Reveller’s Gilded Mount & Cosmetics

May 10, 2012



Did you not qualify for the 5th anniversary gifts given to four and five year veterans and really wish you too could have the cosmetics and horse? Today Turbine has released for a limited time the “Reveller’s Gilded Mount & Cosmetics”. They will be available in the store from May 11 – May 24, 2012.

Anniversary Gift and Reveller’s Gilded Comparison

To be perfectly clear, these are not exactly the same as the items given to four and five year veterans but admittedly they are very close. These versions have a bit more swirls and sparkles (more gilded I suppose you could say) to them.

Here’s a quick comparison of the 5 year rewards modeled by me (blue) and the Reveller’s Guilded items as graciously shared by LOTRO Fashion (red).

Azure Steedrevellers6

Azure Dressrevellers2           Azure Tunic and Pantsrevellers3Azure Cloakrevellers4

Be sure to check out LOTRO Fashion’s blog to see the Reveller’s Gilded cosmetics in other colors to see how it is dyed.

Another bonus for the horse is that it is a 68% speed (the five-year gift was only a 62% speed)  and has 250 morale (the five-year gift has 200) so it is not only a tad fancier but it is also faster and heartier.

Cost Options

I’m very happy to say that Turbine has listened to our cries for account wide horse purchases. There are bundles available to purchase the cosmetics or the horse or both for all your characters.

Buy Individually

  • 295 for Reveller’s Gilded Party Dress
  • 295 for Reveller’s Gilded Tunic & Trousers
  • 295 for Reveller’s Gilded Cloak
  • 1,995 for Reveller’s Gilded Mount

Buy in a Bundle for a Single Character

  • 550 for complete Reveller’s Gilded Outfit
  • 2,495 for complete Reveller’s Gilded Outfit & Reveller’s Gilded Mount

It is a 37% discount to buy the complete outfit set in a bundle compared to buying the pieces individually.

It is a 13% discount to buy the complete outfit with mount bundle for a single character compared to buying the items individually.

Buy in a Bundle Account Wide

  • 995 for complete Reveller’s Gilded Outfit account-wide
  • 2,995 for Reveller’s Gilded Mount account-wide
  • 3,495 for complete Reveller’s Gilded Outfit & Reveller’s Gilded Mount account-wide

It is a 12% discount to buy the account wide full bundle compared to buying the account wide options individually.

revellermountOptions are good things and I’m glad to see so many here to allow folks to get the items they want in the way they want.

3,495 Turbine Points may seem a tad expensive to get everything but it is account wide and it will depend on personal preference if this is worth the money to you or not. Personally, I’ll be saving my points for other items but I already have a similar set so the choice is yours!

In case you are wondering if a five-year veteran like myself is annoyed this is in the store, I can tell you that I honestly am not. I’m glad those who were really hoping for to get these rewards are able to pick up something very similar if they desire.

Special thank you to LOTRO Fashion for granting me permission to use her images!

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19 Responses to “Reveller’s Gilded Mount & Cosmetics”

  1. Sen Says:

    I like the color and design of the blanket, but I hate that default horse color.

    Also, you know what I don’t understand? I don’t understand why Turbine would use the low-quality screenshots they do on the official site. I mean, seriously — look at all the jaggies and artifacts for the cosmetic items on … they’re pretty terrible! I don’t understand why they couldn’t take the time to at least do screenshots from high-resolution graphics. The screens give people the wrong idea about how the game looks. If I weren’t playing LotRO already and this was my first exposure to the in-game graphics, I would be really disappointed.


    • Sen Says:

      Just wanted to clarify, I meant the jaggies and artifacts on the player characters is pretty terrible (especially around the head/face/hair/shoulders), which detracts from the cosmetic items. I feel like a lot of the time, our player-run cosmetic blogs (like Lotro Fashion and Lotro Stylist and all the other ones I can’t seem to remember) have much, much better screenshots. At the very least, they’re normally high-resolution.


  2. Maladhros Says:

    This seems so backwards to me.

    What I would have done: the players who have stuck with LOTRO for five whole years get a really fancy set of cosmetics with a matching mount as a part of the 5th Anniversary Festival. Meanwhile, a similar, but differently-colored and less elaborate set are made available to everyone via Turbine Points.

    What Turbine has done: the exact opposite of that.

    To be clear, I have no real interest in this, as I’ve only been playing for a little over two years, and I’m not really psyched about either set of cosmetics. I just think Turbine has kinda snubbed their hardcore base with this move. “Yeah, you got that stuff for free, but anyone can get an EVEN COOLER version if they buy it!”

    Am I wrong?


    • Sen Says:

      I can understand that, especially since everything looks much the same except for the TP ones being a bit fancier (though, to be honest, they’re starting to look a bit gaudy to me :D).

