Final Weekend of the Anniversary Festival

May 4, 2012



May 9th is the final day of the 5th Anniversary Festival! Make sure you turn in all your anniversary and gift box tokens and buy up all the goodies you were hoping for this weekend.

All the anniversary festival items including the horses, costumes and furniture and the Piles of Mysterious Powder material will not be available again until next year!

The tokens will not expire so if you simply wish to keep a stash for next year, that will work without any problem.

Our 5th Anniversary Festival Guide is available to make sure you haven’t missed anything!

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11 Responses to “Final Weekend of the Anniversary Festival”

  1. Erunineriol Says:

    So the anniversary festival has some steed and cosmetics from yulefestival? Nice to know ;)


  2. bob101910 Says:

    I think anniversary tokens can be traded for marks after the festival (maybe during)


  3. scott Says:

    Yeah the metal tokens can be traded with the Bree Rep guys after the festival is over.


  4. Alexandra and Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    Final weekEND, but still up ’till May 9th, isn’t it? So we’ll also have the beginning of the next week. :)


  5. susan Says:

    All the exploiters are getting on my last nerve, I can not believe LoTR is allowing them to get away with it and making hundreds of gold off the stolen emotes. blergh.


    • royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

      I wouldn’t say hundreds of gold. If there are many exploiters on your server selling them then the prices should be low. It is an annoying exploit, but I’ve personally used it so I would have 1 68% horse on all my alts.


      • Peter Says:

        Is this why I see dozens of people just standing around the fountain/task board area or Bree? If they are exploiting something, shouldn’t they be picking up the envelopes or something? I mean, these guys never move at all.

        Maybe it’s just dumb luck, but I have gotten a mount on every toon I play except (of course) my main, who has the World Renowned horse, so doesn’t really need another 68%’er. Why bother with some exploit when you could be, you know, playing the game!!?? :-)


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