Final Day for Steed of the Champion

May 3, 2012


Just a friendly reminder to any interested in the Steed of the Champion, today is the final day to purchase before it goes back into the stables. It is unknown when it will return. If this was a mount you were interested in, you may want to pick it up.

Steed of the Champion

This valiant light gray steed wears a saddle cloth and neck guard of overlapping leather to create an armoured mount perfect for Champions.

HISTORY: Steed of the Champion – Champions are the masters of many weapons, which means their mounts must be able to bear the weight of their arms. This sturdy grey steed is equipped and especially trained for battle, strong enough to bear both arms and armour—both his rider’s and his own. Bedecked with leather and bronze plates with belts of gold, the Champion’s Steed exemplifies the mount of a warrior.

Store Location: Travel & Housing → Mounts → Store Exclusive
Levels: 5+

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12 Responses to “Final Day for Steed of the Champion”

  1. Avatar of Palladius
    Palladius Says:

    I would’ve preferred more swords on it. Like, bursting with swords


  2. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    And instead of the galloping, two-coconuts-being-clapped-together horse sound when it moves, it should make the shing-shing noise.


  3. Sen Says:

    I wonder what the next class mount will be. :)


    • Sen Says:

      Gah, submitted before I finished my thought.

      A part of me wants it to be the captain’s steed, but the part that doesn’t want to get tempted into paying 2k points definitely doesn’t want that!


  4. susan Says:

    I havent seen anyone who has this steed yet in game, may be a steed burn out going on. I was curious if the silver bits shine out or if its muted colors like the guardian steed


    • Avatar of Vræden
      Vræden Says:

      I think you’re right about “steed fatigue”. How many times can they get people to pay $20 a pop for a per-character mount?


    • Freyjuska Says:

      I actually have it (of course, I must have bought it to create an outfit around it ;D). I like it much more than the Steed of the Guardian, the silver is more vivid :)


      • Isilwren Says:

        I’ve seen the horse a few times. The swords are almost hard to see and I generally never notice the dagger unless I’m REALLY looking for it. For my Champion I prefer the Steed of Night. I also got the new black Lossoth horse so those two make for good replacements.


  5. Gliredhel Says:

    Bring on the Mini-mount!


  6. Draegor Says:

    My dwarf says ‘We need more goats!”

    Personally, I want a fireworks-laden goat to light up Moria with :)


  7. Matthew Jobe Says:

    It’s actually not quite the last day, as was recently posted. Maybe this can get its own column


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