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June 28, 2012

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Item Name:  Hurried Traveler
Regular Price:  495
Store Location: Travel & Housing → Travel Traits
Description:  Reduce the recovery time (cool-downs) on Milestone Skills by 30 minutes to use instant-travel more often! Works across all Milestone skills! This is a permanent unlock for your character.

Store Explorer Report

As a stalwart dwarf who finds himself moving around the countryside of Middle-earth at a moment’s notice; I often find myself tiring of riding horseback (or in my case ponyback) all the time.  I am always in search of any form of travel or new path that might reduce my time in transit.  Thankfully the Elves of Rivendell once bestowed upon me a magical map that allows for instant travel across great spaces; as long as I had visited that spot beforehand.  The unfortunate side effect is that the magic is ancient and therefore takes a while to recharge itself.  In fact, it takes about an hour for the map to once again gain the ability to transport me.  Although I cannot complain about the handiness of such an artifact, when one becomes used to such a convenience they cannot help but see both the advantages and disadvantages  of it.  So once again while I do appreciate the usefulness of the item, the time it takes to recharge leaves me feeling a bit discontent at times.

Now as it happens I was travelling the world and stumbled into the wood of Lothlórien.  And after several misunderstandings with the local elves were cleared up I was able to stay for a month.  It was during that time that one night while tales were being told after supper that the subject of my map arose.  The elves were most curious about the artifact and asked if they could study it.  As it happened after several days of study the elves informed me that they had come to understand the magic and that they would be able to improve upon it.  In fact, they told me that they would be able to enhance the map so that it would recharge in roughly half the time.  Upon hearing this I was elated for such a feat would be a marvel and most beneficial to my travels.

Unfortunately such benefits often have a price to pay, and in this case the price was a financial one.  The reagents that they needed to complete the magic were costly to them and being the benefactor of this endeavor I felt that I could not in good conscience allow them to provide their services for free.  Therefore with some sadness I reimbursed them for their services.  The price was indeed a bit steep, but ultimately the benefits were too great for me to worry about it in the end.  So now as I write this I find myself content that my travels will go more quickly than they did before.  My only wish is that some day I might happen upon some other inhabitants of Middle-Earth that might be able to reduce the time even further for a similar or lesser cost.  A dwarf can dream, can’t he?


The Hurried Traveler is most definitely a luxury item for two reasons.  One, all your milestone skills are on the same timer.  Therefore if you use one of your milestone skills, they’re all on cool-down.  Secondly, this is a per-character purchase and not account-wide.  So while I purchased this skill on my main character, the rest of my characters are without it.  And because at 8 characters and counting I really do not want to spend an additional 3,465 Turbine Points on something I consider a mere convenience.  Also players who chose classes with travel skills (or those with more patience than myself) might find this a trivial purchase and easily something that they can pass on.

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12 Responses to “Store Explorer: Hurried Traveler”

  1. Toser Says:

    All you need to do is ask a friendly hunter or warden, like myself! :)


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      Ah, but wardens can’t actually port anyone with them. :D

      Captains are quite handy for travel help, and I frequently end up summoning a large portion of my raid to the Ox-clan Merchant Camp after an Orthanc run.


      • Avatar of Ketani
        Ketani Says:

        Er, back on topic, I do use this perk on my level capped toons, and lately on character that I’m seriously leveling. Of course, I do wait for a decent sale before buying this. The usual price is a bit too steep for me.


  2. Hagges McYummy Says:

    Having had a hunter as my main for awhile, travel was rough going with my RK while leveling him.
    I picked up hurried traveler and about 6 milestones when they were on sale. 40% I believe?

    It’s been the best thing I’ve bought from the store. Between 21st hall, Galtrev, Stangard, and the Ox-Clan camp it’s more than paid for itself in my opinion. It’s also super handy to have during festivals. I’d be willing to pay more for an account wide unlock, but I don’t see that happening.

    Cheers and happy travels!


  3. Tony Says:

    I love this skill and I was glad to get it. I don’t buy it immediately for alts, but if I find myself putting a lot of time into them it is definitely worth while. I think it’s a must have for mains when it’s on sale.


  4. hungoth Says:

    I would buy it if I had 1 or 2 chars, but having more I just relog to another toon to do something else for an hour, then go back (sometimes the next day :) ). There’s plenty to do with all alts, so cooldown doesn’t bother me at all.


  5. Arsenette Says:

    I use this a lot on my non-hunter jobs. It’s great when you are running around with filled bags and just want to go to town for a “stuff dump”. I don’t alt hop. I usually stick to one character for about 10 or so levels then switch out so the timer is handy to run back and forth every half hour. Also helps the lazy in me when doing quest lines that apparently want you to traverse the scenery away from horse stations.. LOL


  6. Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    Yes, it is a commodity, but a darn good one. :)

    Personally I have it on all my characters and I highly recommended to anyone. :)


  7. Rorgg Says:

    Bought this 8 times — I’ll probably pass on my Hunter for obvious reasons. This kind of thing is why I get TPs in the first place — storage and ttravel make up about 90% of my point expenditures. I want my frustration level with the game to be minimized.


  8. Andy Says:

    Have to say I’ve never found myself feeling the need for a reduction in the milestone skill. Think it’s mainly down to the way I tend to plan routes out so that if I go to an area by the milestone then I know that by the time I might want to use the next one I’m pretty close to the cooldown being off if it isnt already.

    Having rep ports and housing near transit hubs does help as well. If things go faster than anticipated then I’ll probably drop into a skirmish to kill time.


  9. Pickles Says:

    Wish my elf scholar could do that.


  10. Durrendel Says:

    People pay 1995 TP for a purely cosmetic horse, but 495 TP for a useful service is “luxury”? For altoholics, maybe.


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