Recommended Reading: Takers of the Form

June 1, 2012



Takers of the Form is a LOTRO comic strip from the Meneldor server. This is a reboot of an old blog started in 2010 inspired by the author’s wife to make some new comics from fun screenshots they recently took.

Take a look and add them to your feed reader so you don’t miss any of the comics!

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3 Responses to “Recommended Reading: Takers of the Form”

  1. davidt Says:

    Looks like fun, It’ll go on my daily visit list.


  2. Torbo Says:

    It is fun to make too. Sometimes things just happen in LotRO that make us chuckle, so we tried to make some comics. Trying to work out a release cycle, to make it a bit more consistent. Think it will be a weekly update, not sure of the day of the week yet but likely Thursday or Friday. Hope you like it.



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