Update 7: Shades of the Past

May 3, 2012



Some information on Update 7 has been posted to LOTRO’s web site. Update 7 is called “Shades of the Past” and while no date is posted, we have information on what is coming!

New Skirmish: Storm on Methedras

Level Range: 70-75
Group Sizes:, Solo, Duo, Small Fellowship, Fellowship, Raid
Tiers: 1-2

A new skirmish! Yay! All group sizes and meant for those near end game this is the first new skirmish we’ve seen in some time and I’m excited to hear about this.

This skirmish will be free for VIP players. No listing on the store pricing but considering all skirmishes sell 395 Turbine Points, it’s probably a pretty good guess it will be priced similarly.

Fornost Revamp

Level Range: 30-75
Group Sizes: Fellowship
Tiers: 1-2

Fornost has been revamped and split into four instances for 6-man fellowships. It will be scalable now and will have two tiers of difficulty. As we said on last week’s podcast, neither Merric and I believe we’ve ever finished this dungeon as it was just so huge. Breaking it up seems like a great idea.

Moria Revamp

This was a bit unexpected. This revamp is said to include some visual as well as quest restructuring.

The Great Delving, Silvertine Lodes, Water Works, and Durin’s Way now look better and play better than ever before.

Visually I didn’t have a problem with Moria but I’m still excited to see what has gotten a bit of a facelift.

The quest restructuring has me very excited. Since my burglar is currently in Moria (and constantly lost) I think it could be very helpful if it gets a similar streamline feel like they’ve done with Lone-lands and Evendim.

We do know from LOTRO Community team posts on the forums that Update 7 should be on Bullroarer soon (like probably tomorrow to meet the “late next week” prediction from Sapience last week). [source]. There has been an update to the Eyes and Guard Tavern on Bullroarer as a new guide to Eyes and Guard has been posted.

We also know that Update 7 is coming before June 5th [source] so is probably planned for near the end of the month.

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48 Responses to “Update 7: Shades of the Past”

  1. Adanorod Says:

    Wow, I’m very happy to see these changes: my kin is doing what we call The Long Fellowship where we level up alts as a group (exactly like GS’s Dum’s group), and we just barely missed a Fornost run do to the renovation. Around the end of the month we are going to head into Moria, so the revamp has perfect timing, and I am always glad to see new skirmishes!


  2. Bryandt Says:

    Oh, man. I’m going to love these changes. They sound awesome thus far.



    Seriously, if anything in Moria needs a revamp, that’s the place.


    • Foxfire Says:

      Ummm actually they revamped the other areas to look MORE like the foundations of stone!




  3. Tony Says:

    The Moria stuff is unexpected. I wonder if they’ll continue doing more of it in future updates. I still wish they’d do updates for Trollshaws especially, it seems like it could be a LOT better.

    Really excited about another skirmish, finally. And Fornost sounds great. I’ve never finished it either and honestly, the way it’s laid out I think breaking it up is smart. Love that it’s scalable — I can only hope someday everything is.


  4. Avatar of Pineleaf
    Pineleaf Says:

    I guess that means it’s time to start writing another guide. Vacation’s over.


    • Joe Says:

      But they’re so greatly appreciated!


    • Mz Says:

      Pineleaf, God of War, guide us to battle. Teach us the wiles of our enemies so that they are threats no more. Record your knowledge so that warriors many know of hope in their darkest hour. Give us your blessing so that we may slay our foes and defend our allies.


  5. Lorgelas Says:

    Sounds great. Excited to hear about the Moria changes.


  6. Geldarion Says:

    Man, the Moria revamp seems like a waste. Trollshaws would’ve been much better. Or that awkward 40-50 stage in general. Moria is fine the way it is. Yay for new skirmishes though!


    • Gilpharas Says:

      40-50 was by far the most revamp needy area of the game. Count me as surprised.


      • Falobrand Says:

        I don’t agree with that… 40-50 is so easy to level… starting out in Angmar, after a couple of levels go to Forochel that easily gets you to 47. After that there is Eregion which will take you into Moria.

        In the meantime you can do a lot of Volume 1 epic books or go further into Angmar if you like.

