Pineleaf Ponders Update 7

May 9, 2012

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Update 7 brings us the first new skirmish in a year. This time, we head into Dunland where Gwyllion, the Old Woman of the Mountain is concocting some nefarious scheme against the free peoples of Middle-earth.

Storm on Methedras is a new skirmish that will be available through the LOTRO store. As with other store skirmishes, VIP players can access Storm on Methedras without purchasing it.

Please note that Storm on Methedras is currently being tested on Bullroarer. It is not yet on the live servers and is subject to change before going live.

Level Range

Despite the Dunland setting, Storm on Methedras can be run at any level from 20 to 75, which means that it will be available to your character once you complete the skirmish tutorial (assuming you are VIP or have purchased the skirmish). This means that level 20-24 characters will now have a third choice for skirmishes.

Note that the original release notes stated that the range was 70-75 but the most recent version of the notes states 20-75.


This is a fairly fast-paced skirmish and I can complete it in about 15 minutes (some speed players are stating even faster times). This isn’t to say that there is a low mob density. In fact, the contrary is the case. This skirmish includes a variable mob density that in solo runs is generally higher than that in Trouble in Tuckborough. This can be a challenge while you are clearing a control point.

Fortunately, during the counterattacks you have the assistance of Saeradan and Amlan. The counterattacks do not include standard skirmish lieutenants but they do include encounter mods who represent lieutenants of Gwyllion.


In Storm on Methedras, the encounters operate completely differently from other skirmishes. The encounters are activated in the middle of the third counterattack at each of the first two control points. This means that the encounters will not be completely random as there will always be one encounter at the first control point and one at the second control point. Unlike most offensive skirmishes, the encounter bosses are signature in solo runs and almost impossible to avoid.

Note that one of encounters are a pair of brothers who appear together. While they are part of a single encounter, they are counted separately for the purpose of looting and completing the encounter deed.

The Boss Fight

The objectives in the boss fight are more complicated than most skirmishes. There are two levels of victory. The first level of victory requires you to defeat the drakes and keep Saeradan alive. The second level of victory requires you to keep the drummers alive and to defeat the Old Woman of the Mountain. If you complete the first level, you can complete the skirmish and spawn the treasure chest. If you complete the second level, you can also loot the Old Woman and thus gain a double reward for the skirmish.

Other Updates

Star-lit crystals are a new addition to the legendary item system. They are upgrades to rating and DPS stats on your legendary item. They drop off monsters, including skirmish lieutenants and bosses. I have yet to see on drop, though.

This update also includes an update to Fornost and Moria. I must admit that I have not had an opportunity to test these features so I will leave them to other members of CSTM.

May your shield protect you and your spear never break,

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15 Responses to “Pineleaf Ponders Update 7”

  1. Andy Says:

    I like the sound of the end boss fight having an optional part. As long as it’s not a stop start bitty affair like the icy crevasse boss, that just has no flow to it other than to kill buffs/CD’s.

    Question about the mob density. You said it was higher than for tuck, but are they linked in a similar way to icy crevasse or attack at dawn where the smallest of aggroe’s can get you swarmed by that entire phase of mobs?

    I like a fight that can be tricky but unless you’re a tank being swarmed by half a dozen bloddthirsty mobs kills the enjoyment almost as fast as they kill your character. Leave the meaningless ganking to pvp areas.

    Starlit crystals sound like a legacy upgrade scroll purely for the dps stat instead of broadening the current scroll to include them. But if they can be obtained ingame from drops then thats a good thing.


    • Avatar of Pineleaf
      Pineleaf Says:

      While I noticed a few links, most of the aggro chains I saw were due to proximity rather than linking (and the proximity range is nowhere near that of Icy Crevasse). The main challenge is that there are quite a few mobs that wander and I’ve had several cases where one or two more mobs decided to join in the party in mid-fight (fighting a Defender of the Vile plus a Venomous Blood-Arrow plus four hale mobs is a challenge).


  2. Lucanthanas Says:

    Any idea of how many TPs this will cost for those who are not fortunate enough to be VIP?


  3. Flosiin Says:

    Is this the woman in the mountain from Enedwaith? There was a short quest series the brought us though a bunch ghosts and evil goats. From what I remember, she had a Signature Orc attack us. When we defeated him, I thought I remember her escaping.


    • Garan Says:

      Same woman. Without giving any real spoilers, she is also the same woman we battle briefly in Southern Gravenwood.


  4. GoTiK Says:

    Sarah O 2.0?


  5. Zyngor Says:

    I look forward to testing out this skirmish myself – I was interested in seeing more of this foe’s story arc in the game. About a half hour ago, it was announced on the LOTRO forum that the store was back up, and it does indeed to be back up on Bullroarer.

    As of this moment, the listed price for the Storm on Methedras skirmish is indeed 395 Turbine Points on Bullroarer. Please remember this can change at any point, and does not necessarily reflect the skirmish price once it hits Live.


  6. scott Says:

    For us Premium guys 395 is the right price point for a skirmish. I have that saved up and will buy this skirmish when it goes live. I am also anxious to see what kind of loot will be droping in the new revamped Fornost.


    • Tony Says:

      Yeah, me too. I’d actually really be interested to see a CSTM article on Fornost’s setup on Bullroarer. I’m very excited about that being adjusted and scaled.


  7. Andy Says:

    Run it a couple of times now it’s live and the pulls are very manageable, 2-3 each time. It can get interesting on the counter attacks when saeredan decides to run in and hit something pulling in previously unaggroed patrollers alongside the next wave. Best (or worst) was clearing all bar 1 pull from the next section during a counter attack.

    I can see raids pulling the first few of the next section as the gates open to prevent the npc from pulling adds.

    The npc ai seems to combine the idiocy of elronds sons with the deathwish that comes from being a member of the grey company. Maybe he’s suffering survivor guilt.

    Only downside to the final fight is where the drake spawns it seems to end up dying on top of the old woman making it harder to see whats going on in the 2nd stage.

    Overall I like it and would recomend this over icy crack any day.



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