Daily Summer Specials for July 6-9, 2012

July 6, 2012


Turbine is having daily sales throughout the month of July. These are all one day only sales. You must catch the item on sale for the day listed below. These daily sales are typically very good deals giving higher than average percentages off items.

Apologies for the slightly messy display of this but we’re still without internet at our house so I did my best with my iPad to get these sales posted!

July 6 – 8, 2012

Tomes Of Vitality

Increase maximum morale, Out-of-Combat Morale Regeneration, resistances to Wound, Disease and Poison effects with a Tome Of Vitality! Vitality also reduces incoming damage from non-weapon sources like Fire, Frost, Lightning, Acid and Shadow.


Zeal Virtues

Your zeal drives you to perfection! You find yourself more disease and poison-resistant, able to defend against melee attacks more easily, and basking in increased Maximum Morale, Armour Value, and Physical Mitigation Rating!

Tomes Of Might

Might increases your ability to block incoming attacks with a shield, parry incoming blows, or cause greater damage with a weapon. It also reduces incoming common damage. Might also increases your Melee Offence Rating. For Captains, Might also increases your Outgoing Healing Rating.

Store Location: Character → Stats
Levels: All
295 TP
192 TP

It appears that all three of these items will be on sale over the weekend. They were not on sale quite yet when I asked twitter to help check for me earlier this morning but it looks like no rush for this one. You should have all weekend to pick them up if desired.

July 9, 2012

Auction House Slots

Purchase of this item will increase the number of active Auction House* posts that a character can have by 5. Premium players automatically receive 5 Auction House slots which stack with these purchases, and VIP players have no restrictions on Auction House use. Five 5-slot upgrades available.

*The Auction House is a place where you can talk to an Auctioneer and submit items for sale.

Store Location: Account → Auction House
Levels: All
95-295 TP
57-177 TP

Auction house slots are not available to free players HOWEVER when you become a premium player by purchasing something, you are granted five auction house slots. This is important to note in case this purchase is going to be your first LOTRO store purchase. If you just want some AH slots, you could buy anything and it will be granted 5 AH slots. If you are free and purchase this, you’re AH slots will go up to 10. Great if that is what you were hoping for but wanted to make everyone aware!

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5 Responses to “Daily Summer Specials for July 6-9, 2012”

  1. Jeff Says:


    Just to clarify the last item. I believe that you need to purchase something with “real” money to go from free to premium. So, if you purchase the auction slots with TP that you earned in game as a free player, I don’t think you would get 10 slots, just the 5. Correct me if I’m wrong.


  2. Shaun Says:

    Just a little clarification. Although Turbine’s website says VIP members get unlimited auction house slots (and it says this in many places), in reality they don’t. You only get 30 (or maybe it’s 25, I forget). I’m a lifetime subscriber and I contacted Tech Support about this a while back. They confirmed it.


  3. Jamloc Says:

    fyi the are on sale now and the might and vit tome discount applies to tier 6 and 7! for only 192 tp that’s a steal! wish they would have had agility on sale for my burg though!


  4. tamra Says:



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