        For level 52-58 there is only one option though; it is Moria. And a lot of people are complaining about this area. I partially agree with the complaints. It can be tough to find your way around. Doing quests can be tedious because in Moria often there is no way around mobs, so you have to kill everything you see when going to the quest location. This is especially annoying in the narrow hallways in the area in the upper left corner (is that Great Delving? Or is that Durin’s way?).


        • Tony Says:

          I don’t know, I don’t think it’s “hard” per se… It’s just that the areas in that early 40s range in particular have gotten so little love compared to other zones that the iffier parts of them are extremely notable.

          I feel like 40 to 48-ish or so is a drag. I’d love a revamp of Trollshaws and Misty Mountains and Angmar.


          • Duinathel Says:

            Yeah, I just took an alt from 40-45. The distance between getting the Fem armour and getting your first legendary at 45 is the grindiest grind in the game, IMO. Hopping from Angmar to Forochel to Eregion doesn’t let you really “get into” an area like you can with Evendim.

  7. Avatar of Andang
    Andang Says:

    NEW SKIRMISH! I was so worried that they were moving away from skirmishes after the lack of skirms from Isenguard and Great River. In fact just yesterday I was thinking about writing Turbine to ask them if they left skirmishes behind. I have a soldier that is maxed out on my main and absolutely LOVE skirmishes even more than PvMP.


  8. Gilpharas Says:

    Moria revamp??? What prompted that? I think the promised North Downs revamp was supposed to have happened two years ago, and it is still very disjointed and fellowship heavy. As are Angmar and Trollshaws. We are going to fix Fornost, but not North Downs?



    • Bryandt Says:

      Well, the plans for the North Downs was changed right before F2P launch. Orion announced that in his blog. A few of us, myself included, had posited that the only thing in the North Downs that really needed a revamp was Fornost. Seems like they listened.

      I agree that Trollshaws needs a revamp and needs it badly. If nothing else, compared to every other zone in the game Trollshaws just feels really, really barren. As in, not that much to do, including fellowship quests.

      I wouldn’t look for an Angmar revamp anytime soon. It’s already had three.


      • Celondur Says:

        Just some more swift travel routes would go a long way in the Trollshaws.


      • Tony Says:

        The thing that’s so weird about the Trollshaws is that it’s huge, it’s important… yet large portions of it literally have no reason for you to ever visit them.

        For example, you need to defeat Guaradain at one point. There’s an area that they reside in… but you really only have to kill a small amount and never come back. Yet the area has ruins, it’s fairly large, it even has a fairly intricate cave/ruin system. All of this could be so heavily capitalized on with more quests.


  9. Bo Says:

    I wonder if the Moria revamp is just a part one? Since many of the zones mentioned are all kinda together. Could we expect a part 2 with Flaming deeps, Nud-melek, Zelem-melek, The Redhorn Lodes, and Foundations on another update or maybe even RoR?


  10. Dirstel Says:

    How very interesting! I agree with the Trollshaws needing a revamp – my least favourite zone to quest or play in. C’mon, it makes no logical sense, the quest progression! Ahh, well.
    Indeed, I too have never finished Fornost. I’m glad it’s getting some work done to it.
    Of all the zones, the Trollshaws is my least favourite. I don’t like Angmar, but I’m not supposed to. It’s a depressing place, and it does its job.
    I also don’t like Mirkwood, in fact I’ve never spent too much time there, becuase it’s just too difficult to see. I wear glasses and I found myself having a very difficult time seeing the landscape. Lothlorien gets on my nerves a bit eventually, but I still love the zone.
    You all have no idea how excited I am to see a new Skirmish. VERY EXCITED!!


    • Isaiah Says:

      Admit it, Dirstel… you just don’t like trees! :p

      I have a character at L41 that was heading towards Fornost, so I’m looking forward to giving the new version a go.


  11. Ciramorn Says:

    if update 7 does end up going live tomorrow, expect the real release to be about 2 weeks later going by the past few updates.


  12. Ringo Says:

    I’m quite excited about the new skirmish and the fornost revamp. I’ve been playing the game for quite a long time by now and haven’t mangaged to do fornost in a fellowship so far. I’ve been there just once with a friend. We both were level 65 and got all the way to the end. The instance is huge. It will be very interesting how it will be on level 75 with 5 others and a real challenge.

