50% off Rise of Isengard until May 14th

May 7, 2012


Turbine has added to the launcher a new sale for those looking to get the Rise of Isengard complete expansion! Today until May 14th, you can get the Rise of Isengard expansion for 50% off.

This offer is only available from the Turbine Web Store (meaning paid with real money only – no turbine points) so don’t look for it in game. Payment options through the Turbine Web Store are by credit card, ClickandBuy and Paypal.

This is the full expansion so purchasing any of the three editions available will grant you:

  • Isengard Quest Pack (Dunland, Gap of Rohan & Nan Curunir)
  • Draigoch Raid
  • Isengard Instance Cluster (5 instances)
  • Skirmish Soldier Max Rank 35

Extra goodies will apply depending on which of the edition you purchase.

Isengard Sale

The discount applies at check out. The web page does not display the sale price. Add it to your cart and you should see the discount there.

  • Legendary Edition $24.99
  • Heroic Edition $19.99
  • Base Edition $14.99

Head to the Turbine Web Store to purchase!

Thank you to @rwfrk for the heads up!

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29 Responses to “50% off Rise of Isengard until May 14th”

  1. William S Says:

    Just in case people gloss over the details, it no longer contains the XP Bonus stone, even in the Legendary edition.


  2. Fingorn Says:

    So i have a question about the Path of Fellowship Quest Pack we get if we buy the Legendary Version. If i already own Moria and Lothlorien will i still be able to get Eregion and Trollshaws??
    Thanks in advance.


  3. Ulrika Says:

    If sales tax is added, what is the total sum?


    • Goldenstar Says:

      Everyone’s sales tax is different. There’s no way I could figure out the sales tax for every area in the world :D


      • Ulrika Says:

        Even in the US? I was considering asking a friend that lives in the US to buy it for me, but wasn’t sure if I’d would be cheaper.


        • Goldenstar Says:

          Every State can set their own sales tax rate. Our sales tax rate in Michigan would be different from someone who lives in like Texas or Flordia, etc.


          • Indy Says:

            It’s even worse than that… each city can set it’s own additional sales tax rate. At least in Texas, other states may not allow that.

        • gopher1369 Says:

          I bought the game in dollars. I live in the UK. I just went to the isengard.lotro.com website and clicked on the little US flag in the top right hand corner and got the prices in dollars instead of pounds, which worked out much cheaper. I don’t remember being charged any tax on top of that, although I did pre-order so it was several months ago and my memory isn’t the best!

          Looking at the Legendary edition:

          $50 = £30 so half price would be £15. If you add 20% UK sales tax you’d pay £18.

          If you just pay in pounds it’s £20 so you save either £2 or £5 (depending on whether tax is added) by buying the expansion in dollars.


          • Matt Says:

            In the US tax is added at point of sale dependent upon State, in Europe all prices are inclusive (20% in the UK). What you’ve managed to do is get out of paying your tax (which is borderline pretty illegal in most places), and possibly had Turbine pay your UK VAT for you, which was kind of them, but they may come looking for it.
            Yes, Turbine’s exchange rates are pretty terrible, and this one is the worst so far, but you’re really still looking at a savings of about £20 and for a loss of about £2 it may be worth it.

  4. Alexandra & Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    Anyway a really good deal for anyone who still didn’t bought it.


  5. Larrod Says:

    Thank you for this information. I live in the EU and am a new player without any of the expansions. This gives me a cheap option to get most of what is in both packs (using the TB points) without the need to ship the boxes from the US or to use the in game store (which seems oddly expensive).



  6. Rainwhile Says:

    If I purchased isengard with TP, can I have a 50% sales also?
    Thanks ~!


  7. Evarden Says:

    Bah! Been waiting to get RoI for a while, but I need to spend TP on it. Saw the 50% off and got excited….then major let down…:(



  8. Kidnova Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for a couple of months!! But…Sunday I decided I had waited long enough and bought the Mithril Edition for $15 and used TP to buy the ROI expansion in-game. Murphy’s Law in full effect.


    • Phage Says:

      Golly. I bought RoI last Saturday. Legendary edition, full $49.99. Bah. Contacted Turbine support, the answer was as expected: tough luck, bud. Arguably I had it worse :P


  9. Achromatis Says:

    Does the “Path of the Fellowship” only include the quest packs, or is does it have some special exclusive quests?

    Im asking because I already have all those areas, but Ive been out of the loop for a while and dont have Isengard yet. So Im looking at either the Base or Heroic, probably Heroic for the 1000 TP.

    By the way, anyone have screenshots of the armor sets?


    • Andy Says:

      Path of the fellowship packs are just a bundle of the ones listed, nothing fancy added quest wise just convenience of not having to buy them singly.

      Depending on the server you play on chances are someone around will have at least one colour or another that you can inspect and try out on your characters. Failing that turbine had some of men/elves in boyband like poses and I believe cstm had better ones that may be lurking in the depths of older posts.


    • Goldenstar Says:


  10. Madmickel Says:

    So, in the quest pack “fellowship of the ring” are with moria also all moria instances included ?


    • Goldenstar Says:

      The quest pack is “Path of the Fellowship” and yes all of the moria instances are included.


  11. Tiranblade Says:

    I bought it today and ran into one issue i may have to contact account support on, im not getting any of the cloaks that go with the armours, were they preorder only or am i having an issue?


  12. Adastrea Says:

    Can anyone tell me if there’s any VIP time included with RoI?


    • Tiranblade Says:

      I bought it and as far as im aware, no it just opens up the quests and content listed as well as it bonus items.


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