Developer Diary: Mounted Combat [Video]

July 26, 2012

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In an interesting move Turbine has released a video Developer Diary (something we haven’t seen in a while) in which several different people speak about the development and implementation of the system.

Some of the information from the video includes:

  • War-steeds will allow players to build up momentum which will allow for skills to be more effective and cause more damage.
  • Mounted combat will be much more movement based than traditional combat.
    • Some players may stay closer to the target to gain aggro or corral the targets
    • Others may flank or break away from the targets to perform different skills
  • Some of the new abilities are charges which will make the mount go to its maximum speed or stop completely at a very quick pace.
  • Mounted combat is not instanced (at this point) so players will be running into one another

I have to say that the presentation of this video was excellent and mounted combat seems more and more incredible as information keeps being released!

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9 Responses to “Developer Diary: Mounted Combat [Video]”

  1. Togir Says:

    All I can say is WOW! I’m super excited!


  2. Smugglin Says:

    Holy Moly! Did you guys see the Warden? They finally showed a warden!!!! The warden looks so natural using a spear on horseback. I got to stop watching these videos I can’t wait for the xpac.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      The Warden class does look excellent :)


    • Adanorod Says:

      They showed the warden for a while. He did look quite natural, but I was also paying attention to the skills he was using. It looks like warden’s won’t have to build gambits on horseback, I saw War-cry, Spear of Virtue, and Warden’s Triumph, to name a few, just sitting on the hotbar ready to be used. And they had a longish CD.

      I am not sure that I really like that idea, but looking forward to everything else!


  3. Avatar of Gliredhel
    Gliredhel Says:

    … saw a RK, still didn’t see a Minstrel or any indication of healing.



    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      I did see a Minstrel in one of the screenshots, but I’m with you. You’d think they’d show off the healing aspect sometime soon. Here’s hoping!


  4. Narnian Says:

    At 0:53 you see Jesse King and behind him is concept art of the Argonath. Awesome. But.. are these guys facing south? See the waterfall? Is that lore?


    • Heth Says:

      I watched this again, and at first blush it looks like a waterfall, but if you look a bit closer its flat water running south between the Argonath (facing north) with light reflecting off it.


  5. Avatar of Tyler Michael Jonsson
    Tyler Michael Jonsson Says:

    I really hope they implement the following skill for me specifically:

    “Clumsily fall off mount in comical fashion so I can lurch back up and talk about how it “was deliberate””


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