Rohan Instance Cluster to Launch After Expansion

June 6, 2012



Today we have an update on the Riders of Rohan instances question from Sapience.

We are working on an instance cluster. Currently it is planned to be part of an update due to release after the Riders of Rohan expansion has shipped.

I know this has been a question a lot of folks were asking for and I’m afraid this answer is probably going to disappoint a lot of you. It doesn’t seem like we will be out of new content to do, however.

Rohan itself will be released with a new type of repeatable content.

As to what this new repeatable content is, we don’t know just yet.

We’re not really talking about either of these things at the moment. Even the press is just getting a very rough overview, but you will be getting more information about both the cluster and the new repeatable content later this summer.

Obviously, with Beta due to start later this summer, there will be an opportunity for players to get some hands on time with the new content and of course mounted combat (which is being very well received by the press in our demos!). As with Rise of Isengard, a pre-purchase will get you to the front of the line for Beta invites (assuming an account in good standing of course).

[source: Sapience on the LOTRO Forums]\

UPDATE: 6/7/12
An FAQ has been removed and has caused some suspicion that the Rohan cluster may not be included in the Riders of Rohan price.

The original FAQ stated:

There are no plans to release an instance cluster simultaneously with the expansion. However, an instance cluster is planned for release in a following update and will be free to players who have purchased the Rohan expansion.

The FAQ has been removed from the Customer Service FAQs and on the primary FAQ a new question has been added as follows:

23. When are we going to see some new instances?
We will be introducing a new instance cluster by the end of the year.  More information will be released later this summer.

Sapience has confirmed there was a error in the original question having been copied over from Isengard. [source]  How the FAQ was incorrect is not being discussed at this time [source] but the fear by players at this time is that “free to players who have purchased the Rohan expansion” is the issue.

UPDATE: 6/8/12

It has been made more clear in recent communication and forum posts that an instance cluster is in the works but it is not considered to be a part of the Riders of Rohan expansion.

UPDATE: 6/14/12

Turbine has modified their expansion bundles and have stated that the instance cluster releasing after launch will be included to players who have purchased Rohan. Read more about it here.

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33 Responses to “Rohan Instance Cluster to Launch After Expansion”

  1. Crell of Riddermark, Vanguard Says:

    We’re still waiting for them to talk to us about pricing. Is it included in the expansion? (Is it in the already broken down TP price in FAQ 20?..).. Etc..


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Since it’s not going to be available at launch, I’m going to take a guess that the prices in FAQ #20 do not include these instances.

      For Isengard, when the instance cluster released is when we saw the full Isengard Expansion Bundle available to purchase in the store.


  2. Ranni Says:

    I thought (and correct me if I’m wrong) that the reason the instance cluster with RoI was released after the fact was because they couldn’t finish them before release. Like, it was beyond their control. Is this also ‘beyond their control’? Even if the instance cluster is free to those who have RoR, I just don’t get the mindset. Maybe my expectations are too high but I don’t understand why they’re ok with offering an expansion that doesn’t have the instance clusters, teasing us with news of a 6th bag with pre-orders and then only putting it in the LE one, and after all that, teasing again about a new type of repeatable content without coughing up more details on it … and still expecting us to pre-order. I expected them to be more forthcoming with the details given the increase in prices.

    I may just be whining, though. Dunno. Just doesn’t feel good right now.


    • Tanek Says:

      Despite Turbine’s assurance that they would do a better job communicating to the players, I still think 99% of their problems are caused by use of language that confuses us, misdirects us, or just plain does not tell us what we need to know.

      I think there are many people out there who want to support Turbine and LOTRO, but eventually we become Charlie Brown, lured into trying to kick that football one more time because, surely, they wound not pull it away at the last second again, would they?

      Some of the confusion may come from them releasing information before they had all the details worked out. The 6th bag for instance. When did they decide it would be part of the highest tier package only? I don’t know, but it it was not until after they teased us with the information, then maybe they should not have said anything about it just yet.

