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May 23, 2012

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I’ve always had largely mixed feelings towards LOTRO’s free-to-play (F2P) model. On the one hand, it provides options for all players, is not essential to the enjoyment of the game, and lowers whatever obstacles there were for new players to get into the game and enjoy Middle-earth; on the other, the store casts a shadow on an otherwise elegant and enjoyable game and creates a lingering environment of greed as soon as one pries at all into the store and its related marketing schemes. The rather large “Store” button in the UI and the advertisements on loading screens cheapen the general feeling within LOTRO as well.

PB, writing for DocHoliday’s blog, published a nice editorial weighing the pros and cons for free-to-play versus the typical subscription model. He says we are deluded if we think that game companies haven’t been basing their release schedules or mechanics around extracting as much money as possible out of the subscription model in the first place; a company like Turbine seeking to maximize the profitability of their store is only a different dance to the same song.

This I can understand. A company must make money and, since the advent of F2P, Turbine has been able to crank out updates and new content more regularly, arguably at the rate at which they presented new areas the first 18 months after release. Though I cannot back it up, my assumption has always been that the areas that were released in that first year (Evendim, Forochel, and the like) were zones in production pre-release, riding the wave of cash injected by initial investments and released throughout the first year to keep folks playing. After Mines of Moria, though, things seemed to dwindle down to a trickle. So, while the F2P model is less than ideal (especially after Turbine had said they would not make LoTRO a free-to-play type game) it has provided the cash necessary to keep Middle-earth growing, which is what we all want. It hasn’t hindered the quality of content much either; the epic story is still interesting, quest text is still thoughtful, zones are still beautiful, endgame raids and instances are of the same grade as before F2P. They’ve even had the time and manpower to revamp existing zones to make them more player-friendly.

It’s just that dratted store that’s the problem.

It’s an eyesore, a blemish, a reminder of the wretched capitalism that oils the wheels of that great machine we call industry. I’ve had my moments of rage in its regard; “Armourgate” and the premium wallet, more specifically, have been some instances of seeming abuse of the store and of Turbine reneging (again) on their collective word. As I said in the Armourgate post, it feels especially ironic as this kind of moneygrubbing and advantage-taking is very Saruman-ish, in a game based on a story of fidelity and honour and freedom.

But, ultimately, it doesn’t affect the way I play the game. I’ve never bought anything from the store out of necessity and, because I am a subscriber, my allowance of store points lets me buy whatever I want without spending extra money. Like I said above, it hasn’t had any noticeable effect on content and I haven’t been put into a position of choosing the store or the game. Is the Turbine Store trifling and petty and nickle-and-diming? Yes. Do I have to partake? No.

However, being a subscriber is losing its appeal more and more. Why not allow an advertisement-free option for us monthly subscribers and Lifetimers? We’re not going anywhere. Our loyalty to the game and its IP has been proven tenfold in our longevity as customers. So why should I have to be subjected to that store button; those eyesore pop-ups that tell me I have earned points as can be used in said store; and the horrid adverts disguised as loading screens telling me to either (a) become a VIP, which I am, or (b) buy crap in the store, which I already do?

There are countless examples of this model out on the internet: you get the free version for free because it has limited functionality and you are subjected to advertising; when you start to pay your subscription, the ads go away. Hulu, Spotify, Amazon’s Kindle, and countless iOS apps utilize this idea. For LOTRO, the ads are all in-house so they don’t generate actual revenue just by being there, but it seems the same principles apply. This proposed ad-free option should come with the subscription package, but I don’t care if I have to pay a small stipend of Turbine Points each month to keep the pigs at bay. If it’s a one-time purchase to keep ads away, I will totally do it; I’ve dropped hundreds of dollars into this game over the years, a few more bucks won’t kill me. Consumerism is about choice, so just give me the ruddy option!

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53 Responses to “Make LotRO Ad-Free”

  1. Knify-Riddermark Says:

    I totally agree! seeing “Upgrade now become a VIP” or “get the MoM expansion there are X number of quests!” really annoys me seeing as I am VIP and all ready own all the quest packs they should change it to display only quest packs and advertisements for things that you dont already own this would reward people who have given Turbine an arm and a leg alreadyand would incourage others to purchase the quest packs as well as they wouldnt be wasting advertising space trying to get you to buy something you already own and they can advertise things you hqve yet to purchase. If they do fix this issue they should also try to have specific advertisements for certain level ranges cause honestly my level 12 burg couldnt care less about moria (VIP would be advertised at all levels enless u are a VIP) now i know that the second idea may be harder to implement than the other but its just a thought


  2. Goreamir Says:

    I’ve grown to be very put off over recent years by the fast and loose use of the word “greed” as it pertains to a business wanting to succeed and grow. That’s why they are in business after all. It’s becoming very cliche these days.


