Episode 145: Update Talks–Update 7

1This is a special episode recorded on May 30, 2012 where we invited fellow players to join us in our CSTM Ventrilo server to discuss Update 7.

Topics discussed:

  • New skirmish
  • LI changes
  • Moria changes
  • Fornost changes
  • New Bree quests
  • New Maps
  • Audacity power changes
  • 6th bag

ventrilo update 7 chatThis is a brand new type of roundtable discussion we’re trying and we really liked talking and hearing our fellow players talk back to us in their own voice. We were wary of opening the floor to anyone but overall, it went superbly well. Everyone was well behaved and if anything were over cautious about speaking. Well done LOTRO community!

Keep an eye out for future Update Talks as we certainly plan to continue hosting them. The final part of this episode discusses future ideas and plans for this new type of roundtable.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Send an email to andang@casualstrolltomordor.com (Andang is the host/moderator of these chats) and let him know what you think!

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3 Responses to “Episode 145: Update Talks–Update 7”

  1. Bryandt Says:

    Meh. I read something about the second half of Rohan coming in a separate expansion somewhere. I don’t remember where or even what exactly was said now.

    That doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen that way. Just what I heard. :P


  2. Bregle/Opdum Says:

    Holy cow my nose sounds stuffy, might be time to play with my Vent a bit.


  3. Adam Says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t revamped it to a vault style system for a more cynical reason. They usually reenvisage a system, and then use the opportunity to add new charges moving forward. Sure they would have to give 5 bag owners 75 slots, and current preorder folks 90 slots, but if they made the system for a F2P start with 45 slots, and a VIP 75, then charged for 10 slots at a time, they could use it to introduce a ‘stealth’ price increase. After all, its the kind of stuff they did with the relic removal scroll, and this would then pave the way for potential 10 bag increases in future too.


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