Galloping Gala

May 3, 2012



May 3rd through May 16th there will be a series of events collectively called the Galloping Gala you can take place in both in-game and out for fun and prizes! Here’s the run down of what you can find.

In-Game Events

There are a series of horse themed events happening on several servers that you can take part in. Turbine is giving these player run events some fun stuff to give away as well. I’m not sure if all events will have the same prizes but mentioned specifically is the chance to win Turbine Points or the Perlino Steed.

See the Schedule of Events for details.


Store Exclusive Steeds

All of the store exclusive steeds have been brought out of the stable and are available to purchase from May 4 – May 6, 2012.

Here’s the list of steeds that will be available:

Coupon Codes

Keep an eye on LOTRO Reporter and Landroval Times web sites as Turbine will be giving them special LOTRO Store coupon codes!

Screenshot Contest

A screenshot contest is also happening. Submit your screenshots by May 16th. You can enter a single one of the four categories twice. It has a horse / event them as well.

Screenshot Categories

  • The Head of the Herd: Put on your best fancy hat and match it with your outfit! We want to see what you’re wearing to the races! The winner of this category will receive the title of “Gala Milliner 2012” on the LOTRO Forums.
  • The Best of Breeds: Groom your mount and get ready to snap a lively shot! We want to see you and your mount in a beautiful pose somewhere in Middle-earth! The winner of this category will receive the title of “Gala Stylist 2012” on the LOTRO Forums.
  • The Party Photographer: Every social gathering needs a good party photographer. Snap a shot of one of our Galloping Gala player-run parties, or take a photo of you and your kinship enjoying the festivities! The winner of this category will receive the title of “Gala Party Photographer 2012” on the LOTRO Forums.
  • The Race Photographer: Action shots look great, but they’re sometimes hard to take. We’re looking for the bravest of the brave photographers to visit our many horse races and competitions and snap an action shot!  The winner of this category will receive the title “Gala Race Photographer 2012” on the LOTRO Forums.

Finalists will also be voted on by the LOTRO player community for the “Best in Show’ category.  You must be 18 or older to enter but it is open to all countries. Winners will receive 500 Turbine Points and a unique forum title.

See the details on the Screenshot Contest and how to enter.

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12 Responses to “Galloping Gala”

  1. Tony Says:

    Is this anual, or does it have to do with mounted combat?


    • Joshua Says:

      It was a player-initiated event, so it’s not really connected to mounted combat or Rohan in any way. Same response goes for whether it’s an annual event, for that matter. If the community decides to organise one for next year, it’s annual. ;P


  2. Brerod Says:

    It’s hard to get excited about these after most of my characters already have fast, sturdy steeds, many from the Anniversary Festival. But I can see folks with TP to burn wanting a certain look. From a practicality standpoint the best mount in the game is the Fleet-footed goat: fast, sturdy, and can go anywhere.


    • Kyle Says:

      The treasure hunt goat has the same stats and it’s free.


      • Erunineriol Says:

        But not as beautiful.. This white steed and the steed of the night are (imo) the most beautiful horses..

        Maybe sarumans steed of the many colours is more beautiful ;)


  3. Erunineriol Says:

    “we’re offering a special coupon for a special hat! Just enter the code: LANDROVALTIMES in the LotRO Store, and you will get 40% off the Fancy Plumed Hat”

    No Horse-Code =/ but

    “Also looking to help out potential riders without a steed, you may want to check out LotRO Reporter who may have a special coupon of their own available ;)”


  4. toffeetoffee Says:

    best pony reference ever! I stopped lotro for half a year, come back, and see a pony refence! amazing!



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