    • Avatar of shipwreck
      shipwreck Says:

      I think the difference between a business run with respect and consideration, and one that creates a feeling of greed, lies with their approach. I have been playing the game Glitch for about 6 months and, in my opinion, they ran the game and its store with more respect for their playerbase (read ‘customers’) than any other game company I’ve interacted with. In part, this is because they are a smaller, private company, without corporate masters, and in part it is because of their philosophy and mission. They have a store, but it is strictly for cosmetic uses; outfits, housing decorations, and the like. They never push it on the players, subscribers have access to exclusive items, and they actually re-entered beta to overhaul the game and fix “grindy” parts, rather than put items into a cash shop to mitigate it.

      So, I agree that the word “greed” can be tossed around wantonly and I agree that Turbine wants to succeed and grow, I don’t agree that the way they run their cash shop is necessary to see success and growth. Like as not, they could run it with more class and still have the same cash flow.


  3. Jeff Says:

    Personally the “in-house” adds for the Turbine store don’t bother me. In fact I barely notice them anymore, but I understand your point (see below). Now if they were to start showing third party ads that interupted my experience (like Hulu), that would bother me greatly.

    For the record paying $9/month for Hulu “Plus” only allows streaming to devices other than your PC. The ads do NOT go away and yes i feel the knife twist every time I am subjected to one. Compare this to add free Netflix or Amazon Prime for the same price. Yes, I know the content is newer on Hulu and that is why I am subjected to the ads in addition to paying to stream to my TV. I would gladly pay a few bucks more per month not to have my program interupted by ads.


    • Dawnsfire Says:

      “For the record paying $9/month for Hulu “Plus” only allows streaming to devices other than your PC. The ads do NOT go away and yes i feel the knife twist every time I am subjected to one.”
      People accept it so they get away with it. Look at cable TV for example. Except for the so-called ‘Premium” channels, all cable channels have just as many commercials as over the air channels do. It still amazes me that people aren’t upset about that.


  4. Andy Says:

    The ads are more obvious if you bounce between alts, and at least they relate to the game and not point you towards other titles or products like ddo or whatever.

    My main irritation with them is that a lot of the time they are for things I already have on my account or just not localized. The eu had mithril edition before the date stated on ad screens and my local Game/whsmiths rarely has the gamecards. Don’t mind the coming soon ones that much as it’s relevant to us all.

    My solution to this is to grab a selection of pics, the undoctored ones they sometimes have on the lotro website for example, and replace the adverts with those.

    For those too lazy to look it’s in the lotro folder under raw > en > logo en_gb has one lurking as well those who use french or german need to change en to the fr or de as needed. You will need to keep a copy of the pics you want as everytime the launcher updates they go back to ads.

    Probably breaches some eula thing but as they put the files on my pc they have to accept that there might be a bit of doctoring going on to improve the functionality or relevance of the splash screens. I know the store is there, I’ve used the ingame store, I dont’ need to be told time and again that it’s selling content I already own.

    Thanks to the zone sales the only time I really have the store shoved in my face is the task reset thing or stuff like the postie badge or treasure pick. That can be dealt with but going to a new zone on an f2p account can be hellish as every npc seems to send you storewards if you dont have the content.


    • Avatar of shipwreck
      shipwreck Says:

      The launcher overwrites those pictures (or at least did on mine, maybe it was just a routine update). Good points, though!


      • Andy Says:

        Yeah they do get overwritten when the launcher updates, which has been a couple of times a week in the past, but if you keep the ones you want and copy paste it usually works fine.

        Until turbine read this and adjust things anyway.

        One thing I’ve also done ingame is to remove the store keybind from ctrl s, was very annoying having the store window popup midcombat if you happened to be moving about and casting stuff with the ctrl modifier.


