Update 7.1 Release Notes

May 30, 2012


u7_skirmish_3897-06LOTRO has posted the release notes for Update 7.1  to the lorebook. The release notes look very similar to what was released to Bullroarer last week.

The majority of this patch are bug fixes and adjustments to correct things from the known issues list.

Some additional things seen here that are new is the addition of Mystery Cloaks to go along with the Mystery Hauberks. Also all potion vendors have been modified to hold all tiers of potions so you can pick up what you need at any potion vendor.

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12 Responses to “Update 7.1 Release Notes”

  1. Goreamir Says:

    I wonder if they stealth-added another spring festival steed, like they did in the update during the winter festival.


  2. scott Says:

    I’m wondering if there will be any additional real content added (except for festivals) between now and the release of the Riders of Rohan. My level 75 kinmates don’t log on much anymore. They are already tired of the Roots of Fangorn.


    • Eleasar Says:

      Exactly this. I also only log on to our raids on orthanc T2 to finally bring down fire+frost challenge and Saruman T2 and T2 challange.

      Really hope there is some more content till rohan.


    • Tony Says:

      I hope so, but considering how almost out of nowhere the Great River was I’m not giving up hope yet. Seems like there’s still the possibility.


  3. Mary Foley Says:

    At least Turbine has a sense of humor! These were pretty amusing for patch notes.


  4. Thurinphir Says:

    glad they fixed the secret of temporary invisibility


  5. Pinkfae Says:

    Minor changes and deserving of a point one patch designation. I’m level 75 and still having fun. I’m almost kin standing with everyone including the Ale Association and the Inn League.


  6. Jeff Says:

    good they fix the invisibility, but it doesn’t mention the problem of bouncing staff (or the bouncing spear on my hunter)


  7. Ian Says:

    I would love them to fix the way your character can become out of sync with a mount (bumping up and down at the wrong time) when its galloping along. Its got to be one of the longest standing visual bugs ive ever seen.

    I remember it back in what July of 2008, and then a few years ago someone at Turbine said you could toggle walk on the mount to restore it to the way it should work, but no fix.


    • Tony Says:

      Yeah, that walk/run thing works fine… but you have to wonder how no one has actually fixed it yet lol


  8. Tony Says:

    I didn’t notice this in the notes, but the Return to Bree skill brings you to the gates of the town now… not the milestone far outside of it. That was nice.


  9. Mike Says:

    Glad they fixed the bug blocking quest progress in the Wailing Hills. Gadda is a ghost for me (and lots of other people)


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