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May 5, 2012

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This week’s poll was suggested by Ardin who sent us an email wanting to ask the CSTM audience when they typically play LOTRO.

Now I know some people’s time for playing may vary, especially for weekends and holidays, but try to think of the basic average time you find yourself playing most often. Feel free to elaborate on your decision in the comments below!

What time of day (your local time) do you most often find yourself playing LOTRO?

  • Early PM (6 PM-10 PM) (52%, 516 Votes)
  • Overnight (10 PM-3 AM) (27%, 268 Votes)
  • Afternoon (3 PM - 6 PM) (9%, 90 Votes)
  • Morning (6 AM - 11 AM) (6%, 58 Votes)
  • Mid-day (11 AM - 3 PM) (5%, 47 Votes)
  • Early AM (3 AM - 6 AM) (1%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 994

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23 Responses to “Poll: Time You Play LOTRO”

  1. Isilwren Says:

    Morning is listed in thier twice. Maybe substitute one of those for a late pm (8pm – 2am)?

    I play mostly after my kids have gone to bed during the weekdays. On the weekends I’ll play in the afternoons when our kin (or an allied kin) is running an event.


  2. Alexandra and Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    I think you should have included the interval 19:00 / 20:00 – 24:00; it’s probably the most common interval (at least in the other game “which should not be named” 80% of the raiders played during this time. :P


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Thanks but I’m not going to change it.


      • Alexandra and Bogdan Epureanu Says:

        Your decision. :)

        But honestly for me it was rather difficult to make a decision since I actually do play half of both intervals.

        Pretty much everyone having a normal working schedule, who comes home, take a shower, have dinner then go on computer and play ’till sleep time has the mentioned schedule.

        By the way, one more suggestion for a future poll (or maybe you already did it in the past): do you play more during a) week days, b) weekends


  3. FeySong Says:

    Hey! Not fair! LOL, I thought it was a poll about how many hours you play weekly (suggestion for next poll?) :D and – not fair cos I need to tick all the boxes :D

    Turbine invented server downtime to make me sleep :P

    Another suggestion for next poll – do you play LOTRO and only LOTRO, or do you play other games? 1, 2, 3 etc


  4. Baranwen Says:

    I play in the afternoon, but this is mid-day time for servers like Landroval.


  5. Andy Says:

    Early evening, having happily come off the wowcrack last year. Although time for me (gmt/bst) would differ from other peoples depending on the server I happen to be on.

    Dont blame you for not dictating timezones as figuring out when the podcast is on takes time sometimes, currently around 2.30am bst for those that are curious.


  6. peekyblinder Says:

    for the past few months i have been lucky enough to find myself unemployed, so my times are usually about 10am-midnight. i see theyre not listed so opted for the 6pm-10pm as this is the time period i never miss, this is when the employed people come online and grouping becomes easier.


  7. erunineriol Says:

    6pm till 10 pm (sits perfect) and 30 min in the morning before i go to work ;)

    at weekend, maybe also on afternoon..

    Thats the hard life of someone who must works 8+ hours a day..


  8. Bryandt Says:

    I’ve been playing a lot overnight lately, though in reality it’s “Whenever I’m awake and in the mood to sing things to death.”


  9. CJ Says:

    I play starting when I get home from work around 3, until I have to start making dinner around 5 or 6.


  10. Saelyth Says:

    1pm to 8pm


  11. Fredelas Says:

    Since the login server assigns sequential ticket numbers for the queue, it’s actually possible to see how many times a player logs in to each server every hour. This can’t tell us how many unique players there are, or how long they play, but it paints an interesting picture of server activity.


  12. Dirstel Says:

    I’ve chosen early PM, but I also play a fair amount of time in the morning. I’m on Vilya in an Oceanic kin, so there’s not often any kinnies around then – but as it’s around prime time for the Americian folks, the server is full. And it’s not often I play past, say, 10 or 11pm – I don’t stay up late. Unless I preprepare and have a nap…


  13. Artie Says:

    Wish it was multiple choices I play a tad before work then after work until 8ish or when my (geeky) shows are on.


  14. Jeff Says:

    Early PM, but it is GMT+8 here (so should be early AM or morning in the US)


  15. susan Says:

    Morning gal here, sipping mah coffee and running around quiet areas without the hubbub of all the evening players trying to get their stuff done before bed. :D


  16. Black Llama Says:

    The only time I really get is after the day is finished and my son is in bed. So that’s around 9:30 10pm each night. I’ll generally stay on until 11 or 12 (or 1, or 2 if I’m being bad) though too late makes for a rough day following.


  17. Peter Says:

    Even though I voted for 11:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m., really I spend just as much time playing between 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., so if I could have chosen multiples I would have…


  18. Mike Says:

    I’d suggest a future poll split the early evening times. 6-10pm does not take into account kids. I play almost every night from 8-11pm, since it take a couple hours to do kids dinner, bath, and bed.


  19. Ardin Says:

    I just want to point out that the suggestion doesn’t imply that you ONLY play at certain times. You could choose the time period you start playing at most often or the time frame that encompasses the greatest amount of your playing time. If 1000 people only chose the exact time period they play in (and the choices had their start and end times) I feel confident that there would be 1000 different boxes to check. It’s not hard – just pick the one you think best represents your play time for whatever reason you feel is the most applicable. I chose overnight, but that doesn’t mean I start playing at exactly 10 pm and always go to 3 am or stop then either. 10 pm is when I get free time most often, but my kin raids start at 9 pm twice a week. Sometimes I get onlineweekend afternoons. MOST of the time, my play time starts or ends sometime in the overnight range.


  20. mmicnova Says:

    crafting 30 mins in the morning before work
    leveling fun warden alt in the afternoon, while doing other household tasks at the same time
    serious instance/raid stuff only after 10-11 pm so that’s what i checked in the poll.


  21. Pete Says:

    I normally play between 8pm-12am


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