  5. Avatar of Moryel Silverarrow
    Moryel Silverarrow Says:

    While I agree that it would be nice to have an ad-free option for subscribers, there are a few things that you can be do to make the store less obtrusive now.

    The first of these is the fact that many of the custon user interfaces over on remove the store button. I use Eclipse Light and in order to get to the store I have to go through a pop up menu. They’re easy to use and the site has instructions on getting them set up. I think Merric even did a post here about them once a couple of years again. I’ve also seen postings over on the site that replace the ad screens with other images. I’ve not tried those myself but the option is available.

    Should Turbine give subscribers an option to turn off the ads, yes, but until they do, you can limit your exposure to them yourself.


  6. Dan Says:

    You acknowledge that F2P has done good things for the game, and that the Store is a necessary part of having an F2P model (although yes there have been some missteps, like the low-level armor–although that doesn’t seem to have ruined the game). You even acknowledge that you don’t even have to use the Store at all if you don’t want to. So it all really boils down to the fact that you don’t like the methods that Turbine uses to remind you that the Store exists — especially for things that you already own. Obviously you are entitled to those feelings, but they do not resonate with me at all. There seem to be many players, and I’m betting that most of them were playing well before F2P and who got used to the way that the game was under the original model, for whom the pointers to the Store seem excessively “intrusive.” There are also many players such as myself, who joined when F2P started but is now VIP, who barely notice the Store ‘adverts.’ Crazy, but true! The fact that they exist doesn’t bother me, and the fact that they often advertise things I already own doesn’t bother me either. It simply is how the game “is” and very rarely (like the treasure picks) have I ever felt that Turbine was trying to pressure me to buy buy buy. The Store presence in the game is a) necessary to some extent under the current model and b) not all that much in the grand scheme of things. I have complete control over what I choose to buy from the Store, on top of my monthly subscription. In fact, when I see a log in screen about something that I already own, my feeling is not one of annoyance, but one of satisfaction because there is one less thing that I have to buy. I can understand why others might want an ad-free option, but it doesn’t feel to me like something worth getting worked up about.


    • Avatar of shipwreck
      shipwreck Says:

      I suppose if I had to boil my feeling and opinion down to one item, it would be the lack of choice. As you said, we are all entitled to our feelings and if mine is that store advertisements (both on loading screens and NPCs) are irritating then I should like to have the option to remove them.

      I appreciate that you let this roll off your back, and I don’t want to folks to think that I go into a blind rage every time I see a store ad, I just want the option. And I’ll wager you’re right as well, that most of the folks who don’t care for the store are from the pre-F2P days. Or maybe it’s just me ;)


    • Adam Says:

      @Dan I bet there are a few folks like me too, who got used to the model back 4-5 years ago a liked how it worked, and then it went free to play with a store etc and just adapted with it and feel much the same as you. I actually don’t mind the store, and am not bothered by the adverts. I would like to turn the ‘you got turbine points’ reminders off though, just because it flashes up so often, but its certainly on the ‘or whatever’ category.

      One nice advantage is that we struggled to keep up with a the Jones previously due to the nature of our real life commitments, but at least now we have an option of a few TP here and there to make it easier. Things that annoy me in the store… relic removal scrolls did, but I saw that as a trade off to keep Lifers and VIP’s spending their free points on game play, rather than hoarding for expansions, so I sort of came to terms with that. Even the picks and such don’t bother me.


  7. Merewald Says:

    Funny thing about those loading screen ads, I barely notice them anymore. I only realize that they are there when I’ve been playing Skyrim and then come back to LOTRO. Once I’m back in the swing of LOTRO though, they really turn into background noise. Having ads so pop up so frequently seems like it would hurt the store over time, since it can create a sort of visual immunity. Hopefully Turbine will get wise to the numbing effect that a flood of ads make and tone it down. It would be for their benefit as much as for the players who dislike it.

    On another note, the player made UIs are great for blending the in game store button. I especially like the Delving Hills UI, the button isn’t hidden but it’s worked into the artist’s theme so it’s handy without being obtrusive.


  8. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    My feelings regarding F2P and the pervasive LOTRO Store are that they are necessary “evils” to support the game. As a corporation, Turbine (and now Warner Brothers) wants to make money off of LOTRO. If LOTRO is not profitable, it will cease to exist, which to me, is an undesireable outcome.

