Weatherstock 2012 is Tomorrow!

June 15, 2012


weatherstock_600_2Tomorrow at 4pm Eastern (-4 GMT) starts the epic in-game music festival, Weatherstock!

Weatherstock is an in game music festival hosted on the Landroval server featuring bands from all sorts of LOTRO servers to come and perform in a massive concert set on top of Weathertop in the Lone-lands.

We’ve been gearing up and excited for this event since Harperella of the Lonely Mountain Band on Landroval announced it!

This post is to help point out all the different ways you can participate in this amazing player created event!

Not an Eastern time zone native? Did you know you can type /servertime to see the time for the Eastern time zone (where Turbine’s servers are)?

Attend on Landroval

Weatherstock is hosted on the Landroval server. It is free for all to attend and be apart of this huge player-event in game. It isn’t for native Landroval players only.

Simply make a new character on the Landroval server and level them through the introduction instance. Alternatively if you are impatient like me, you can purchase the “Vet Status” from the store which will allow you to skip the intro and instantly become level 5.

Then head towards the Lone-lands and Amon Sul (Weathertop). The Lonely Mountain Band have security (aka high level volunteers) available to help lower levels make it to Weatherstock and keep baddies from attacking them during the performances.

Be forewarned that this is a huge event and there will be lag! Visit the Weatherstock Lore-book entry for some tips on how to reduce some of that lag. As with any well organized event, there are some rules that LMB asks it’s participants to follow to make the event enjoyable by all.

For those wishing to attend but can’t quite handle the craziness on top of Weathertop are invited to the Freak Out zone. This year it is hosted at the Forsaken Inn.

Listen to the beginning of Episode 146 for more information about attending in person from Locney!

Listen to Live Commentary from CSTM

Merric and Goldenstar will be broadcasting the entire Weatherstock event live on Middle-earth Network Radio. This will be an audio feed only of the event

Middle-earth Network Radio

We plan on commentary and information during the event but allow the music of the players to shine through during their performance. We also will have special guests joining us so it won’t be just only us blabbering on!

Find out how to listen to the broadcast live and join our live chat room!

Merric and Goldenstar will be in the crowd on Landroval as well so be sure to say hi!

Live Tweets

The @Weatherstock twitter account will be live tweeting the event for those interested in following along from a distance or want an alert to their favorite band coming up!

Follow @weatherstock

More Weatherstock Information

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14 Responses to “Weatherstock 2012 is Tomorrow!”

  1. Lorgelas Says:

    I’ll be there!


  2. davidt Says:

    “Merric and Goldenstar will be broadcasting the entire Weatherstock event live on Middle-earth Network Radio.”

    Will the live broadcast of the cstm podcast happen as usual?


  3. susan Says:

    *thinks for the bazillion time to transfer a character to landroval


  4. Thurinphir Says:

    Sunday morning :| maybe next year. Thanks for the video you will record


  5. Selator Says:

    Thanks for the streaming on the MENR! Would have missed it if not for you guys (and girl ;) )
    I tried to hear it live, connected to the server, been there for a while until someone did an AoE and game crashed. Tried a couple of times, same result.
    Oh well…


  6. jakob Says:

    I will be there.


  7. Avatar of Lorgelas
    Lorgelas Says:

    I didn’t get to stay too long but I enjoyed the time I was there.Outside of a few incidents of some idiots doing force emotes to screw up the bands playing, it was a good time.


  8. Avatar of Bootsy Frogfurlong
    Bootsy Frogfurlong Says:

    Was the live stream recorded?
    Y’see I was working last night and missed the whole event.

    Congrats to the winners (Twitter kept me up to date, it was almost like being there… except there wasn’t any music… )


  9. haldare Says:

    Aww man im a fooool I just hopped over to prep my new toon for the gig and am a day late ,,,roll on next years event lol ..ill try n be there !!



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