Episode 152: Update Talks – Riders of Rohan

This is a special episode recorded on June 24th, 2012 where we invited follow players and a few LOTRO experts to join us to discuss our thoughts and predictions for Riders of Rohan.

Update Talks: Riders of Rohan Experts

Update Talks: Riders of Rohan Prediction Show Agenda

  • Lore Overview
  • New Landscape
  • Story
  • Mounted Combat
  • Trailers
  • Level cap increase
  • Pre-Orders
  • New Music
  • Repeatable Content
  • Horse Session Play
  • Graphics Upgrades
  • After Rohan: Helms Deep
  • Final Thoughts

This is a new type of roundtable discussion and we really like talking and hearing our fellow players talk back to us in their own voice. Keep an eye out for future Update Talks and hopefully you can join us!

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Send an email to andang@casualstrolltomordor.com (Andang is the host/moderator of these chats) and let him know what you think!

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8 Responses to “Episode 152: Update Talks – Riders of Rohan”

  1. Stormwaltz Says:

    Re: Galtrev lag. I suspect it’s due to an unhappy conjunction of several factors:

    1) It’s a major thub. 21st Hall, ho!

    2) It’s layered – before and after the town is liberated. What this means is that on the server, there are actually two copies of every NPC in town – one for the oppressed layer, one for the liberated layer. Depending on how they implemented layering, you may be downloading the information for both sets of NPCs.

    3) There are many quests that take place right in town. Interactive objects require server cycles too – perhaps not as much as an NPC, but more than zero.

    So when you move around Galtrev, you’re navigating a space with lots of players, many times the normal density of NPCs, and lots of interactable quest items.


  2. Hallagon Says:

    - I thought (as told in Silmarillion) that the Numenoreans were separate from the Elves and came over the seas from a different island, Numenor?

    - The orcs don’t just come from the Misty Mountains… they also come from Mirkwood as that same battle occurs during the time of “The Necromancer” aka a similar time to the Hobbit.

    Chance Thomas told us in the “Boromir’s Last Stand” video on Youtube that we play Boromir in a session play, so that’s how we see the breaking of the fellowship as we will come across where *SPOILER* happens and we mourn.


    • Hallagon Says:

      Also to correct the horse issue.. there is now swift travel around the entire map. You can now to from Bree -> Rivendell -> Lothlorien instead of go to Eregion and walk through Moria to the first hall then to loth. So they might add a full circle to stuff like that.


      • Hallagon Says:

        + Forgot to add…. horses go a huge amount faster in RoR! with 300% movement speed the open areas will become a cool effect instead of a heavy burden. They will probably have frills and rocks to fill the space instead of dead-land. They have already released the map on the forum and it is HUGE! It almost covers Lothlorien , GR and Mirkwood combined with all the dead space you cant actually go to! :D


    • Avatar of Andang
      Andang Says:

      This was recorded before that we knew about the session play…thanks for the feedback!


  3. Jason Etheridge Says:

    It was a great discussion, many interesting points raised. Most informative and enjoyable!

    Andang, while your moderation of the discussion was masterful, your terrible audio quality made your contributions difficult to listen to. Any chance of obtaining a new microphone before the next one?



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