    As a former VIP subscriber who has now gone F2P, I don’t have any problem with all of the reminders about the LOTRO Store, and I didn’t have a problem with them prior to cancelling my subscription.

    It’s my choice to purchase things through the store, just as it’s my choice to ignore all of the ads.

    Also, I don’t personally feel betrayed by Turbine going back on “promises” they’ve made in the past (such as that they’ll never go F2P or that store items will never affect game balance). Turbine’s first priority should always be maintaining the viability of the game and to turn a profit. If that means selling armour or weapons in the store (or health potions or legandary item legacies or whatever), then they should do that.

    If players don’t like it, it is their prerogative to stop playing or not support the product. As a consumer, the way to affect any change is through your wallet. Obviously, Turbine has decided that the trade-offs with ads and F2P vs. alienating existing customers is worth it. If enough people left the game or cancelled their subscriptions, then they’d change.


    • Wilifro Says:

      “I don’t personally feel betrayed by Turbine going back on “promises” they’ve made in the past … [their] should always be ….. to turn a profit.“

      Um. Breaking promises is bad, isn’t it? (Used to be anyway.) Even if you do it for the money. See your pastor, rabbi, whatever, for more about this point.


      • Avatar of Vræden
        Vræden Says:

        I don’t place much stock in the “promises” of anyone who is selling something (see used cars, selling), and Turbine is selling a product.

        Business models change. Economic circumstances, such as a recession which causes job losses and decreased discretionary spending, can make a business turn to sources of revenue they might not in other times. Whether it’s adopting a F2P micro-transaction model in the case of an MMO, or going to an overseas supply chain to lower costs and increase profits in the case of a company like Nike or Apple, we accept that companies do things that they said they wouldn’t do a year ago.

        Right or wrong, a company should opt for self-preservation ahead of sticking to “promises” they made when circumstances were different. When automobiles started being produced in mass numbers, some carriage shops refused to embrace change, and now they’re out of business.

        The subscription model for MMOs is clearly not viable for every game out there, and for those that wish to remain profitable, the micro-transaction model is a way to continue to offer content and make money along the way.


        • Avatar of shipwreck
          shipwreck Says:

          I agree that the business must survive and I am glad it has (obviously), but would you not agree that Kate Paiz or someone higher could have said something along the lines of, “In the past, we’ve said that LOTRO would not work as a F2P game. In recent years, the market has changed, as has our company, and we feel that this would be the best direction yada yada yada”? Just something to acknowledge previous statements and show a little respect to their customers. That’s my point.


  9. scott Says:

    I just wish the ads would change. All I get anymore is the Evendim screen and the Guardian Spotlight page. At least make it interesting. Sometimes I want to say”Ok, I have Evendim already!” Who cares if you have a Guardian spotlight, they are free to create. Maybe a Warden or Rune Keeper screen might get you to “buy” that class” but I am Premium (dropped VIP sometime ago) and I have everything anyway, except for maybe one skirmish. VIP has no appeal to me anymore until the next update.


  10. Sierra Says:

    Ads don’t make me feel obligated to buy something I don’t want, or take away from my ability to play the game. Store ads do, however, enable Turbine to make money, which enables them to continue developing this game that I love to play. Moving away from a sub-only service has, by any measure I’ve seen, increased the popularity of the game as well as the playerbase. This is also a good thing. I am inundated in just about every other area of my life with far more ads, far more obnoxious and sometimes offensive ads, for products that I have zero use for. Why am I going to complain about these ones?


  11. Bibliocat Says:

    1. You could (like me) grab a refreshment or get up and stretch during loading times. Even when I don’t, I barely notice the screens–they’re no bother at all.

    2. The store button doesn’t bother me either, and a simple tap on the esc key clears away pop-ups in a blink. Sometimes I’m more pestered by all the deed/rep/title pop-ups than the TP notices–I like earning TP! Again, the esc key is my friend.

    3. Why is capitalism “wretched” and who are the “pigs” being kept “at bay”?


  12. Iorviel Says:

    I’m grateful that the game went F2P, because it’s what got me into the game. I’ve never played an MMO before because I was unwilling to experiment with a subscriber model. I’ve met lots of others like me, too, who decided to start with F2P lotro and have now had a year or more of VIP. I didn’t realize how much resentment, or reluctant tolerance, of the F2P model some of the older subscribers have, although I guess it makes sense. (I play on Imladris, so I don’t know many who have been around so long.)