    What I also would have liked to see are scalable Moria-Instances because I like them a lot. Oh well, maybe later…


  13. Thurinphir Says:

    if North Downs does get a revamp, it’ll be after most* people have bought it for Fornost
    [As I've been indulging with Sturdy Keys, I'll have to find 400TP(ish) (must have all skirmishes!!!)]

    does this ‘Update 7′ mean Riders of Rohan will be Update 9 or 10?

    *most of the non-vip people who want to see Fornost and don’t have the North Downs QP

    (about Quest Packs… once I got out of Moria, I suddenly had 2,000 TP (counting between Lorien and Dunland-ish) from passively earned deeds, bought the River and Enedwaith from this (Enedwaith for the instance cluster which was stealing bag space))


  14. Falobrand Says:

    I am a little bit disappointed about the contents of this update. Of course I should not complain too much as it is a free update and of course the last update was absolutely great! Besides that, not each update may contain things you like, after all it is a good thing the developers spend time on different aspects of the game.

    But here is the thing… I don’t like skirmishes. I’ve never liked them and probably will try this new one a couple of times but be done with it after that. When they originally launched the skirmishes it sounded like a great idea. I like doing instances but often have a hard time to find a nice group that allows me to run them. So skirmishes seemed perfect: an instance for 1, 2 or 3 people!

    But the result was a series of instances that all seemed the same to me. They were too predictable there was no ‘figure out the tactics for this boss’ apart from the little differences in the lieutenants. The rewards are meh to me so not worth it either. However, after increasing the tier of the skirmishes they become suddenly very hard. Just doable on tier 2, but they seem impossible to me on tier 3 (my skirmish soldier, a guardian has all on max… my burglar is pretty well equipped with level 75 2nd age legendary items and he is covered in Great River crafted armor and jewelry). And I’m no fan of the defensive skirmishes either… waiting for another group of enemies to wade in. I want to be in control of the progression of the skirmish.

    To end with a positive note… the Fornost update might be good. I haven’t done this content in a long time so lets see how it is on level 75!


    • Durrendel Says:

      I agree. The only defending skirmish i like the 21st Hall one – the next monster wave starts only when i talk to an NPC. I hope the Turbine use this method in the future skirmishes.


  15. Goreamir Says:

    I think I’ve only finished Fornost once in the 3+ years I’ve played. I’ve thought it needed tewakign for some time, since most groups give up before finishing because A) it’s so long and B) if your healer goes down in the 2nd half of the instance, that usually spelled the end. It’s such a long trip back to the group, and there were often respawns in the way.


    • Goreamir Says:

      …meaning you couldn’t enter the tower doors with agro to get back to the group. It was a nightmare basically.


  16. shipwreck Says:

    I’m raging right now because my Champ _litchrally_ just got through all of those Moria zones (except Water Works). I agree that Moria was in need of a revamp: the quest ramp makes no sense at all and has you running all over the place. It is the opposite of smooth.

    And I’m going to miss it!



  17. scott Says:

    Updating Fornost was a good move for Turbine as it pertains to their FtP population. If you have leveled a few toons, you know that you can go from the Lone Lands at around 28-30 straight to Evendim (which they revamped awhile back) and level from 30-40. If you do that you can skip the North Downs entirely and shoot off straight to Forochel or Angmar when you hit level 40. I dropped my VIP some time ago and had to buy my maps and North downs was one of the last maps I bought. This revamp will encourage FtP or other premium members to go back and buy the North Downs pack to see this new space. Oh and a new skirmish? Yeah! I hope they can find a way to bring in a new skirmish with every update. Skirmishes are great but very grindy and a new one will be a encourage be to do them again. Anyone know if Rep will be earn in this one and with which faction?


  18. Celondur Says:

    I hope the Moria revamp includes a new map.

    The Moria map is meaningless. It shows the relative position of locations (sort of; the Endless Stair is anomalous), but that’s about it. Wouldn’t it be nice if it indicated paths too?


  19. Tony Says:

    I’d really love if they added another survival skirmish someday. But it seems like no one is really interested in the one we have, so I must be alone! lol



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