Pineleaf Prepares to Punch

May 17, 2012

Skirmish Guides

As I mentioned in my last post, Update 7 added a new skirmish: Storm on Methedras. Like most skirmishes, Storm on Methedras includes a deed for completing all eight encounters. The title for completing the Storm on Methedras deed is Defence against the Shadow.

Is this my new title? Not quite, for Update 7 includes a little additional treat. For when you complete all 18 encounter deeds (one for each skirmish except Survival: Barrow Downs), you complete a hidden meta deed Skirmisher of Middle Earth. This deed awards a title of the same name, which I find to be most appropriate for a devoted skirmisher.

Yet this is not all. In addition to the title, you also earn a new emote: Bringiton.

Now I am ready to take on the most notorious servants of the Hand and the Eye.

What other skirmish-related surprises did Update 7 bring? This next one came in a box – a mystery box, in fact. Inside you will find a Hauberk of Mystery. There is one type for each class of armor. I chose the leather version, which looks like this:

Not very impressive, is it? You learn the mystery when you dye the hauberk. While the panel is yellow, so is the embroidery. Dying will change the panel’s color but will leave the embroidery unchanged. Thus if you dye the hauberk Rivendell Green, you get the following:

Much better, isn’t it?

Not all Hauberk’s of Mystery have the same pattern. Otherwise, the mystery wouldn’t last very long. Three additional patterns are shown at the The Knights of Elendil blog on the Firefoot server. You will find six more patterns at Cosmetic Lotro.

Notice that none of the hauberks posted at the other sites match mine. A poster at Cosmetic Lotro says that there are 20 patterns in all. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your hauberk’s pattern doesn’t match any of these. Fortunately, they only run for 63 marks apiece so you can experiment if you wish.

May your shield protect you and your spear never break,

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21 Responses to “Pineleaf Prepares to Punch”

  1. Anon Says:

    Eagerly awaiting Pineleaf’s guide to Storm on Methedras!


  2. Avatar of Makhiel
    Makhiel Says:

    New title for devoted skirmishers! Yes! Now, if only I didn’t have to study for exams :|


  3. Tomeoric Says:

    Any reason why the encounters on the new skirmish don’t show in the deed log? Bugged?


    • Pineleaf Says:

      The encounters show in the deed log for me. What level are you running the skirmish at?


      • Tomeoric Says:

        Various levels from 75 down to mid-20′s… looking at a lvl 54 now and he does not have it.


        • Pineleaf Says:

          One possibility is that the deed doesn’t open up until level 70. I better check on one of my lower-level characters to see if they are getting the deed.


        • Knify-Riddermark Says:

          Funny now that you mention this I realized my level 57 minstrel never got the deed but my level 75 champion did.


          • Tony Says:

            I noticed I never got a pop-up message for this deed, unlike most others. It did wind up in my log, though… But I was running it at 75.

  4. Isilwren Says:

    I’ve run Storms several times on my RK. It’s a lot of fun. The one part I don’t like is the very end. There is just something not right about beating up a little old lady no matter how evil she is.


    • Dan Says:

      I like the new skirmish too. The mob density can be pretty crazy depending on what you can pull, but it is much more manageable than, say, Icy Crevasse or even Attack at Dawn. My problem with the big fight at the end is the fact that (at least for me) the dragon stays in the middle of the wreckage of that hut and it is impossible see anything else while fighting him. I get messages about “Save the Drummers” but I have no idea where they are or what to do about them. I don’t have a problem beating on an old lady though..


      • Pineleaf Says:

        In solo, there is only one drummer. I find that the best way to keep the drummer alive in for me to head behind the hut just after the combat starts. I don’t do it before then so that my archer will stay put. The upshot is that the drake is facing away from everyone else and my archer gains the aggro on the small drakes that spawn with the message. I often lose the archer but at least the drummer survives.

        Yes, such a strategy works best with a tank & archer combo. I will have to see what works for other classes.

        In case you wonder, the drummers negate a buff the Old Woman places on the drake and you need to keep the drummers alive to keep the Old Woman from escaping and reducing your reward.


        • Goo Says:

          When I do this on my captain, I just take down the Gwiber really quick. I have a sage soldier and it seems the drakelings are more interested in killing my sage than they are the drummer. Once Amlan starts attacking the Gwiber, I throw oathies with telling mark and use all my blade brother buffs and kill it really quick. Once that gwiber is dead, those drakelings disappear and the old lady attacks. If I’m lucky, my sage is barely alive, but usually she’s dead by the time I kill the Gwiber before the old lady activates.

          I have to keep doing this on my cappy, he’s done the other 17 deeds, so can’t wait for the 18th one and to get that emote.


  5. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    While working on my meta skirmisher deed, I found a problem with the fire-pot in 21st. Didnt get credit for the encounter, despite facing it as it came, and getting credit for another encounter in the same run. ; Thoughts? Do the mobs for this encounter require you to set the instance higher to get credit? Is there some known issue?


    • Pineleaf Says:

      I presume you put out the fire pot after killing the goblins. If you did, the encounter may have an issue similar to the one that used to plague the arrow encounter in Ford. In the arrow encounter, it would update properly for some players but not for others.


      • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

        I did put out the fire after killing the three goblins.
        I shall try waiting longer between killing hte goblins and doing the fire pot to make sure the update messages get sent.


      • Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

        After a 2nd failed attempt to get credit (and not having had a problem with the arrow encounter but remember that it was a mess). Is there anything you would recommend trying to get credit? (Obviously, attempted a ticket, and filed the bug report.)

        /stalled with 19 encounters to go.


  6. davidt Says:

    Any video of the Bringiton emote?



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