Spring Festival Screenshot Contest

May 30, 2012

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LOTRO is hosting a screenshot contest celebrating the Spring Festival! Winners of the screenshot contest will receive 500 Turbine Points and special forum title. Contestants can enter each of the categories twice.  The three categories are:

  • Lost in the Hedge Maze — The hedge maze is confusing, isn’t it? Take a picture of your character braving all of the twists and turns! The winner of this category will receive the title “A Maze-ing 2012” for the forums!
  • Fields of Flowers — The fields of Middle-earth are always beautiful, but we want to see your best picture of your character enjoying the flora of Middle-earth! The winner of this category will receive the title “Floundering in Flowers 2012” for the forums!
  • …It Goes Jingle-Jangle?! – The Steed of the Jester is a devious animal. Take some pictures of you and your new mount in a place that is odd or funny for a horse. The winner of this category will receive the title “Spring Prankster 2012” for the forums!

The contest will go until 11:59PM Tuesday, June 12, 2012.  For full information on where and how to submit your entries read the full post on the official website.

Looking to get an edge? Read Orchida’s Screenshot Tips and Tricks series for ideas!

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  1. Pinkfae Says:

    I never enter anything that gives a forum title as a reward. Yet, I would love to win an in game title.


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