      But, I do try to think of it in this way: they didn’t have to give out the gifts for free. Perhaps that WAS their way of saying they appreciate the players — giving out a version of the mount and cosmetics that were going to be up on the Store to all the long-time vets for free. Sure, they may look less fancy, but at the same time, well — they’re actually unique, are they not? No one would be able to get the veteran version, ever. As for the mount being stronger/faster, most store-bought mounts seem to be that speed and health, so there’s consistency in that, at least. At least those who pay TP for these things won’t be able to complain that they got ‘cheated’ somehow by Turbine because Turbine put out inferior mounts/cosmetics for sale.

      Now I’m not trying to be a Turbine apologist or fangirl. I don’t really have feelings toward them in any capacity, really. What I’m saying is that I try not to allow myself to find insult with things like this. I worry too much about stuff anyway — looking for more ways in which other people/companies have insulted or offended me (whether true or not) just shaves days off my life and adds to my migraines. :)


    • Cory Says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I knew they’d do something like this in the Store, but what I was hoping for was that the anniversary stuff would be at least slightly higher quality.


  3. Durrendel Says:

    I read some rant about the price of the Premium Wallet, but i never read anything about the much higher price of the mounts. Interesting…


  4. Safine Says:

    Just wanted to say that Reveller’s Gilded Party Dress and Tunic & Trousers (invidual ones) are right now on sale: they cost 192 TP instead of 295 even though weekly sale was supposed to exclude those. Not sure if it’s intended or not but noticed that when I just bought my dress.


  5. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    GS: “In case you are wondering if a five-year veteran like myself is annoyed this is in the store, I can tell you that I honestly am not. I’m glad those who were really hoping for to get these rewards are able to pick up something very similar if they desire.”
    I completely agree! I almost felt guilty receiving these beautiful anniversary cosmetics while so many players (who love Lotro and outfitting just as much!) were left out.


  6. Goreamir Says:

    I don’t see a problem with it. The 5 year people got for free and the rest will have to pay through the nose if they want it, most won’t pay $30 to add a horse to their stables anyway. Many of the newer people didn’t really know about or discover the game 5 years ago, so it’s no fault of their own, so the “punishment” for being newer than 5 years should be minimal IMO.


  7. Andy Says:

    In two (or more) minds about this.

    Part of me is thinking oh wow they’ve finally listened and are offering an account wide mount.

    Part of me sees the cost and still thinks that the store ones are overpriced even for account wide. 1295-1595 should in my view be the range for individual and 1995-2495 the account wide. However if people are willing to buy at current prices then the price wont change.

    Wasn’t until the final days of the festival on withy that I saw the 5year horse so my first reaction was that the store one was “meh a respray”. I’m kind of thinking that they held off on this during the festival so as not to make it feels like a kick in the teeth to the 5year vets, as no doubt some would/will take offense that their freebie wasn’t as shiny as the store one.

    Having got the red isen preorder mount I’ve had 8-9 characters riding about on a red mount so probably wont go for this having spent a lot of festival time alt bouncing in the hope of getting mounts for them. Three had no mount drops but one had enough tokens for the fireworks mount and my mini has treasure goat plus other 68 steeds from lotteries should I want a pony option.

    When compared to the duskwardens steed I much prefer that one. It’s simple and understated while being a good looking horse at the same time.

    Stand by the suggestion from the cosmetic roundtable of we need cosmetic horseblankets for our mounts although I’ve a feeling that will come into effect in someway with the mounted combat system if it follows the skirm soldier trait thing.


    • Andy Says:

      Full bundle is also cheaper by 50 points than buying the full cosmetic set, for wardrobe use, and the account wide mount.


  8. GoTiK Says:

    When I went to the store to “try” the new outfits on my 42 minni I got an error saying I could not wear the item. Are these level restricted or is it just a bug?


  9. susan Says:

    geeze, just another color variation of an existing template. oh wait, they really went out of themselves to take five minutes to draw on some bangles. pffft. wonder how many times they are going to do this and still charge out the nose for them, its getting old.

    I’m not a 5yr vet, but I would have been disappointed to see my reward up for sale, at least they had the decency to make enough changes to it so it wasnt an outright buy item like they did with hard earned rep horses.

    not sure why anyone would buy the acct wide versions of the clothes, just one set in your wardrobe should do the trick.

    ah well, they are pretty and hopefully will make some folks smile and enjoy the game more.


    • Pineleaf Says:

      The main reason to get the clothes account wide would be if you play on several servers. That said, I should note that I have yet to purchase clothes through the Lotro store.


  10. Starry Says:

    I prefer the look of the TP bought ones personally :/ lol



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