Farmer’s Faire Delayed Until July 26th

July 19, 2012



Just posted to the forums is some information on a one week delay for the new Farmer’s Faire.

Due to some last minute issues we will be delaying the start of the Farmers Faire until July 26. We will also be extending it one week so that you won’t be missing out on any of the fun! We apologize for the inconvenience.

It’s a shame, too. I had contracted a nasty bug and had taken today off (not for the festival – I truly am sick) and I was excited that I may get to see the opening of a festival for a change. There was quite a crowd of us in Bywater on Landroval waiting for the festival to start.  It simply wasn’t meant to be.

It’s ok. I’d rather the festival fully work than have to deal with issues in game. One more week to wait will not devastate me although it’s unlikely I’ll still have this cold a week from now!

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19 Responses to “Farmer’s Faire Delayed Until July 26th”

  1. Lorgelas Says:

    I am dissapoint


  2. Zyngor Says:

    Yeh, I was camped out on the roof of the Green Dragon Inn, and was sadpants McGee when I saw the update on Twitter. Was looking forward to a new festival today. Alas, I suppose I can wait a week (don’t have much of a choice anywho).

    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, GS – get better soon, so you can stuff yourself silly at the Farmer’s Faire next (hopefully) week!


  3. Avatar of Draculetta
    Draculetta Says:

    Hope you fell better soon!


  4. susan Says:

    aw shucks, I had ants in mah pants to play the faire. cant wait till next week. Have some soup and crackers and feel better soon!


  5. Mephet Says:

    Despite it making me feel a bit evil, I can’t help but be happy about this. I’m not able to play during this month, so I could only count on a few days of Farmer’s Faire – now I’ll have more time to explore the new festival and get the new cosmetics in August. But I am sorry to hear about your cold – hope you get better soon.


  6. Cyraith Says:

    I’m wondering what will take them a week to fix! But I am glad they caught w/e it is, because we all know LOTRO has plenty of bugs already (Draigoch anyone?).

    Its interesting to see how this year’s fairs compare to last years, especially since they’ve come so late (the spring festival in May… summer in late July…) As it is, I hardly feel like there’s enough play time between festivals (since I personally drop 90% of my alting and questing when a festival is going on until I get all the rewards I want).


  7. Andy Says:

    There was some speculation on withywindle that the festival was going to start on a US timezone thing rather than on the 19th.

    Presumably the extension is only to make sure the thing runs for the length of time it was originally meant to and not run the risk of being over done as happened with other ones earlier this year.


  8. Artie Says:

    I would gladly switch the Summer Fest with this one. Let them get the bugs out and give us a proper Fest for the Summer – IN – the summer. They do know the kids are going back to school in a couple of weeks?

    With all that’s happening to our midsection (living in STL is not fun ATM) and our agriculture this year, it does seem a bit weird to be having a farmer anything.


  9. melponeme_k Says:

    I’m kind of thinking they didn’t want the last GW2 beta to ruin their new fair party.

    And I can’t blame them considering GW2 seemed to deliberately schedule their grand opening a week before ROR.


  10. vyral Says:

    What? Turbine deliberately delaying new content instead of releasing it flawed? *begins looking up in the sky for flying pigs*


  11. Elyanna Says:

    Aww. This is like delaying Christmas.


  12. Ryzis Says:

    Shoot! I was at Bywater real early this morning, hoping to beat the early bird farmers, and was surprised there was not even one soul. I had a chance to try it from work. Hope I’ll have an opportunity to log next Thurs early (I like to beat the crowds, lol).


  13. Baranwen Says:

    A whole week of waiting? Aaah, I was so eager to start playing this festival. Well, back to questing in the Trollshaws.


  14. Beorthain Says:

    boo waiting. boo sickness.


  15. Zan Says:

    yay I was away – but now I can play!!



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