Call for Player Event Creators for Summer Events

June 20, 2012


Turbine is looking for players to step up and create an in-game player events for their Summer Fun event.

This is similar to the Galloping Gala event from last month. The number one complaint we heard with the gala was the lack of events across all servers. Here’s the deal. If you want a player event on your server, maybe offer to host one! Turbine isn’t selecting and choosing their favorite servers, they are only promoting events that players have pulled together.

With the Summer Fun event, there is no specific theme you must follow (such as horse racing). This event is to showcase what you like to do for fun.

Dates for the events are between July 3rd and July 16th. If selected, Turbine will help promote your event and even give you some goodies to give away to your event participants!

Read more about the details and how to submit your event on the forums.

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9 Responses to “Call for Player Event Creators for Summer Events”

  1. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    “..Running a pickup raid?”

    Now, .this is something I’d love to see promoted, except I suspect that most of the events will be primarily structured ‘how can we get prize-support?’
    Here’s hoping I can do some solid scheduling during that period and find a way to get more than 12 excited players.

    I’d like to both participate and run one. :)


  2. Lynle from Elendilmir Says:

    I am planning an Elendilmir Social Gathering Event Faire where there will be horse races, drunken horse races, hobbit hunting, scavenger hunts, crafted goods to buy and sell, food and drink (crafted), music, dancing, concerts, fireworks, etc…
    I need help with this… I need musicians, crafters, event leaders to run each activity, etc… Anyone want to help????


  3. Falobrand Says:

    Oh this is good… Our kin planned an event for the galloping gala but we were a bit too late organizing everything so we just missed out our opportunity.

    Better start thinking about something good for this!


  4. Avatar of Sarah
    Sarah Says:

    Oh how tempted I am! Curse you, Turbine! I’m supposed to be relaxing this summer!


  5. Andy Says:

    There’s talk of events being planned for new players on withy after it became the recommended one. So this should give a boost of interest in those who might come along as well as the ones who fancy putting one on.


  6. bob101910 Says:

    I can’t think of anyhting other than a hide and seek type thing or maybe a band contest. Any type of racing can have mixed results since not everybody sees the same thing.


  7. Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    Anything going on Snowbourn? :)


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