      As with many MMOs, as the years go on, the challenge becomes how to juggle all the aspects of a larger and larger game with a playerbase spread out over more and more content. Turbine has the added challenge of doing all this while maintaining an income from a F2P (hybrid?) model. I’m sure it isn’t easy and we don’t make it any easier on them (we can be a demanding bunch, no? :) ), but if they don’t pull their communication and marketing together soon, I don’t know what the future holds.

      I think Rohan will probably be amazing. That won’t do anyone any good, though, if there is no one left to experience it.


      • Ranni Says:

        Ha, you said what I was feeling very well. I *really* want to support them. They’ve been my ‘home’ for over 5 years now but they’re making it harder when, for whatever reason, it feels like we’re being lied to or with held from. However you say it. I have a vested interest in seeing them continue to succeed but right now, dunno. Don’t like the way they are (again) handling this.

        And yes. We be very demanding! :)


    • Thorcar Says:

      Not a big deal IMO. It is not like you are going to be doing a level 85 raid on the first day of launch. Having a few weeks in-between launch and the instances hitting will give people time to level mains and alts and get them geared. I would hope that the skirm raids will be increasing to 85 along with the pretties that drop in them.


      • Tony Says:

        I’m fine with it not necessarily being at launch if it’s part of the expansion. ROI’s model for that might not have pleased a lot of people, but in the end I felt OK with it.

        If this is something we’re expected to buy in addition to the expansion, though? I won’t be pleased with that at all.

        I hope they answer this question, it’s the next logical thing anyone would have asked them. Frankly I’m amazed that they apparently didn’t consider that anyone would ask them about instances in the first place… especially after how ROI went down.


      • PB Says:

        Call me a pessemist, but the expectation here shouldn’t be “a few weeks” it should be “a few months”. Update 5 didn’t launch until nearly 4 months after RoI, I think a similar sort of timetable is what we should be expecting here.


  3. Atzumo Says:

    Not this crap again… There goes my pre-purchase. But hey! At least they are being honest with us. More than we could have asked for a year ago.


  4. Joshua Says:

    “New type of repeatable content” definitely must have something to do with Mounted Combat, probably referring to the Warbands thing they’ve mentioned before.


  5. Rinvan Says:

    With no new instances, the mounted combat better be really really good.


  6. Knify-Riddermark Says:

    Oh look guys more repeatables to grind! This certainaly makes me want to pre-order now!

    If we wanted repeatables we would have just gone to loth, mirk, GR, ened or dunland/gap of rohan.

    Give us some actual content that requires thinking and skill to do not just repeatables!


    • Tony Says:

      To me “repeatables” doesn’t imply much… I think it’s a loaded word, but honestly, even a raid or an instance is “repeatable”. I think we should wait for more info on that before we get annoyed haha


  7. Feathil Says:

    Well GW2 has not announced a release date, other then saying they will lunch this year, so turbine has to cover a lot of months my guess is they will give us the instances in November.


  8. Flosiin Says:

    I don’t mind the delay. Gives me more time to level up, learn the mounted combat system and any other changes that come with the initial release. I can only handle so much at a time! ;)


  9. Brainslug Says:

    So, well be running old (lvl 75) content for weeks, just like we did when RoI went live?

    I wish there would at least be some nice bonus to the preorder edition, yet there is not (at least not for me, at least not in that price range: $70? Sorry, not with me guys)

    Well, at least they had the guts to tell us: I just hope there will still be people left when RoR goes live.

    The preorder launch was simply a uber-fail with hardly any information and 99% of the people I play are very fed up with lotro right now to be honest.


  10. Tony Says:

    Some news, Chewie-nl posted about this on the forums:
    “Will there be an instance cluster released with the expansion?
    There are no plans to release an instance cluster simultaneously with the expansion. However, an instance cluster is planned for release in a following update and will be free to players who have purchased the Rohan expansion.”

    Goldenstar note: This FAQ has been removed from the listing and is no longer considered correct.


