Double Bonus Points Through May 28th

May 21, 2012


Starting today until May 28, 2012 there is a sale on LOTRO Points bundle purchased in the LOTRO Store. They are doubling the bonus points on only the three largest bundle packages.


Here’s the break down of the approximate cost per 100 Turbine Points for each of the bundles1. Values have been rounded to nearest penny.

  • $59.99 bundle: $0.68 for 100 Turbine Points
  • $99.99 bundle: $0.63 for 100 Turbine Points
  • $199.99 bundle: $0.60 for 100 Turbine Points

These double points promos are the best value you will find on Turbine Points. It is a pity it is only for their largest packages but if were were saving up to buy a bundle, this is a great sale to catch.

See the official post for details as well links to the prices for our international friends.

  1. I am trying this cost / 100 TP rather than cost per point because it’s really difficult when dealing with tenths of pennies. Let me know if this new format is helpful or if you prefer I go back to cost / point.
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11 Responses to “Double Bonus Points Through May 28th”

  1. GoTiK Says:

    I like it this way better, by the 100TP. Thanks!


  2. Delvechael Says:

    This is a good example of why I check CSTM several times per day – great, timely information. Thank you for the hard work.

    Personally, I like your new format of cost/100 TP. It is easier for me to understand.


  3. Rinvan Says:

    If this is anything like last year, I bet pre-orders for the expansion will began in early June following this bonus points sale. Maybe we can pre-order with TP this time?


    • Andy Says:

      Last time they didnt down to the store not being able to cope with selling content it didnt have “live” so unless they’ve upgraded the store I doubt it.

      The lure of a 6th bag will possibly be greater than the free horse and cosmetics RoI had so will be a good injection of cash for them. My guess is the bag may well be like derudhs stone and hit the store after release but it’s a 6th bag which people have been wanting for a good while now.


  4. Lazlo Says:

    Has anybody done the math on how many points it takes to buy all the content and necessary whatnots?


  5. Dan Says:

    I’ve been waiting for a point sale to buy more TP, but now I am disappointed that the sale is only for the largest point packages. I enjoy LOTRO but I am not going to drop $60 all at once to buy points on sale. $20ish dollars is closer to what my budget will allow.


  6. Pickles Says:

    Might as well introduce a lifetime membership to the in-game store (unlimited and free store purchases) for about 5000 dollars if many people are actually buying such large bundles of TP (joke idea of course).


  7. Dagael Says:

    I miss the $50 price point. For some reason, $50 seemed reasonable, while $60 seems extravagant. That might just be me, though.


    • Pjotr Says:

      It’s not just you, Dagael. I felt the same, and the same time wondered why 50$ seems to be some kind of limit with a “do not cross” sign for me.


  8. Adam Says:

    Something weird in our EU version of the store last night, the $59.99 which is £39.99 GB pounds was listed TWICE, when buying points, once with the double bonus, and once without it, so beware EU players!

    (Its also a (k total package for 39.99 but thats because of translation etc)


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