Hunting in Middle-Earth

Everyone loves to decorate their homes. Indeed, a good many articles have been written on this very website on how to decorate your home. But if you’re like me, you like your house to look more like a hunting lodge than a picture out of Better Hobbit Holes & Gardens. But where do you get those wonderful trophies? You’re in luck. Today, we go hunting. We’re going to end up killing a lot of animals, as not every kill will yield an Undamaged Corpse that the Taxidermist demands. I’m going to show you all my favorite hunting spots to get some trophies to display in your house. Grab your bow. Let’s go.


Black Bear

For our first trophy, we travel to Withywindle Crossing, deep in the heart of the Old Forest. Here, you can hunt the bears in the water. Kill enough of them and they’ll drop an undamaged black bear corpse to take to the taxidermist in Bree-land.

North Downs

Brown Bear

Next, we travel to the Fields of Fornost. For this trophy, I like to hunt the bears near The Falconer’s Tower on the East side. You’ll also need to watch out for Oathbreaker’s, Wargs, Barghests and Orcs.


While you’re hunting bears, you can also hunt Barghests for their trophy drops. Though I tend to have more luck hunting for this trophy on the West side of the fields, near Gilrost. Again, watch out for Orcs, Oathbreakers and Bears.



For this hunt, we travel to The Duskencleft, on the Eastern side of Lake Evendim. There’s many wargs here, some of which are “stealthed” so you may not see them right away. You’ll also need to watch for bears and the occasional Tomb Robber.

Misty Mountains

Cave Troll

Now we travel into enemy territory. Goblin Town! Far to the North in the Northern High Pass. The area we must fight to reach is Thundergrot, lair of the Cave Troll Drummers and their goblin masters. This may be tough to do alone, so you’ll want to bring friends with you if you’re not overlevel. It’s possible to get this trophy by yourself, but if you’re attempting this on-level there’s a single troll (pictured above) by himself toward the front of Thundergrot on the stairs. It will take a while to farm him for the drop, but it’s possible.

White Wolf

Now we head South to the Southern High Pass. Here, the white wolf stalks the snowy hills and crevasses. Along the way, you’ll want to watch out or Guaradain and Worms. There’s also Mammoths in the area, but if you don’t bother them they shouldn’t bother you.



Now we backtrack through Evendim and head North to the glacial lands of Forochel. After stopping by the village of Kauppa-kohta, we make our way to the nearby forest to hunt Moose to collect their antlers for a trophy. While there, be on your guard for Wargs, Wolves, Goblins, Wolverines and the occasional Grim.


While you’re hunting Moose, you may also want to hunt Wolverines. Don’t let their size fool you, they’ll gnaw your leg off if they can. Highly temperamental, these creatures. They’re always looking for an excuse to fight. They’ll even attack you if you attack bigger creatures near them!

Sabre-Tooth Cat

Now we travel north through the Icy Crevasse to hunt the Sabre-Tooth Cat. There’s two areas I like to hunt these. The first is the contended camp of Pynti-Lyri, near the Lossoth town of Pynti-Peldot. Be warned, the cats here hunt in packs. You may also have to contend with Guaradain. Be careful. The other area is Leijonna-Kotin, to the South-West of Pynti-Lyri. The Sabre-Tooth Cats are thick here with many opportunities to bag a nice trophy for your den.

Tundra Bear

Heading North to the Lossoth capital of Suri-Kyla, we find a concentration of Tundra Bears just outside of town. You’ll find adults with their cubs, with plenty of opportunities to bag yet another bear corpse. There’s also plenty of bear to hunt throughout Lansi-Ma and Ja-Rannit.


From there we travel South than North again, where we find an Elephant Graveyard just south of the Dwarven outpost of Zigilgund. Be wary, for the Mammoths here, though peaceful, tend to congregate in threes. If you attack one, all three will jump to the defense. For that reason, it takes a very long time to get an undamaged corpse from one of these great hulking behemoths.


We head north one final time just past Zigilgund, to the Dwarf Channels of Lansi-Ma. What was once a Dwarven mining operation is now overrun with Worms! Which is good for us, as it gives us ample opportunity to bag a Winter-Worm corpse.

End of the Hunt

Now that our bags are full of undamaged corpses, what do we do with them? We head back to the town of Bree to visit the Taxidermist Clar Whitethorn. There, he will take your undamaged corpses and turn them into beautiful trophies to display in your home. While you’re there, you may wish to consult with the other taxidermists, who will tell you about all the fishing trophies and the trophies you can collect from powerful enemies in the various instances around Middle-Earth. You’ll also find a taxidermist in the 21st-Hall of Moria, which has instances with trophies of their own. There’s also a special taxidermist at the Inn League room in the Bird and Baby in the Shire’s Michel Delving. There, you can barter undamaged corpses and festival tokens for fun party trophies, such as a black bear wearing a cap while holding a mug of ale and a pie!

So, now that you know where to hunt, what are you waiting for? Get out there and bag that trophy you’ve always wanted. Good luck and good hunting!

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13 Responses to “Hunting in Middle-Earth”

  1. Avatar of Hildifast
    Hildifast Says:

    Great post Bryandt. I had a tundra bear in my tiny Falathlorn homestead for a while. Its such a small house, so as soon as you go in, BOOM, bear in your face. I liked it.


  2. Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    Amazing article – really informative – I even bookmarked it for later references. :)


  3. Elahedor Says:

    While you’re hunting, collect two black bear corpses, two brown bear corpses, two moose antlers, and two white wolf corpses. The second set can be bartered at the Inn League taxidermist (available only during festivals) for special versions of the trophies. You’ll also need 4 badges of taste for each trophy. The taxidermist is in the Inn League Hall inside the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving.

    The one I found hardest to get was the white wolf corpse. I finished both tiers of the deed and killed at least a couple hundred more wolves on top of that.


  4. Andy Says:

    The corpses now go into the barter wallet which caught me out at first when I saw one drop and spent ages hunting through my bags for the item. Very handy if you get the drop while out questing as it’s a slot that could be filled with hides or ores.


  5. Tony Says:

    Drops on these can be a pain. It was funny — I probably killed 100+ creatures in the right spot for one of these for deeds and got absolutely nothing. I come back another day and kill one just while running around and got the trophy.

    For some reason I tend to get these more when I’m not trying lol


  6. madmickel Says:

    I love your picture/Sreenshot of the cavetroll ^^ nice facepalm XXL :D


  7. mmicnova Says:

    a most enjoyable and informative article, congrats!
    i’ve had most of the trophies, except the troll and the mammoth – they look great!

    can we expect a moria guide perhaps? :D or other instance-related trophies, for the warriors out there?


    • Avatar of Bryandt
      Bryandt Says:

      I’ve considered doing that. The problem here is that I don’t have every trophy there is to collect. The yard item from Filikul, for example. Or the heads trophy from Dar Nubugud.

      Beyond that, some spaces have so many trophies that they should get their own guide. Such as Grand Stair. :S


  8. Torbsie Says:

    Totally awesome post! Just what I have wanted for some time!


  9. Celondur Says:

    Great article, thanks!

    I bagged one trophy moose without trying before I knew about the Inn League version. So then I had to go back several times trying to bag another. It took some patience! I wish that you could barter either an undamaged corpse or an normal moose decoration for the Inn League moose. Kind of like how you can swap a normal swan fountains for a huge swan fountain in Stangard.



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