RoR Legendary Pre-order “Exclusive Rohan Content”

June 14, 2012


When comparing the different pre-order options for Riders of Rohan, one of the selling points for the Legendary Edition is “Exclusive Rohan Content”. What does that mean exactly? What are you missing out on if you don’t order this edition of the expansion?

Aside from the War-steed skill, this exclusive content gives you access to two new titles, a cosmetic cloak, and most important of all (in my opinion, at least) horse session play.

After the RoR Legendary Edition has been applied to your account, you will get a letter from the stable-master in Combe telling you that there is a new arrival at the stable there, and that he needs some help tending to this new horse. When you arrive to check out the situation, you’ll be sent on a few quests to help the new horse out by providing fresh water, bedding and food. Once you’ve completed several tasks in Combe, you will eventually be sent to check on the horse in his new home at Hengstacer’s farm. Once  you have spoken to Eogar about his new charge, you will open up the deed Discovering the Descendant. This deed awards the title “Destined for Rohan”.

Once you’ve gotten to this stage in the quest line you’re ready for your first session play as a horse! Each day, there are two horse-related quests available. The availability of the quests is random (although all characters on a server will see the same two quests available in a given day), but there will always be one session play quest and one quest for helping out around the farm.

Farm quests:

  • Bedbugs Bite
  • Feed for the Horses
  • Worse for Wear
  • Every Last Drop
Several of the farm quests require you to tend to the horses in a specific order. If you’re not feeling up to the trial and error method of figuring this out, check out the spoiler info below.
Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Session play quests:

  • The Horsefields Derby
  • Herding to the Lone-lands
  • Herding to the Trollshaws
  • Herding to the North Downs

For the session play quests, you’ll be directed to talk to the horse from Combe, which will start your session as a horse. Regardless of what level your character is, your horse character will be level 75. For the Herding quests, you will have 30 minutes to complete the task given to you, and you’ll have 4 simple skills to help you accomplish those tasks. Two of these skills are attacks that will help you defeat whatever enemies you may encounter. Of these skills, Back Kick is by far my favorite. Most targets standing behind you when you use this skill will be sent flying away from you in a most comical manner. (I once got a deer in the Trollshaws stuck in a tree this way.) If your two attack skills aren’t enough to defeat your opponent, you may need to activate your auto attack (this is done by clicking the big button immediately to the left of your quickslots) to help you out while your skills are on cooldown. For the most part, the enemies you’ll face in these sessions are pretty easily dealt with. The exception to this is the Trollshaws quest. There are several level 75 mobs patrolling the area where you need to inspect items for the quest, and if  you end up with two or more of them attacking you at once,  you may need to make a run for it.  The Free to Trot skill can be of help in this situation to help reduce your incoming damage, as well as break you free of being dazed, stunned or knocked down.

The Horsefields Derby quest is a little different from the Herding quests. In this quest, you’ll be required to race through a course set up near Hengstacer Farm. Pay attention to your quest tracker to keep you on the correct route, as not all the gates are immediately visible, and the track is not the same one used for the “Proving Your Quality” quest that VIPs can do to earn their riding skill. There are some obstacles along your path that can slow you down, so keep an eye out for that and you should be able to finish the quest with time to spare.

Once you have done each of the quests in the Discovering the Descendant quest line, you’ll open up a new (non-repeatable) quest of the same name that will grant you an exclusive skill for your war-steed. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but this quest, while short, sends your session play horse to talk to some well known characters, and left me wondering if there might be more to this quest line when Riders of Rohan launches.

The new skill, “Favor of the Mearas” is unclear as to what it actually does. From the icon and description, I’m guessing it will be a buff or heal of some sort. Considering the long cooldown (1 day!), I’m thinking it will be the war-steed equivalent of the Race of Man racial trait/skill Strength of Morale (aka “Man Heal”).

In addition to the Discovering the Descendant deed, there is another horse session play-related deed.  The deed “Horsing Around” will reward you with the title “Studier of the Equine” and the cosmetic Cloak of the Equine.  Yes, there is a horse’s tail coming out of the rear of that cloak… (Click here to see a preview of this cloak in black dye.)

To complete the Horsing Around deed, you will need to complete 60 activities with the horse. These include the session and farm quests, as well as the quests in Combe leading up to that point and the quest for finishing the Discovering the Descendant deed. Since it will take a minimum of 26 days to complete this deed, I don’t know yet if there are any unlisted rewards or quests for finishing that deed yet. I will update this post once I know for sure.

I’ve found these horse session quests to be pretty fun. They’re an interesting diversion from the more familiar content, and it’s neat to have a session play animal that isn’t completely helpless like the chickens are. At the same time, I don’t know that this alone would be enough to make the Legendary edition worth getting if you aren’t interested in the other pre-order perks. After all, there are only 4 actual session play quests, and most of them are done in 15 minutes or so. They’re repeatable, but only once per character per day, and you’re not given an option as to which one is available to you each day.

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13 Responses to “RoR Legendary Pre-order “Exclusive Rohan Content””

  1. Avatar of Merrydew
    Merrydew Says:

    I still think that cloak is horse-butt-ugly.

    And this just came over the Tweets!

    Seems our hollaring about it being too expensive and not including new instances was heard.


  2. Gelard of Eldar Says:

    Hey check out this link about the ror expasion, turbine has changed some details about it due to the critics of the value


  3. Avatar of Goldenstar
  4. Cluck Says:

    Thanks a ton for posting this, I was wondering what this was all about and it’s nice to know what you get before you put the cash in. Interesting what you said about there perhaps being more after launch, I guess only time will tell!


  5. Goreamir Says:

    I completed the descendent quest line a couple days ago, and I have to say they MUST fix that horse’s jump animation if that’s going to be our war steed, funniest thing I’ve seen in this game.


  6. davidt Says:

    This explains why my toon suddenly slowed for a little ways while running from Nen Harn to the horse farm the other day.


  7. Just Say Neigh Says:

    Wow, they really nailed the realism with that cloak! You can almost smell the manure!


  8. Belarieth Says:

    Thanks for the rundown, Ketani, it gives me more info on whether this expansion is gonna be more than a base purchase for me.

    Great writeup.


  9. Triski Says:

    Thank you so much for this article, Ketani! I know for sure that I will never, *ever*, wear that cloak. I’m still on the fence about which edition to get, the more information we can get about the content, the better. The horse play is the one thing I’m most intrigued about.


  10. Rohiriel Says:

    Like most others, I’m not a fan of the cloak, but I really love the title! (It’s especially fitting for Rohiriel, my main!) I’m intrigued by the non-repeatable you get after doing the nine quest, too – I’ve done four, and this reminds me to get back on track with the dailies!


  11. Andy Says:

    Started doing these then stopped while I tried to chase up a refund. Much happier to work on them no the uturns happened.

    Things I’ve noticed is that for one of the horseplay quests kicking birds off cliffs might be funny but will bug them out as they can’t get back up to you.

    Now if only the cloak had a “slot” for someone else it would make a nice panto horse costume.



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