggest fan may not have access to stuff or ability to craft a video even if they are amoung the chosen few locations. Discounts the fans that write fiction or use the ingame music system to compose some pretty awesome music. Or even the big fans that actually liked last years anniversary grind.

    Presumably there are cheap direct flights to boston from the ones they picked. Although I’d have thought France would have those. No passport and not enough HD space for video making so meh from me.


    • Corvald Says:

      No, it’s more likely that they already have lawyers in those three countries. Having a world-wide contest means you have to comply with every contest law in every country, and that’s virtually impossible.

      I mean, just look at the terms; it’s a 4,000+ word document that’s quite a bit different for the US, UK, and Germany (and not just that it’s in German!).


  6. welby Says:

    Darn me beard! I’m retired! :p.


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