Episode 148: /Wave

June 24, 2012

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Goldenstar New Hair?This week we talk about the new fly through video, music, store sales and more.

Goldenstar this week went into the Sixteenth Hall for the first time with her Dum Group. She didn’t perform well. She was able to attend LOTRO Quest on Thursday night. She harrassed some NPCs and then ran a pick up group instance of Halls of Night and saw a Starlit Crystal (but didn’t win it).

Merric did nothing and made predictions and consequences if he doesn’t play again this week. We’ll see…

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Raise Your Glass

Lynle of Elendilmir


I play on the Elendilmir server and am planning a fair for mid to late July. But I need help. If you could make a post on your site about this I would be grateful.

Here is the information:

I am planning an Elendilmir Social Gathering Event Faire where there will be horse races, drunken horse races, hobbit hunting, scavenger hunts, crafted goods to buy and sell, food and drink (crafted), music, dancing, concerts, fireworks, a venue where players can meet one another, and for veterans to help new players. Also this will not be RP if that idea is what usually drives you away from these things, but if you want to RP feel free!

Contact Lynle of the Black Arrows kin if interested in-game

Kiralynn of Landroval

Hi! There are two upcoming events at Windy Acres Ranch:

Formation Riding

Join us on the Horsefields north of Bree on Wednesday at 9:30pm server time on Landroval for formation riding practice! This is an introductory session, perfect for first-time quadrille dressage riders.

More information can be found at WindyAcres.MyMiddleEarth.com (http://windyacres.mymiddleearth.com/?page_id=1806)

Horse Racing

The Fellowship Run

Date: Wednesday, July 11 at 9:30pm ST

Place: Hengstacer Farms, Bree-land.

* Horse Show – This is a look-alike contest. Participants must look like Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf, Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Elrond, Arwen, Galadriel, Eowyn, Goldberry, Belladonna or Rose Cotton. * Horse Race – This is a relay race requiring teams of three riders. Goats will be allowed.

We’ll announce the prizes later, as we’re still collecting donations. There will be gold, possibly exclusive mounts and cloaks as well.


Hi guys, I’m Flosiin26 on Twitter. Turbine account support responded to my question about upgrading from the basic edition (which I got before the TP announcement) to the Legendary RoR pre-preorder. See their response below!

I went to my turbine account and found this:


There’s a link that says “submit a ticket” which took me here:


I filled out the form basically saying I ordered the basic edition of RoR pre-order and was wondering if I can upgrade to the Legendary RoR pre-order.

I’m happy :)


Greetings Bryan,

Thank you for your inquiry. We are happy to assist with an upgrade. If you would like to do this, please respond with the following:

-Billing address on your account -Last four digits of the credit card on file -Your permission to charge the difference between the two editions ($30.00)

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please respond to this email and we will be happy to assist you. Please do not update the default subject line in your reply.

Thank You,

Turbine Customer Support

Turbine, powered by our fans.


Hi, Goldenstar (and of course, Merric),

Your romantic show was the best ever. At first I didn’t realize that it was Ketani and Elb the letter was about, and I thought it was somehow through skype that you had the two people, then when you kept explaining and it hit me it was them, I got teary-eyed. It was beautiful, and I’m betting the first engagement done live on a podcast. I’m sure they’ll be very happy, both are so sweet, well-spoken and intelligent. It’s great that Middle Earth brought them together.

Great job, with the entire show and your willingness to discuss both sides of the Rohan editions coming out. I really look forward to your show every week. Thank you both.



Auranir, Captain of Gondor, Vilya

Hello CSTM!

Here is a screenshot of my

“guest” toon on Landroval walking to Weathertop with the fan favorite band, the Songburrow Strollers! I was on my way to the concert from Bree and ran into them walking in a group, waving to passerbyers and being very friendly. Great personal moment!

Auranir, Captain of Gondor, Vilya


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  • Brewster on Brandywine

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Recorded June 23, 2012

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9 Responses to “Episode 148: /Wave”

  1. Flosiin Says:

    I thought the Moria class deeds were changed so you get the level 58 legendary skill just before the Moria 6-man? Think it was with update 5. At one point, my Mistrel still had to do his. After update 5, I magically had the capstone to the watcher resolve trait line without completing the class quest inside of Skumfil. I had completed the solo quest up to that point.
    I couldn’t find it in the patch 5 update notes but found this forum post:



  2. Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    LOL… I’m really surprised about mentioning my “achievment” and honestly it was the funnies way someone ever spelled my name. :))

    About Diablo III… well it’s a great game to keep you busy for like 200-300 hours of game (depending on how good you are), but it becomes boring really fast after that.

    I managed to kill Diablo on inferno difficulty (which kinda counts for finishing the game) in around 240 hours then sold my account – it’s kinda easy to get back the money you spent and even end up with a small profit (in my case I paid 60 dollars and sold it [including items/gold] with 150 dollars, which makes a profit of 90 dollars [so almost the RoR + TP bundle]) while really enjoying it. :)



  3. Avatar of SportsGuy
    SportsGuy Says:

    After seeing the “Contains Moderate Peril” map leaks (which could of course be fakes) I don’t see how Turbine can sell this as “bigger than Moria”. I superimposed the maps and though it’s possible they might not be to scale, the coordinates don’t seem to be much different. There might be less quests in Moria NOW, but I can remember running a lot more quests throughout the starting areas. So what exactly is supposed to be bigger about this expansion? Also, since the landscape will not be locked and the storyline is F2P (and Moria wasn’t released under an F2P condition), I think it’s unfair to say this is as good a deal as some of the earlier expansions. There’s a new tech being released, but as it stands I think they’re really hanging their hats on that being the thing that keeps players interests. It looks to be like a simple grinding mechanism…and if it’s not, then what are they selling? I’m not trying to beat a dead horse, but if they want our money I think they are going to have to give more details more often.


    • Avatar of SportsGuy
      SportsGuy Says:

      I know there was a thread (deleted) that claimed Rohan was twice the size of Moria but it doesn’t account for odd corners, instanced areas, multilevel areas, the Walls of Moria or the odd shaping, empty area being sold as necessary for the aspect of mounted combat to work or Dimrill Dale. Anyway, more official details cuts these concerns people like me have off at the root. They’re not building excitement for me – it seems more like they’re hoping for sighs of relief.


  4. Baneng Says:

    you should video tape your workout then post it if you lose.


  5. Avatar of Moryel Silverarrow
    Moryel Silverarrow Says:

    Finally got caught up on my back log of episodes.

    Sorry about the pidgorn, GS. In my defense, it wasn’t the instrument I thought it was sound wise. I can make you something else sometime if you want.



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