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June 22, 2012

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Did you miss Weatherstock last weekend? While nothing can completely replace missing the biggest in-game event of the year, this wonderful compilation video might help give you the feeling of being there!

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10 Responses to “Weatherstock IV Video”

  1. Avatar of Bryandt
    Bryandt Says:

    I always regret not going to these. And then I remember the one time I did go and my vid card threatened to burn the house down.


  2. Bogdan Epureanu Says:

    That is simply the most amazing gathering I ever saw, and really that’s one of the things why I enjoy LotRO – it’s not only about gear and raids, but also about having fun and side stories. :)


  3. Baranwen Says:

    Aahhhh!! Chosen Few!! I think I got the Chosenfewmania…
    Great vid. I think I sotted a little of hobbit nuddity. Those shameless haflings…


  4. Bregle/Opdum Says:

    …at Weatherstock IVever!


  5. Avatar of Bryandt
    Bryandt Says:

    I’d also like to mention that the Runic Knights Orchestra was my favorite out of this video. I have a soft spot for music from the 1930s and 1940s. :)


  6. Avatar of Bugo Dughall
    Bugo Dughall Says:

    Sad my band got put into the “No music supplied” section. I heard everything just fine when I was playing and everyone else who played. :/


  7. Sue Says:

    Hearing about Weatherstock was my initial reason to start playing LoTRO about 2 years ago – and of course I got hooked. Looking forward to this year’s event!


  8. Jef Says:

    I’m so looking forward to the edition of this year!



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