    That said, I do get tired of getting ads for content I already have. I would definitely be happy to see ads for content I haven’t purchased yet, or highlights of items, places in game I may not have seen.


  13. susan Says:

    There are too many buy now, over here, look here!!! sale sale sale ads, its obtrusive and annoying. I love the delving hills skin, it great and helps. i have learned to live with the rest, not much you can do about it, the opening screens I just mute, minimize and do other stuff on puter till they are thru.

    I do wonder if they impede the loading of the game by pausing the load till the ad is done, or if they are there while the game loads….if its the former then that rots.


  14. Wilifro Says:

    The way Turbine do in-game adds and such is far too obtrusive. It’s immersion breaking.

    It’s like being in a real brick-and-mortar store where the sales guy follows you around everywhere you go. Creepy and ANNOYING.


  15. Zide Zwipe Says:

    The Free to Play model SAVED LOTRO. IT SAVED LOTRO.

    LOTRO WOULD BE DEAD WITHOUT IT. Don’t complain about something that is the only reason your game still exists.


    • Wilifro Says:

      Zide, the original post is not saying that LOTRO shouldn’t be FTP.
      What he says is that there are too many ads, and he suggests there should be an ad-free option for people who pay subs.

      He even says that he will continue to buy stuff from the store.

      So this topic is not so much FTP vs Not-FTP, but about the naff way that Turbine have chosen to implement the model. And, rather than just complain, the OP makes a suggestion that would fix this without affecting the way other people play.


      • Gren Says:

        Amen brother. F2p did save the game. So much complaining over something so meaningless. Go play stwor if you guys are so unhappy.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Holy dookie, dude. Take it down a notch. He’s not saying to go back to subscription only. He’s suggesting a different method of advertising the store may be looked upon favorably by some players.


  16. Rinvan Says:

    I agree with Scott’s comments, the ad for Evendim is really annoying & I have to stare at it for about 3 minutes every day while the game loads.


  17. susan Says:

    for those complaining we are complaining about the F2P thing, if you take the time to read… we are just saying the ads can be obtrusive and not doing what they are supposed to do, target the audience that may actually want them. When I log on I usually go (once a game session) to the store and then look under sales, I dont need to have blips, pops, and flashing crap to constantly bug me to do it.


    • scott Says:

      Susan, I agree with your assesment. If you are going to hit me with a loading screen ad of a class spotlight or a map, at least try to implement some sort of a smart logic system where you attempt to show me something I don’t have or haven’t bought yet. I guess if you are VIP, show me another horse I can spend 1995 TP on! The marketing behind the loading screen ads are missing the mark. Oh yeah, by the way I have a graduate degree in business, so I know at least something behind marketing. In my case almost 99% of the time over the last 3 or 4 months I have had to stare at a Guardian spotlight loading screen or an Evendim screen, which to me says “get up and go get that drink, you will not be missing anything while you wait to log into Lagville.”


  18. Wilifro Says:


    It’s not what Turbine are doing, but the dumb way they are doing it.

    The ad mechanism is as primitive and unimaginative as the Nigerian ‘419’ scam emails. (You know the ones). Annoying, irrelevant, immersion breaking.

    Middle-Earth deserves better.


  19. xhii Says:

    I just wish they actually showed ads for stuff I might want to buy. I’m not gonna buy a class I already have, I’m not gonna buy a quest pack I already have, and I’m sure not going to go VIP since I already have Lifetime. Oh and I’m also not going to buy boxed editions or game time cards that are not even available on my continent :D


  20. Sapphiria Says:

    As was stated earlier, the adds are stored locally. When the launcher updates, it throws like 8? I think, adds directly into a folder on your hard drive. When the game runs, all it does is pick one of those files to display. Unfortunately, this means there is no way that Turbine can scan your game and know what content you own or not and which adds to display. They just rotate a few files every update and the RNG, as we all know, sometimes hates us. So sometimes all you see are 1 or 2 of these possible adds. I like seeing notices about updates and festivals, but yeah, region ‘spotlights’ and class adds don’t really make me giddy. I wish they would put up some nice artwork and only the occasional update and festival info.


