LOTROShots: Ew Smelly!

May 27, 2012


Ew smelly!

By cleartrampoline

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4 Responses to “LOTROShots: Ew Smelly!”

  1. Haldare Says:

    A Big ???? that shot has been up on flicker for ages and it only now gets featured! Im a little bambozled. There are many new and exciting hard to get action shots and these get overlooked for a (all be it good) older comical shot!! Its not sour grapes just plain confusion o-O


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      I don’t have anything to do with picking the picture of the week, but I do know that this sort of post tends to be scheduled a couple weeks or so in advance. There’s a lot to do maintaining a blog and podcast like this, so anything that can be pre-planned is a bonus. The newer pictures aren’t being “overlooked”. It’s more like they haven’t been looked through yet. A quick peek at the flickr group shows 192 members and 3,566 pictures. There is no way that all of these pictures can be featured. That’s why the flickr group is linked to with each of these posts. It’s like we’re saying “Hey, this is a neat picture. If you want to see more LOTRO shots, go here and check out the rest!” Not “this picture is the only good one in the whole flickr set.”


      • haldare Says:

        Wow now you have explained i feel bad ><!! I often have a look at some pretty amazing shots but what i thought happend was you picked a pickie from the last week and not the pool of screen shots, and that you felt you had to go back further to find a decent one. A misunderstanding and i do appologise. Keep up the fantastic work.


      • Blas Valenzuela Says:

        Another thanks for Ketani for the explanation. I quite didn’t figure out but your explanation made everything clear.


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