    • Beryline Says:

      I’m assuming this means that if you buy Rohan with TP, you are getting the quests only and the instances will be another set of TP. That’s pretty much how it worked with Isengard, so this is no surprise.


  11. Goreamir Says:

    It sort of makes sense to have the instances released a bit after the expansion content, to have the instances be the finale to that part of the storyline, instead of being able to jump right into them without having experienced much if any of the quests or story leading up to them.


  12. lorgelas Says:

    I don’t know why they can’t seem to release instances with expansions.What a cluster their “expansions” are becoming


  13. Anthony Says:

    Frankly this doesn’t surprise me at all and I don’t really have a problem with it. Just like RoI, you can’t run lvl85 instanaces at the start of Rohan when your lvl75.
    I do however hope that it’s not over two months like with RoI before it’s released. Come 1 month more then enough people should be leveled up to hit new 3 and 6 man instances. And of course I get the whole lot with my Pre-order, so I’m good for content till next year.


  14. Hatterus Says:

    I predict this news will cause exactly what happened last year with RoI, a ton of people ‘threatening’ to quit and not purchase the expansion…yet most of them will be there, day one, playing the new content…only to repeat this kind of behavior the next time Turbine announces their next batch of new content.

    Having said that, this news doesn’t bother me personally. It will give people time to level up all their alts and get geared through skirm raids.


  15. Pjotr Says:

    Perhaps Turbine *chose* to dis-connect launch and instances so that there will be no RoR complete expansion pack in the store at launch (same explanation as with RoI: cannot sell something in the store that is not yet in the game). A complete RoR expansion for Turbine Points is perhaps what a lot of lifetimers are waiting for, so that they don’t need to spend money and can just spend their monthly accrued points. Turbine is probably not really happy about such prospects.

    Disclaimer: I may have put on a tinfoil hat with that :)

    I’m a lifer and bought pre-ordered the legendary edition the moment it was available. It’s always the same discussions with each expansion to me and in the end it all works out and everyone plays. Including the doomsayers and self-named game-leavers ;)


  16. Pinkfae Says:

    I could care less if the instance(s) come out with the release. I would rather have Turbine make quality work released a little late then something done without any quality released on time.

    I bought my $70 edition already. I’m sure LOTRO will win MMORPG’s Best Expansion again this year.


  17. Andy Says:

    Funny thing about the repeatable content is I was having a chat in global then other day about what content should actually be called content in the view of various player types. (related to “end game”)

    Some would say it should be raids and instances above all else, others opted for pvp type stuff and quite a few, myself included, said questing. None of us included dailies in their choice of endgame content, done once is content more than once starts to get into the grind territory as daily quests are usually pretty dull unimaginative affairs.

    Part of the fuss around RoI and lack of launch instances came from the people that went and levelled as fast as possible, running out of quests around halfway through lvl73 or so. A gap that had to be sorted by patching the xp gains where it might have been filled by instances.

    The troubling thing that was highlighted there was that things were incredibly sparse for stuff to do at 75 outwith skirmishes and dailies. This is what helped me to shelve my hunter and level a lowbie instead.

    I really hope they learned from the lack of quests and really have put a lot more into RoR on top of instances to come later. If they havent learnt then shame on them indeed. If the new repeatable is the mounted combat then it needs to be pretty damn awesome and not gimmicky to avoid the grind factor of the current repeatable types in mmo’s.


  18. Kronenbor Says:

    I am not bothered about if the instance cluster is later as it takes me about amonth to get my main upto the required level. Even now at 75 i get dismissed from groups as i am not good enough for the other players. Anyway no has really mentioned this but could the instance cluster involve mounted combat as well?


  19. Tony Says:

    Frankly, I’m amazed that they seem to think it’s OK to just say “oh that faq was a mistake!” while they were and still are continuing to take up to $70 away from people.

    They should NOT have put this up for sale this week, in my opinion. They should have announced it further, given us some details and thought a bit about what the heck is actually in these things.

    I can forgive mistakes, but not when you’re charging people immediately for this stuff.



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