  21. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    I am just glad they don’t have non-LotRO themed adds like buy a coke to save Middle-Earth. There are MANY F2P titles out there that gives adds from outside parties that have nothing to do with their game and those are the worst.
    As long as LotRO stays with Middle-Earthish adds I am fine


  22. PB Says:

    It’s PB not PG by the way :).

    Anyway, this isn’t a consideration for people who are highly engaged with the game and know all about what turbine’s doing, but those “annoying” ads are probably really informative for a lot of people. From the spash screens telling them about new game features to the buttons which lets them know that there are options to skip various in game grinds (rep, crafting, LIs) – you might not want to use these store features, but there surely are some people that do and these reminders can serve a genuine informational function. So this isn’t something that really bothers me either.

    Also, it’s apparently possible to remove all the store UI elements with various custom skins anyway.


  23. royalbob of dwarrowdelf Says:

    I think there are plugins that change the loading screens and hide the store buttons ingame. I’m just glad that the ads are LOTRO ads and not outside companies. Allow it would be amusing at first, I do not want to see a hobbit eating a Snickers candy bar. If a few ads ingame keep it free, I’m fine with it.

    I don’t if they changed it, but Hulu still has ads even if you pay for a subscription.


  24. calavera Says:

    Nitpicking at it’s finest. VIP or not, you get a loading screen in most mmo’s, I wonder how many people actually pay attention to them after the first few times, regardless of if they advertise some thing specific to the game you are playing or just have the same two or three loading screens that a non-f2p game will have any way. Not to mention how much time/energy is wasted on being upset about it, seeing as it doesn’t even affect your gameplay. As for the store button… not sure what resolution you run at, but it’s a quite a minor thing on mine, I hesitate to even call it an “inconvenience”, as it too doesn’t affect my gameplay in the slightest. If that button is such an eyesore, I would suggest checking out the loto interface website that not only has some great plugins, but some skins that can do as little as get rid of that pesky button for you. They’ll never be able to make everyone happy, but at least with liability they provide a way for the players to cope with these atrocities.


  25. Colage Says:

    Really, how obtrusive are LOTRO’s ads? The loading screens would be there anyway. Almost everything else (sans death popups) is either (a) shunted off to the corner with other notifications, or (b) when you actively try to do something that you didn’t pay for (not having the quest pack, over task limit, or similar). I guess that could hinder immersion, but compared to other games – especially the subscription-to-F2P converts – I’d say LOTRO is downright conservative.

    Really, I encourage people to try EQ2 and experience obtrusive advertising. Or turn on your radio to a commercial station. Or, really, almost any facet of modern life.


  26. Belegedan Says:

    I’m okay with it as it is. To me it’s not obtrusive or annoying. And remember, it could be sooooo much worse.


  27. Glinluin Says:

    You can’t have your Lembas and eat it. Without going F2P this game would be no more – that means advertising and the store.

    I cant honestly say I have a huge problem with the adverts – nowhere near as annoying as the long loading times.


  28. Andy Says:

    People seem to see this as a two part problem, relevance and the time its on screen for or general level of subtlty.

    Each week we have store sales with a coupon code. I’ve often wondered why turbine has never used the load screen to promote the weekly sale. It’s a very obvious method of notifying people of the sale/coupon and only being about for a week each time wouldnt seem as bad. save them emailing the populace and losing half into spamfilters.
    They could even use one of their current generic splashscreens to go under the text. Reducing the size of the adverts store logo would make it subtler and less in the face as a result while not killing the actual advert.

    Then there is the time the thing is onscreen for. Partly this is down to the player, altoholics like myself do sometimes bounce between characters to shuffle bank contents of craft and so see the ads far more often that the single character players.

    The other part of this is down to turbine and the loading times which I think we can all agree do get longer with each update. True you can go and make a coffee but there’s only so many coffee’s you can drink in a day before you start getting the shakes. And by making a coffee I mean grinding beans and brewing a fresh coffee not just boiling a kettle for some instant stuff.

    Consider 2 advertising campaigns, gocompare opera bloke or aleksander the meerkat. Both are for similar products however one is as subtle as a steel toecap between the legs and you would happily kill after seeing the thing once. While the other has character and subtler as it doesnt actually talk directly about the product.


  29. Saarge Says:

    I don’t mind the load screens which tend to remind me of purchases I have planned to make, whats annoying are the you earned lotro points notifications



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